You and Wendy had a complicated relationship. Being the only two girls on Neverland, you became friends quickly. You knew that you two would be friends the moment Pan brought her, but you had no idea what his plans for her were.

His plan was to put Wendy in one of his tree cages and leave her there. You did not think about it, since Pan had done the same thing to you when you first arrived. He would let Wendy out eventually.

Or so you thought.

Wendy was suspicious when you first started climbing trees just to talk to her. “Did Pan send you?” she asked.

“No,” you scoffed, “We are friends, right?”

“Why am I up here?” You did not tell her you were in there before just in case Pan would not let her out. You both talked for hours, about your lives before and what you liked to do.

Pan hated that you went. He tried to get you to stay away from Wendy, but you were the one who brought her food. He knew that if he appointed anyone else to the job, it would end in Wendy dying of starvation.

One night, you were bringing her food when you saw someone already there. Pan flew up to her cage, talking to her intently. “Pan?” you called.

He looked down at you and the almost black eyes made you flinch. “Y/N, what are you doing here?”

“I should be asking you,” you retorted, “It’s dinner and I’m bringing Wendy her food.”

Pan’s usual scowl lessened. “Fine,” he decided, “You are sure of your way back?”

“I would believe so,” you answered, relieved that the magnificent green began to return to his eyes. Pan nodded before flying away. You lowered Wendy’s cage and slid the food into the tiny slot. She ate slowly while we talked. Somehow, the conversation turned to Pan. “He was asking what we talked about when you bring my food.”

“He can be very frustrated when he doesn’t know things,” you stated, “When I was brought here, no one knew why the Shadow took me. I swear Peter probably hated me just because he didn’t know how either.”

“Peter?” Wendy echoed, “I thought no one called him Peter.”

“It slipped out,” you tried to lie, but your burning cheeks gave you away.

“You fancy Pan!” She smiled widely before dropping it. “How can you fancy someone like him, Y/N?”

“I don’t fancy him!” You knew that it was a lie. What you believed were about three months in Neverland passed and the Lost Boys started to treat you like a Lost Girl. Pan had started to enjoy your company, or so he acted like he did.

You didn’t fancy the dark Pan, but you did fancy the fun loving Peter. Although, you knew that there can’t be one without the other.

The next day, you noticed that Pan didn’t attend training, but dismissed it. Maybe he was bringing another Lost Boy or dealing with the pirates. The whole day was rather quiet, even the bonfire seemed rather dreary.

Deciding to return to your tent earlier than you normally do, you stood up from the ground and began walking. A hand grabbed your wrist tightly. You were turned around and found yourself staring into the familiar green eyes of Peter Pan, almost iridescent in the darkness. You nodded. “Pan.”

“Aren’t you curious as to where I was today, Y/N?” His tone made you confused. It was reprimanding, but different than usual. Not waiting for you to ask, Pan answered, “I was talking to Wendy at first. She told me something interesting that you said.” Your eyes widened, but you tried to appear bored.

“Really?” I asked.

“Really.” He smirked smugly. “I was quite shocked and I think she was, too.” You waited for the teasing and mocking to begin. “Didn’t I tell you not to talk to Wendy?”

You sighed. Typical Pan. He didn’t care what I said, but who I said it to. “I’m sorry, Pan. It won’t happen again.”

“I hope so.” He paused. “But she is incredibly easy to talk to. I told her some things that might interest you as well.”

You froze before regaining your composure. “Really?”

“Really,” Pan confirmed, “You might want to ask her about it, Y/N.” With a wink and his smug smirk, he left you frozen to your spot before going to your tent and trying to sleep and not stay awake until morning.


Walt Disney’s Peter Pan and the Pirates, A Little Golden Book

Illustrations by Al Dempster and John Hench