wendy x horry

“it’s rare that a book moves me to tears, but that storyline and that kind of final scene between Wendy and Horry did that for me” - Shawn Levy

Yep, it did that for me too, I was so sad but also I was so fucking frustrated by their ending (because I’m a hopeless romantic, I live for happy endings), Wendy and Horry’s relationship in the book is so beautiful and I was really rooting for them, romantically speaking, they were my favorite pairing, so the fact they didn’t end up together was heartbreaking for me, you KNOW Wendy deserve better than her hubby, you know her last speech to Judd was completely wrong and she was lying to herself because it was better that way. And I’m assuming their ending will be the same as the book, but I really hope they’ll be able to have some conclusion in the movie.