wendy nelson

“In 1986, Prince and the Revolution completed the still unreleased album, The Dream Factory. At our home on Galpin Avenue, the Installation of the recording studio had been completed. So, now Prince could record at anytime, day or night. No lost opportunities to get his ideas down on tape. We had a game room off the studio that at that time I was painting and drawing a mural on. As referenced in the lengthy, epic Crystal Ball, "my baby draws pictures of sex, all over in graphic detail, sex”. Prince wanted me to come up with some ideas for The Dream Factory album art work . So I never finished my mural but I did get three ideas done for the artwork. He’d only asked that the title be written somewhere on the piece. It was originally The Flesh/ Dream Factory. He chose my third attempt. It was the fantasy and thrill he agreed and chose. This version, has me opening the door to his dream world.. or as it will be forever known “The Dream Factory.” - Susannah Melvoin, 2017