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Little homage to the classic X-Men cover. Saw a Rick and Morty version of this and wondered why no one had attempted one with Gravity Falls yet.

Will most likely make this a print eventually.

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On the inside - Pan

Description/Request : Hi I just really wanted to say I love your writing and was wondering whether I could make a request? :)))) The plot: After trying to outrun the lost boys y/n ends up at a cliffs edge where they state “we’re on an island!? Well you could’ve atleast told me that before I started to run” Knowing they won’t get off the island by force or by running, y/n decides it’d be better to cooperate and play Pan from the inside. Would really appreciate it xx


WARNINGS : none really

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Imagine: Jealous
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader x Thomas Sangster
Requested: yepp
Word Count: 2218
Warnings: smut, some spanking and swearing A/N: im glad you like my blog!!! btw thomas sangster will be in this one. sorry if you dont like that but I really wanted to fit him into one of my imagines. btw im actually very proud of this one so make sure to like and reblog😇

You catch sight of Pan leaving the bonfire with Wendy with his hand on the mid of her back. You couldn’t miss them leaving because od her obnoxious giggling.

Since Darling has arrived, she and Pan were inseperable, only indicating that he hasn’t spent time with you in eight days.

When you appeared on the island, you and Pan had an immense connection. Though, to this day, you and Pan had only a ‘thing’. You weren’t his and he wasn’t yours. You were merely ‘friends with benefits’. It’s been that way for the four years you’ve been on the island.

But you noticed how Pan observed Wendy during the her first campfire on the island. He surveyed her, obviously intrigued. That night and until now, he wouldn’t even glance at you.

Earlier that night, she and Pan sat on the opposite side of the fire. They didn’t bother with the other lost boys dancing around. The two sat directly in front of you. You were practically in the front row to watch ‘the lovely Miss Darling’ blushing and twirling her golden locks. They were obviously flirting with each other, and she made sure you were to hear it.

But now they were deep in the forest. He was probably doing what he calls ‘showing the girl the secrets of the island’. It’s more often known as ‘showing the girl the secrets under his pants’ according to the other lost boys.

Your thoughts of murdering Wendy Darling subsided when Thomas sat next to your log.

“Pan still hasn’t come around?“he asked noticing your glum look.

“I’m quite sure he’s doing the dirty deed with the new girl,” you rolled your eyes kicking a pebble around.

“I’ve got an idea,“Thomas smirked.

“And what would that be,“I ask interested. Thomas has always been there, acting like my older brother Felix. But Felix has never discovered about Pan and I, and I’d like to keep it that way.

“Fight fire with fire,“he raised an eyebrow, popping a berry in his mouth. He made sure nobody heard our conversation but the crackling of the bonfire was assissting us, therefore there was no need to whisper. “He’s said it himself; he likes fire,“he smirked.

“How would you suggest we do that, Sangster?"we leaned closer to one another.

"You know bloody well what we’ll do,"he smirked. "You in?”

“I’m up for it,"I smile."When exactly is this happening?”

“Tomorrow’s campfire, meet me by the tall, ‘A’ marked tree.”

“I don’t recall ever passing an ‘A’ marked tree,"you wondered aloud. "I’ve just about passed through every inch of the island and never have I passed an ‘A’ marked tree.”

“You’ll find the tree. I guarantee it,"he winked.

You hopped off the log, heading back to Pan’s treehouse, where you two always slept near one another. But he hasn’t laid by you since Wendy arrived on Neverland.

*** The campfire began half an hour ago, and you eventually encounter the tall, ‘A’ marked tree Thomas had described the night before. It was far enough so the boys wouldn’t see you, but you could just spot Wendy’s long, curly blonde hair. Luckily, her back was turned to you, and the lost boys were too focused on their dance to notice that you and Thomas weren’t attending the campfire. As for Peter, you knew he wouldn’t give even a piece of damn.

But Thomas wasn’t there. You faced the A-marked tree. You pondered if this was the wrong place, but was soon proved wrong when you felt Thomas’ arms slithering around your waist.

