wendy is my favorite


Happy Birthday to my favorite girl! We got to see many sides of you this past year, your smarts, your baking, your laughter, your tears. Thank you for being my precious baking angel whose heart is so big it’s ridiculous! You are so so considerate and funny and dorky it hurts me sometimes :/ I love you so so so much you have no idea; I would write paragraph after paragraph about why I love you but I have to stop before I get carried away~

 Happy 23rd/24th Birthday to Son Seungwan, Red Velvet’s beautiful power vocalist and hamster! All I wish is for you to be healthy and happy, alongside your members always! (Because I am sure that is what you’d wish as well)


Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful

Hello there all! :D I’m back at home from school (finally! ha ha ha!) and I’m back with a vengeance with another fic for, you guessed it, Gravity Falls! This was a spur-of-the-moment fic that was originally supposed to be a drabble … which it is now, decidedly, not. Ha ha ha - what’s self control? XD

This is a gift for the lovely @garrulousgibberish, as well as for @eregyrn-falls and @impishnature. Thank you guys so much for gushing about music and childhood memories and Christmas with me XD Y’all are the greatest!

I’m also going to tag the lovely @llyrica, @somer-joure, and @crossroadsdimension because you guys are awesome and were, at some point or another, wondering what I have been working on XD 

May you all have a blessed holiday season and safe travels wherever you may go! Stay lovely, my dears.

-Nana Graye

Summary: The Pines family and friends get snowed in at the local diner. Luckily, they have the perfect solution for staying occupied while waiting out the storm: music, and lots of it.

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Mi favorite characters (≧▽≦)♡

  1.  Juvia Lockser / Jellal Fernandes.
  2. Rogue Cheney.
  3. Erza Scarlet.
  4. Minerva Orland.
  5. Gray Fullbuster.
  6. Meredy.
  7. Lyon Vastia.
  8. Mavis Vermillion.
  9. Lisanna Strauss / Wendy Marvell.
  10. Mard Geer / Acnologia.

my favorite thing about harry potter is how attractive the whole potter family is like its understood that harry is one of the hotter boys at school and ginny is fine as hell and teddy who’s an honorary potter can make himself prettier than all of them combined and we all know james and lily were the it couple and i bet james 2, albus, and lily 2 were drop dead gorgeous athletes who were super smart and famous just like their parents like wow they probably have their own fan club and its me i am trash i am their fan club i love the potters