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  • Some idiot: Female anime characters are useless and boring.
  • Me: You are entitled to your opinion but you are also wrong.

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Sketch dump!

When you’re camping for 10 days, your sketchbook may fill up quite quickly.

In order: Ladybug, Pearl, Nico, Silena, and Wendy! 

((theres more coming// I may only post one more sketch though - then I gots cosplay pics!))

The bed a moored ship.
Space is studded with revolving, monolith satellites.
I slide towards you on a fret-board of disaster.
Tempered stars.
Tempered fingers.
Disbanded chain-gang night.
I write you a song with my teeth.
Keel and rudder.
The bed among the bramble.
—  Wendy Xu, “Where the Hero’s Evening Litany,” The Hero Poems
Summer’s over, kids

Never before had I felt at such a deep peace like I did after watching “Gravity Falls” finale. I don’t have a burden of sorrow that there will be no GF series any more. I don’t want to whine that this wonderful cartoon came to an end. The finale is so comprehensive, it brings together all the strings, bonding hearts and bringing smiles. At the titres I physically felt how a thought is pulsing in my mind: “Everything is all right!” Everything is wonderful and will be even better! All heroes are brought to a logical end. Though I’d rather say: to a logical beginning, because all of them has started a new life: Mabel and Dipper back home and a new school year is ahead; Stan and Ford fulfilling their childhood dream; McGucket renewing his relations with the son; Soos is now running “Mystery Shack” etc., etc… I experienced those feelings which I had in childhood when I was spending my summer days at the countryside with my grandparents: the summer is over - you’re leaving - your friends are staying. But life goes on and everything’s taking it’s own course. Wendy’s note - “See you next summer!” - reinforcing the fact, that it’s not the end. It’s just a part of life.

I was absolutely struck by the fact how many fandom theories became canon after the finale. Of course Stan and Ford are now big bros forever and they finally hugged it out! (albeit it was an absolute heartbreaking moment) McGucket created a huge robot to struggle against Bill - there is a similar comic on tumblr I swear! And Ford managed to explain with him, though it was a brief moment. And of course we all knew that Stan will make Soos a new Mr. Mystery :’) But one of the most popular theories with Bill’s circle was crashed to pieces. Half of the episode Stan behaved like grumbling old fart… whom he actually is. But his sacrifice and dedication to family made him a hero in my eyes even more then he was before. Before the finale the fandom was boiling with the idea of Stan dying in flames as there were hella lot of omens during both seasons. But I was stubbornly thinking: you can’t just burn alive an old man in a children cartoon. Alex Hirsch: watch me! But the way he did it, if I am not mistaken, no one guessed except Hirsh himself. It’s so utterly ingeniously and horrible at the same time that I still shiver as I think about it. Defeat a great evil and along with that deprive a person his identity, deprive us everything we went through with Stan and kids during the series - it’s dreadful. But! No one can stand against the power of Mabel! There was so much despair in her when she realised that Stan doesn’t recognise her. And so much determination! I bet she’d spend all her life to help Stan recall this summer if there was such a need.

I have so much feels right now but they are unspeakable. I’m just so happy! I am very grateful to Alex Hirsch and GF-team for bestowing us with “Gravity Falls”. I am happy that I have this cartoon in my life and that its’ heroes are now settled in my heart. It’s like I grew up a little bit with them and now ready for something new, for something unknown, but I am not afraid anymore. oh god, I’m gonna cry right now


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