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Fairy Tail chapter 537 (?)prediction

I’ll use someone else’s theory in this, Idk who’s, I forgot.

Last chapter, Anna, Acnologia, and Ichiya got sealed in the timelapse. (Or whatever it’s called) They didn’t die, they just got sealed, never to come back.

Here is my theory and someone else’s.

Irene will get in the time lapse and use Universe One.

Irene didn’t really redeem herself by committing suicide and saying that she loves Erza.This is her chance

Irene gets in the time lapse and use Universe One. She once stated that she can’t really control Universe One (correct me if I’m wrong),Anna, Acnologia(Irene can’t control it),and Ichiya will escape.

Don’t believe me?

This has already happened before when Laxus fought Wahl.

Yuri and Laxus killed Wahl together.

This is where the Dragon Slayers come in.( Irene already did her part as one)

Natsu already defeated Zeref.

Wendy already defeated Irene.

Gajeel already defeated Bloodman.

The list goes on.

How will they get there? Using Mest’s magic.

Acnologia’s magic power is huge, making it easy for Mest to locate Acno.

The DS will then accomplish their mission.

@thegreatrhapsode (To change your opinion on 536, also tell me everything that’s wrong with this theory)
@loveandlucky(you love Anna)
@everybodys-chains(Eileen X Anna)

Today in Fairy Tail
  • Freed: Somehow I'm fine already. Also I ship NaLu it's like straight Fraxus.
  • Juvia: Gray-sama let's have babies!
  • Erza: Forget him, let's have hot girl on girl action.
  • Gray: Laxus man you should see a doctor.
  • Laxus: Have you seen what we have in our guild? She wouldn't agree to see me unless I'm half dead.
  • Levy: Why the heck did they even send me I'm a secondary character! I'm gonna die!
  • Gajeel: Shut up it's time for your character development.
  • Wendy: Chelia!
  • Chelia: Wendy!
  • Gray: Lyon!
  • Lyon: Juvia!
  • Kagura: Erza!
  • Erza: Kagura!
  • Jellal: Will you stop cheating on me with other women already?!
  • Laxus: I'm gonna kick your ass for what you did to my friends!
  • Wahl: Objection!
  • Laxus: Overruled!

☆ Is it just me or does Wahl Icht look like the love child of Gajeel and Rouge☆

Accurate Summaries of FT Chapters (466 - Now)

466 - Damn, Marin, you scary!

467 - Damn, Brandish, you scary!

468 - *Unnecessary Mermaidism*

469 - Damn, Serena, you scary!

470 - Damn, Acnologia, you scary!


472 - Damn, Wahl, you scary!

473 - Damn, Laxus, you scary!

And, judging by the spoilers:

474 - Damn, Dimaria, you scary!