"What an entrance, Sangster,"I swiveled around to look up into his chocolate brown eyes. The two of you talked about pointless things; the island, and whatnot.

"Are you sure about this?"Thomas asked cautiously, and acted in a relaxed form.

You glance over his shoulder, seeing Wendy laughing along with Pan as he began playing his panflute.

You nodded, a bit tense.

With that, Thomas lightly shoved you on the tree, your back against the rough bark. You pulled him into a kiss, your hands roaming in his hair as the kiss deepened.

Thomas was loving and gently slid his hands onto the edge of your hips, and traveled downward.  It was different, a good different. You found yourself somewhat getting into it.

He left your lips and moved down to your jaw, lightly sucking. Thomas occasionally squeezed your butt making you jump. He moved down to the base of your neck, and to the edge of your collarbone.

"Mmm Thomas, right there,"you threw your head back when he found your sweet spot. Just after you let the moan slip, it became quiet. The panflute stopped playing. You didn’t notice until Thomas was thrown off of you and onto a nearby tree, landing with a grunt.

"What the hell is going on?"his voice boomed through the tight forest.

"Why do you care?"I walk over to Thomas giving him a hand. "Go play with Wendy,"I scoff. "You are obviously more interested in her,"I say, rolling my eyes.

"Jealous?"he smirked. Of course you were. But would you really give him the satisfaction of knowing that? Absolutely not.

"Why would I be jealous when I have Thomas?"Thomas wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Leave before I murder you,"Pan glared at him. Thomas kissed my forehead sweetly and left, only angering Pan more.

"I’m going to show you just who you belong to-"he snapped his fingers.”-and that nobody can make you feel the way I can.“

The two of you were back in his treehouse and you were completely bare. He sat on the edge of his bed. "You haven’t been a very good girl, y/n,"he taps his lap indicating for you to lay over it. You do as you were told and lean over his lap. You squeal when you feel a harsh slap on your bum. "I need you to count babygirl,"he said softly.

"O-one,"you could feel him smile. The anticipation of the hit was unbearable. Normally it wasn’t too many, but you could tell Pan was outraged.

Another sharp hit landed on your butt. "T-t-two.”

“You’ve been a very bad girl, y/n,"he says sending another strike. Fifteen spanks later, your cheeks were stinging.

"Like I promised earlier, I’d make you feel better than anyone ever has before"you suddenly feel two fingers entering me roughly. "and you should know, I always keep my word.”

“A-ah Peter,"you moaned, his fingers moving more quickly.

"Your mine, only mine, understand y/n!?"he slipped in another finger.

"Oh fuck yes Peter,"he pulled his fingers out leaving you empty. "What the hell?"you were furious, you were ready to cum.

Pan pulled you off of his lap and onto his bed making you face him. He kissed your lips passionately. Peter crawled up to your earlobe, softly nibbling at your sensitive skin. He breathed heavily down your ear and you moaned loudly enough for those two miles away from the treehouse could hear. You could feel a smirk lining his lips as he trailed down your jaw to your neck, harshly sucking. He was definitely leaving large marks that wouldn’t reside for a while, and you definitely couldn’t cover them up. You blame Neverland’s low support of concealer. "Peter, th-the boys will see,"you moaned. He continued leaving littered kisses around your body.

"Let them understand that you’re mine,"he massaged your right breast, guiding his mouth to your left breast. He licked and nibbled on the nipple earning several soft moans from you. Peter moved his mouth to your right breast, tracing the border of your nipple slowly until he found the hard middle.

He continued down the middle of your stomach, occasionally whispering "mine”. Peter left plenty of kisses around your flat belly and licked around your belly button. He pulled your legs apart, leaving your pussy open and exposed into the cold air.

“I want to taste you, love,"his eyes met yours as he traced your hips with his hands and began licking a trail from your inner thigh and missing your pussy lips to tease you.

"What’s stopping you,"you buck your hips yearning for some friction.

"Eager, love?"Peter’s grin expanded as he dove into your lips. "Who made you this wet?"he smirked into your entrance.

