wendy is a bamf

I want Bamf!Dipper. We see BAMF Mabel and Wendy and Bill and the grunkles. But Dipper is the one who fight demons and monsters and discovers all the secrets.

I want awesome Dipper being mocked in high school for believing in the supernatural, only to save everyone when a dragon attacks the school.

I want Dipper being teased for his noodle arms, only to leave for Gravity Falls for a summer and come back with muscles and stubble and a new crack free voice.

I want friendless Dipper in school who everyone makes fun of, until Wendy and Pacifica and Soos all come running into the middle of class begging him for help.

I want a multilingual Dipper who can communicate with the rampaging monster when no one else can.

I want a genius Dipper who can decipher code in his head, much to Bill Cipher’s delight.

I want magical Dipper who can cast spells and do awesome things and someone catches him at it.

I want Dipper to tame Bill Cipher, and become friends with him, and be able to call on him in the middle of battle much to his family’s disbelief.

Basically I just want awesome Dipper. And I want to write some of this, but I really just want this to be a thing. Why isn’t there a bamf!Dipper or Impressive!Dipper tag on AO3?

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Soon, you'll ask for me by name

Prompt : Darling Pan gods Au For Tami

Mythology AU. I made up a mythology, basically. I did a thing. I sort of was inspired by Hades and Persephone, too, because I know some of you love that. I basically did whatever the hell I wanted and I have no idea what this is.

Soon, you’ll ask for me by name

Out of all the gods, he’s the one you shouldn’t worship – but he demands adoration, he commands fear, he takes loyalty. He’s the greedy king of a realm he selfishly possesses. 

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ok so i was thinking

alex hinted that someone important might die this season, right?

i’ve seen a few theories that it might be one of the stan twins. but - consider this - it’s not a pines at all. nor is it someone you’d expect.

what if it’s someone who stuck by the twins since day one. someone who loved them to death and risked themself for them all the time. someone who was not ashamed to be friends with “two little kids”.

someone like wendy corduroy.

just imagine: someone has to push bill back through the rift and - in order to do that - they’d have to go in with him.

everyone else is busy fighting off the other demons/creatures. when wendy - being the bamf she is - is like “don’t worry dudes - i’ve got this”.

everyone is shouting to her as she fights her way through various monsters - “don’t do it, wendy” “we’ll find another way” - but she won’t listen.

she reaches bill and he’s in too much of a shock to react as she tackles him to the ground.

dipper manages to fight through the crowd to get to her.


“dipper, get back, it’s too dangerous!”

he inches closer. “wendy, i can’t let you do this!”

bill is struggling but to no avail. they’re getting closer and closer to the rift.

“dipper - ford said it himself - there’s no other way!”

dipper’s eyes start to brim with tears.

“there has to be! i…i’ll think of something!”


“we could…no that wouldn’t work…”


“maybe if we-”


he looks up at her and he’s crying. wendy starts to tear up, as well. she and bill inch even closer to the rift.


wendy gives dipper a small smile.

“i’ll be fine.”

“what makes you so sure?”

“because i’m a corduroy!”

wendy gives one final push and the pull from the rift picks up both her and bill.


wendy squeezes her eyes shut as her tears start to fall and the rift starts to pull her in.

dipper runs after her and tries to grab her hand. he almost does but she pulls away.

“wendy!! please don’t do this!!”

she wipes her eyes and smiles at dipper again. she looks back to see she’s almost to the rift.

“hey, dipper?”


“you really are doctor funtimes, you know that?”

the tears start falling faster from dipper’s eyes as he realizes there’s nothing he can do - one of his best friends is going to be gone…forever.

“seeya around, man.”


the last dipper saw of wendy corduroy was a motion like she was zipping and locking her mouth before tossing him the key.