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hey first of all. I love your art. you are so amazing and your style is just so cute. I was wondering if I could ask you for an adult Wendy Marvel. you don't need to do it if you don't have time for it or you don't want to.

I just finished doing a bunch of work on my website and this was the perfect little doodle to draw and relax with~ 

Fairy Tail 545, Final Chapter Predictions

Whelp… This is the last time I’m ever going to do this, might as well make it count. So I can see this last chapter having two kinds of endings.

The first is the typical epilogue of jumping a few years into the future. So my predictions for that are:

  • If there is one couple I can be sure that is getting together it’s Gajeel and Levy. They most likely will have kids.
  • Only other ship I’m really sure that’ll be completely confirmed is Gruvia.
  • I can see that maybe Mashima will hint at a “Maybe they got together” with Jellal and Erza. As well as Natsu and Lucy.
  • Given the length of the chapter, it’s probably going to have a lot of filler. So we’ll see a bunch of minor characters
  • I think Chelia might have become a full time idol now that she doesn’t have magic
  • I’m guessing Lucy and Anna will have at least met and Anna will be with all the older members of FT like Makarov, Porylusica, Macao, and Wakaba
  • Laxus is most likely guild master
  • Elfman and Evergreen probably got together. Maybe had a kid to reference Mira’s curiosity about it in Tenrou
  • Probably going to have a joke about how grown up Wendy is hot
  • Probably going to have a scene of grown up Romeo
  • We may get a scene of Sabertooth and their just doing their typical shtick
  • Might get a scene of Gray and Lyon both at Ur’s grave
  • Then We’ll get a scene of Natsu and Lucy running off together to go on their next adventure

Now the second way I see this ending is it only is a few days after the war:

  • We’ll get a scene of several members still rebuilding the guild
  • Then we might get a scene where Makarov tells Laxus it’s his time to become guild master
  • Gray and Juvia will have like a little conversation and likely a confession
  • Erza might confront Jellal and the two might not get together but they’ll have a moment acknowledging each other’s feelings
  • Then we’ll cut to Lucy who’s getting ready for the quest to find Aquarius’s key, then Natsu will storm in
  • A good chunk of the chapter might be a montage of the two going on a quest
  • When they find the key, Lucy and Natsu might kiss.
  • We’ll probably get a moment where Wendy says she’ll find a way to bring Chelia’s magic back
  • Then we’ll most likely get a scene where Pantherlily jokes that Gajeel should get Levy and engagement ring

So that’s what I’ve thought of. Don’t know if this’ll happen, guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: the alternate ending to peter pan (2003) where wendy is all grown up and telling the story to jane is so FLDSKFHSIOING miserable like ???? wendy keeping the kiss on a chain around her neck for her whole life. “but wendy was not to see peter pan again” “did she mind very much?” “no. she knew he would forget. he has so many adventures.” but like !!!! he DIDN’T FORGET !!!!! peter forgets tinkerbell and hook and a billion other things but HE COMES BACK FOR WENDY and she’s moved on and it BREAKS him bc that was his worst fear !!! BEING FORGOTTEN IS PETER PAN'S WORST FEAR and it must feel so much like when he came back to see his parents and they had a new baby and he's just crying and then the repeat of “boy, why are you crying?” like why...the fuck

[get to know me meme] 15 Movies (14/15)Casper Meets Wendy

I have a feeling that I'm going to really like this movie

Lets list the reasons, shall we?

•Lucy being super cute in her new outfit and (idk why) but I really like the idea of her going undercover
•The whole team going undercover
•Wendy lookin all grown up and being a total badass
•Carla human form
•Super cool plot
•did i say really pretty animation? BC IT LOOKS AWESOME
•bringing fairy tail back ToT
•(happy turning red and breathing fire??)
•Really cool FIGHT SCENES?? Probably well done with the ANIMATION??
•really intense moments overall??
•and finally, one of the final nails in the coffin for fairy tail. We finally will be getting closure.