"Y-you did Peter,"you moaned, your fingers dancing in his hair. You pulled him farther in and he began twirling his tongue on your clit. "AH FUCK PETER,"you screamed and he continued to lick on your bundle of nerves. You yelped at the quick movements. Before you reached your climax, he slowed his pace, chuckling at your whines for him to go faster. He soon spread his lips wider, devouring as much of your juice as he could.

He dipped his tongue into your entrance. Your toes curled as a loud moan left your lips. "Mmmm,"you whimpered, your legs shaking from pleasure.

Peter’s heavy breaths and low groans were sending pleasung vibrations. They were just enough to send you over the edge. He helped you ride out your orgasm, harshly sucking on your clit, keeping eye contact the entire time. He moved down and licked up your cum.

You flipped him over, slowly pulling his tunic above his head. He laid on the bed, his legs off the edge. You sat in between of them, noticing his boner. You tease Pan by lightly palming him over his pants, earning yourself a low groan. You could feel his erect member growing and eager to see, you tug down his pants, along with his boxers, revealing his longing penis. You lightly kiss the tip.

"Mmm,"he groaned throwing his head back.

You slowly slide your hand up and down his enthusiastic shaft. You rotate your hand, earning a loud moan from Peter. You pumped your hands up and down, repeating your motion several times.

"Fuck baby,"he moans as you clasped your mouth around him, taking him as far as you thought possible. You kept your hand on the two inches that couldn’t be covered. You swirled your tongue around his swollen tip. You looked up at him and find his eyes closed in a state of pure pleasure. He yelled in pleasure, profanities leaving his mouth. Peter was in pure bliss. He came in your mouth soon enough. You swallowed the majority of it; or what you couldve.

He pulled you up bridal style and laid you on to his soft, plump bed. Peter leaned forward, passionately kissing your temple, trailing down to your jaw. You moaned lightly. He lined his tip before your entrance. Peter teased you by rubbing his tip against your clit.

"Mmngh, Peter please,"you begged.

"Please what, love?"he smirked into the crook of your neck.

"Fuck me, fuck me because I’m yours.”

That was all Pan needed as he pushed his erect cock into your tight entrance making you gasp. He filled you out completely and your walls wrapped around his dick. He gave you time to adjust before he began. Peter could be mad, but he’d never hurt you intentionally—well physically. He nibbled on your neck as he thrusted at an agonizing pace.

“Faster Peter, please!"you whined.

"Eager, are we?” he chuckled at your anticipation, while obeying your command. You shut your eyes, taking in the pleasure.

He gradually went faster, as if he’d never have sex again. It was the best the two of you had in ages. He kept one hand at your waist, with the other hand going down to your clitoris. He rubbed the wet area vigorously.

“Oh fuck, Peter,"you screamed. He made low grunts every few seconds, which was just about the hottest thing you’ve ever experienced. You ran you’re hands on his bare stomach, which moved him to go faster.

"Oh baby, aaaah,"Peter threw his head back, obviously in as much bliss as you were in. "Fuck y/n,"you reach your climax and he rides you through it.

He falls beside you. "That was amazing,"you puffed out. "Maybe I should make you jealous more often,” I smirked.

After a moment, he ran his finger up your slit. You shivered at his cold touch.

“Still so wet, love! Save it for tomorrow night,"he winked at you. He licked up the juice on his finger before getting dressed and leaving the treehouse.

Meanwhile, you only dreamed about round two the night afterwards. Jealous sex is always the best sex. Oh fuck, where’s Wendy?

little red

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requested by anon

warnings: long, sexual themes

Brisk air nipped at your flesh while you passed between the skinny bones of dead winter trees. You tugged your blood red cloak closer to your person.

It was just dawn, the sun’s set painting brilliant hues of marigold and honey, casting a fire-like reflection off of the freshly fallen snow. The crunch of powder beneath your fine leather boots accompanied the lonesome journey to your grandmother’s home.

Mother had warned you of the dangers that lie along the twisted path — beasts, toxic plants — and worst of all, the Piper.

The Pied Piper has been thieving away boys in your village, an aura of fear wreaked the entire town’s minds. Despite your mother’s countless warnings, you left for you grandmother’s home instantly. You lead a boring life anyways, what had you to lose?

