wendy gravity falls cosplay

Gravity Falls

I am so excited about the photos we took of our Gravity Falls group! More to come but here is a (not good) edit I made yesterday!

Bill - @deet-doot-diz

Dipper - @thelittleghostmouse

Wendy - @starpaarty

Grunkle Stan - Xander/Smiling Moon (Tumblr???)

Mabel - Me!


My //mostly// completed Bill Cipher along with our whole group!

This design was a labor of love and self loathing but I’m so happy with how he turned out! Lots of improvements planned for his next wear but I’m really satisfied!

And god my Dipper is fucking adorable 💛👁💛

Most of these are photos from my phone the last one is a selfie our Soos took~

Dipper; my girlfriend, Dainty Alpaca Cosplay
Mabel; Hael Kei
Soos; Serena
Wendy; Jade

Bill Cipher “humanization” is my own 💛💛


Wendy Gravity Falls Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

I decided to make a quick tutorial for Wendy while I was getting ready for Cherry City Comic Con.

Tutorial by: A girl and her chicken named Betty
Tutorial Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FipJJLpoDJw

That time we went as gender-bent Dipper and Wendy to a Valentine’s cosplay event because why not! 🌲👽

I love how height-proportional this is.. Creates the illusion that we are normal-sized humans and not 5'11" and 6'6". Go figure!


My Pacifica cosplay for MCM London with my lovely Mabel and Wendy! (just missing our Dipper!)

Mabel- officialpeterhale
Wendy- thomas-sangsterappreciationg