wendy from peter pan

Don’t you know what a kiss is?

I’m so excited to finally show you the piece I did for ladiesofliterature vol.2!!!

I chose Wendy Angela Moira Darling (Wendy’s just fine) from Peter Pan. I absolutely love the imagery of the ‘kiss’ and ‘thimble’ in the story, and how the ‘kiss’ stopped the Lost Boy’s arrow from shooting through her heart.  


“Stay away from Pan,got it Wendy Darling?” You said twirling your weapon around.

“Trust me I don`t want anything to do with him”

                                   ~Later that day~

“Heard of your encounter with the prisoner, someones jealous now aren`t they?” Peter said with the biggest grin on his face.

“Shut up Pan I`ll cut your throat also” you said getting up from your spot.

Hi. Can we talk for a second? Ok so this quote: “You know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.” Yeah, it is not by J.M. Barrie and it is not from Peter Pan. I just see it everywhere and everyone quotes it as if it’s from the man who created Neverland and Peter, but it’s not, it’s from the film Hook, and Tinker Bell says it, not J.M. Barrie, and not Peter Pan. 

Just thought we should clear that up.

questions i need answered by FunKo

  • why don’t they have a pop vinyl of wendy from peter pan?
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  • more to be added at a later date

You all know how much I love the backgrounders of EAH. This backgrounder has been one of my favorites for a while. When I first decided to make her I had no idea how many small details she had, so I feared I wouldn’t be able to do her justice. Now that she’s finished, I’m so proud of how she turned out. Thank you @requiemart for making the pattern for me, I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you @wscttfrbs for recommending using Bunny’s shoes for her boots, I never would have thought of it. I really hope I did justice to your backgrounder. And thank you @klaudioss for recommending adding blonde hair to the green hair to accomplish the perfect color for her streaks. I headcannon her as the daughter of Wendy from Peter Pan. Since Peter never grows up, like all stories at EAH, Peter’s story must continue. He needs to have his adventures and to have a “Wendy” to play the “mother” in his story. I haven’t named her yet, but I’ll try and think of something.

This doll was made using a basic Holly doll. The fabric was purchased at both Joann’s and Hancock fabrics. The whole dress was hand sewn and is made up of five separate pieces. I did end up sewing the underskirt to the dress for easy removal. The train is made of two different colors of fabric, and then sewn to the corset.

The shoes are a mixture of Bunny’s boots and Poppy’s boots. I cut the heal off of Poppy’s boots and superglued them onto Bunny’s boots. They were then hand painted to match her animation. The belt is actually a MH belt bought off of Ebay. I reshaped it slightly by soaking it in hot water then holding it in the shape I wanted until cool. The belt was then painted black. Her necklace is a Madeline necklace with the ruffle cut off. The hat is handmade by me of Fimo clay. I made three separate pieces: the hat itself, the feather, and the pendant, then glued them together once painted.

The hair colors used is Mahogany, Caffeine, and a mixture of Guacamole and blonde hair for the green steaks. Her hair isn’t as short as her animation counterpart, but with the hair being nylon, if I had gone any shorter it would have been hard for me to get it to stay down.

She is missing a few things, she doesn’t have her earrings. I still plan on trying some things, but I really wanted to share her now :) I didn’t add buckles to her boots because nothing I did looked right, so I just decided to leave them off for now. I also need to make her some kind of little clip for her hair. For now though she is finished! I hope you all like her.

RULES: tell us one favorite character from ten fictional works ( shows, films, novels, etc. ) & tag some people.
TAGGED BY:  @godcoded & @boyfluent !!
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  1. Daisy Johnson, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. / Marvel
  2. Clara Oswald, Doctor Who
  3. Wendy Darling, Peter Pan
  4. Kate Fuller, From Dusk Till Dawn
  5. Ahsoka Tano, Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  6. Chloe Decker, Lucifer
  7. Harley Quinn, DC
  8. Inej Ghafa, Six of Crows
  9. The Iron Bull, Dragon Age
  10. Rapunzel, Disney

scenes from Peter Pan switched with their Once Upon a Time counterparts

ever since the day i lost myself
ive felt that ive never grown up
i feel like im a lost boy
that peter pan will fly into my life and try to show me how to find my way
that he’ll take me away from my troubles and show me how to live happily
he’ll show me anywhere can be home, even a place like neverland
theres been time where i was alone
i had no where i knew of i could go
peter taught me how to fight my demons, i savvied my way through the darkness and into a brighter place.
hook being my practice, i battled the evil around me.
if i can defeat him i can defeat anything
he sprinkled me with pixie dust to help me believe
and believe i did
i believed in not only me but that anything was possible
—  remy searfoss 2k15
lost boy - taehyung

a/n: it’s finally posted. the peter pan!taehyung. editing was brutal but i hope you enjoy!

word count: 2.9k 

summary: he lived in youthful bliss and you were grateful to be a part of it. but reality always has a way of creeping back in.

The rain tapped endlessly against the grimy windows, offering itself as a lonely lullaby accompanied with the moonlight streaming into the sheet of glass to illuminate the singular bed of the orphanage.

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