In your village, there was not much to do beside the regular code of farming and selling. Born and raised in an agriculturally successful area was not as forgiving as you would wish. Days drug on with mindless, but intricate, work of picking and planting. The Piper was perhaps the most exciting thing to happen to this poor place in awhile.

what would a boy stealer need with a girl anyways?

And so you were off.

Treading deeper and deeper into the forest, night washed over the sky. The sun had now fully sunk, casting an evening shadow over the trees. Hiking up a hill, you could see the smoke from your grandmother’s stone fireplace billowing into the starry night.

Continuing down the path, your began to admire the beauty of the forest around you. Though mostly decayed, there was something so beautifully haunting about the eerily thin trees, never ending and barren. Gazing at the night sky, you admired the overcast of the full moon.

A twig snap struck you from admiration.

You scanned the perimeter ahead of you. The trees cast shadows on the pristine snow, concealing something — or someone 
— that may be lurking in the unknown.

Whatever it may be, you knew you weren’t alone.

Dropping the basket, you unsheathed your dagger from a sling on your ankle. You shakily grasped the handle of the weapon, knuckles white, hands trembling lightly.

Despite your fear, there was an excitement to it all.

With another twig snap, you quickly whirled around to face your opponent. The beast. Muscles flexed and stance strong, your eyebrows raised in confusion at the being in front of you. To your surprise, it wasn’t a beast at all.

Rather, a boy.

His figure stood confidently, radiating an aura of cockiness. His face remained shadowed, but his earthen eyes glinted in the moonlight. He was leaning up against one of the trees, arms folded.  

“What might we have here?” he purred. His voice was soft yet threatening, the ease in his tone making you nervous. You began to back away slowly.

you wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of your words

“The silent treatment, is it?” he chuckled humorlessly, regaining his stance. "I have ways of making little girls talk.“ he abruptly advanced on you, revealing his true appearance.

"I’m sure you do.” you reacted rapidly, dodging his attack. Gliding toward him your arm shoved out, blocking him with your forearm, preventing the stranger from coming any closer. You rammed the boy to a tree, sliding your dagger to his neck. The grin he adorned was simply wicked, and all he did was smile. Adrenaline pumped in your veins.

“Oh, feisty are we?” his breathing was rugged, raising the tension of the night even more. You took a movement to observe him.

His skin was a soft milky color, ivory just as the snow below his boots. His dirt colored hair swept carelessly to the side, curling upward at the tips, but still lying on his head easily. Your crimson cloak stood in stark contrast to his patchy green attire, comprised of different fabrics.

And his eyes. Why, they were simply captivating.

“What do you want?!” you barked, pressing the dull blade closer to the familiar stranger’s throat. You could see the ghost of your breath flow just in front of you, and the wind began to chill.

A hollow laugh fell from his lips, eyes fleeting to the sky and settling back to you. “A wonderful question, (Y/N).”

The sudden name call brought you out of focus, allowing him to force you away.

how did he know your name?

Stumbling to the ground, the frigid snow met your nimble fingertips as the dagger slid behind you. He slowly sauntered to you as you shuffled back timidly. Glancing upward, he stared down at you like a wolf to it’s prey. His eyes burned into yours, completely hollow of feeling — except, a flourish of desire loomed in his irises.

lust, perhaps?

Never leaving his glare, you snuck your legs up beneath his, causing the boy to tumble to the ground. Rebounding, your threw your limbs back up. Turning to retrieve the dagger, you immediately swung at the boy, who caught your arm mid-attack. Your breath hitched.

“I must say, I am impressed (Y/N).” his grin turned wicked.

”And it’s very hard to impress the likes of me”

Ripping the knife straight from your hands, he thrusted your arm down and wrapped his limbs around you. He was too strong to escape. You tried kicking and stomping, but it was no use. He began to circle around you, admiring every factor of your being.

“How do you know me? Who are you?” you demanded, failing your limbs in a fetal attempt to escape his grasp.

“My apologies,” he mumbled bringing his mouth close to your ear. You could feel the air from his words swirl down your neck. “I’m Peter Pan.”

the boy thief

As your eyes widened you could sense the sly grin on his lips. “I’ve been watching you for sometime now darling. And I must say, I am impressed. You’ve got this fire within you —I can see it. A bloodthirsty woman fighting her way through this sad excuse for a life. A longing for more, a thirst for everything that you don’t have.”

“And god, I love it.”

He suddenly began to trail down your collarbone, leaving love marks sporadically along your chest. Your head titled back, a moan escaping your lips. He put himself in front of you, his hands sliding down your arms. “So impressed that, I want you.”

“Wh-what?” you could hear your voice crack,  ashamed of your vulnerability. You weren’t weak. 

“Come away to Neverland with me. Exploit those desires I know you have. Rule with me, (Y/N).”

Instinctively, you knew ‘no’ was the proper answer. There was no sense of security with him— but you didn’t care.  Neverland was a place children went and never returned. It was rumored to be magical, but at a price. A bubbling deep within boiled over, the longing desire for adventure, a new life — danger. You had to get out of here. This was your new excitement. A new game.

You nodded your head. Uncertainty and wildness rioted within.

A genuine smile flashed his face.

Before he could, you shoved him in closer and rushed your lips to his. He tasted like pine and firewood, rustic and new. Your tongues danced like the flames of a newborn fire. The lustful desires intertwined with youthful curiosity.

You couldn’t stop yourself.

Your hands travelled all along his chest, and ran roughly though his silky chestnut hair. You were rushed to the back of a tree as your hips rubbed and swayed to one another. You brought your hands to his chest and pulled his patched tunic closer. He was yours.

Before your could begin, he pulled away suddenly. "It’s awfully chilly, shall we take this to Neverland, darling?”

A daring grin slithered across your face. “We shall.”

I realized something

In Time Traveler’s Pig, when Mabel is miserable because she doesn’t have Waddles anymore

Dipper goes into the future one day

one week

and then one month

to show her she won’t be miserable forever, but when she is miserable forever, he then decides to go back in time, let her win Waddles

and let Wendy be with Robbie.

But I realized, the timeline where Dipper keeps Wendy from being with Robbie

and where Mabel doesn’t win Waddles

and is miserable for (possibly) the rest of her life

still exists.

There is a timeline where Mabel is miserable for the rest of her life because she didn’t win Waddles.


Gravity Falls: Bill Cipher Wheel

The native people of Gravity Falls prophesied that these symbols could create a force strong enough to vanquish Bill.

Mystery City

Mystery City (also known as Gravity Falls Alternate Universe) is a crime thriller. Dipper Pines is a young anti-detective boy and to protect his twin sister, Mabel Pines and his beautiful girlfriend, Pacifica. On his mission to avenge the death of his dear grandfather, Ford Pines.

Gravity Falls owned by Alex Hirsh


Neverland Reporter AU: Boys were disappearing over London.  Ten of them; last spotted around Kensington Gardens without a trace.  Wendy Darling, journalist for London Times, noticed the patters.  After her boss, Killian Jones –a ruthless reporter, agreed to let her take on the story, she embarks on a journey leading her to the strange and mysterious boy Peter Pan. Perhaps if she had known her fate, she would have never taken the story. Little did she know she would be the next victim. Peter Pan had plans to take her to Neverland. 

“I want the lost boys story, Jones.”

“This is the most sought after story in London, sweetheart. What makes you-“

“Give me the case! I know I can do it. You think I am soft; I will show you how ruthless I can be.”

“Fine. Take the case, Darling.”

Come on, we’ll find the kidnapper together.”

“And why should I trust you? For all I know, you are the kidnapper.”

“Where is your sense of adventure Wendy? You are a journalist! You are going to need to get your hands dirty if you want to get results.”


It was you! The whole time it was you.”

“You know, you caught on faster than I thought. Every loophole I set you managed to deflect, but sadly, that fun is over.  It is time for a new game.”

“What are you going to do to me?”

“I am just going to take what is mine. You.”

I am not yours!”

You were mine the minute I set eyes on you.”

NeverLand High

Requested: No, but I do take request. 

 Summary: It’s just another day at High School in Storybrooke, you’re a regular student having a regular day at school, unfortunately, you go to the same high school of Peter Pan and all the other fairy tale character’s. 

A/N: This is kind of an AU of ‘Once Upon A Time’s’ Peter Pan. Instead of being killed, he was forced to have the same normal life like everyone else.


You fiddled with the lock, annoying the crap out of you. When the sound of it unlocked, you felt success. Only to be closed again by a hand. You turned to see Peter smirking and walking away with his gang, The Lost Boys. Walking along his side was Felix, his best friend. 

 They were what you call ‘bad boys’. Girls want them and boys want to be them. You opened your locker door again. Peter wasn’t always like this, he was your friend when you two were in Neverland. It was just that somehow he changed, you don’t know why or how, but he did.

“Can’t believe them,“ you heard a voice. You closed your locker half way to see it was Gabrielle, also known as Goldilocks. Even though she’s not in any of your classes, she’s your closest friend that you have.

“Well you have to,” you grabbed the books you needed for your next period, “Be lucky you’re not in any of his classes this year.” 

“Yeah, but I’m leaving you with them!” She pointed out, “I can’t have that! You’ll be all alone!”

“I’ll be fine!”

“Not with them matching around the school, thinking they’re top boss!” She continued.

“Trust me Gabby, I’ll be fine,” you closed your locker. 

“If only Tink was here,”

-=+=- Flashback -=+=-

You scanned your surroundings. You did hear running foot steps in a different directions but in a good way. You heard them screaming which way they think you went. You've been a runaway ever since you've met the real Peter Pan. He was nice to you at first but that was just a cover up. 

“Morons,” You sighed in relief. You stole some food from Pan’s camp and now they want to find you. You climbed the ladder that led to your only friend. You entered the tree house to find Tink laying in her hammock.

“Oh my god you survived!” She stood up, jumping forward to me, wrapping her arms around me.

“Of course I did,” you smiled. She let’s go, sitting back in her hammock. You placed the bag of food down onto the floor. You threw an apple at the powerless fairy. 

“Thanks,” she took a bite out of the fruit, “I'm surprised you didn't get shot” 

“I'm too quick for those slow asses,” you took a seat next to her, peeling an orange. 

“I can’t wait to get off this island,” she walked over to the window, you followed after her.

“When we do get off this island, will you take me to your land?” You asked. 

“I promise,”

-=+=- Flashback over -=+=-

The school day fled by like that. You placed all the books you didn’t need for tonight back in your locker. You closed the locker door to be greeted with the face of a rebel. 

“Hello, love,” he flirted. 

“What do you want, Peter?” You called him that on purpose. 

“How many times do I have to tell you to call me Pan?” He asked pissed off. 

“Sorry what, PETER?” He huffed in annoyance giving up. 

“Fine, look! I just need the instruction for our project,” he told his reasons. 

“Don’t remind me that we’re working together on this for History project,” I hissed, passing him the assignment. 

“Wait! The assignment where we were assigned to work together and there’s no excuses on why we can’t work together?” He continued annoying you, “I’ve known you for god knows how long, I know every weakness you have,”

“Can we just return to our normal lives after this conversation and let hell continue his dirty work tomorrow morning?” You asked irritated. 

“Of course,” He smirked, then disappeared. You hated it when he does that. You walked back home and continued your life as normal.    

I noticed something.

My OTPs, always (well the most of them) have: 

Pink/Red/Orange  x   Blue/Black/Purple hair.

-Sakura and Sasuke 

-Ichigo and Rukia 

-Robin and Starfire 

-Hinata and Yui 

-Erza and Jellal

-Ariel and Prince Eric

-Wendy and Robbie 

-Orihime and Ulquiorra

-Himeno and Hayate

-Lucy and Kouta

-Yuno and Yuki

-Luka and Kaito

-Amu and Ikuto

-Tokaku and Haru 

-Utena and Anthy

-Nami and Luffy

-Marceline and Bubblegum

Except this: