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Gravity Falls // Rick and Morty parallels 


A show about a greedy uncle and identical siblings going on adventures. That made me think of an idea to do a crossover with DuckTales and Gravity Falls. Except I had to imagine the DuckTales cast as humans. I can’t wait for that new DuckTales show to come out. It looks like it’ll be fun.

Stan meets Scrooge. Soos meets Launchpad. Wendy meets Webby. The twins meets the triplets.

When drawing this, I ended up having a thought about Huey, Dewey, Louie and their Uncle Scrooge. Donald Duck is their Uncle and Scrooge is Donald’s Uncle. So if Scrooge is Donald’s Uncle, and Donald is Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s Uncle, and the trio refer to Scrooge as Uncle Scrooge, then does that make Scrooge their Great Uncle Scrooge? In other words, Grunkle Scrooge? I dunno. Just a thought.

Either way, I thought this crossover would be interesting and fun to make up.











Fan Fiction Master-post

Aged Up: 

Not exactly a balcony, Wendip: A 16 year old Dipper Pines returns to Gravity Falls one summer to find something strange on the roof of the Mystery Shack.
A very Wendip Christmas: Dipper has a plan for the holiday season, and he’s going to pull out all the stops to make sure it goes ahead.
An uncertain apology, Wendip: Dipper makes a mistake and tries is best to make up for it.
Namesakes, Wendip: Dipper learns to love his name.
Shades of red, Wendip: What colour reminds Dipper most of his girlfriend.
It’s simply love, WendipWendy comes to a sudden powerful realisation.
A new development, Wendip(NSFW): Wendy has to deal with a ‘gift’ from Dipper.
Revenge, Wendip(NSFW): Wendy pays Dipper back for the marks he left her.
A momentary solution, Wendip. (Part 1)(Part 2)Something has got Dipper spooked and he seeks an unusual answer to his problem.
Protect and Serve, Wendip: Dipper needs to be certain that summer is safe, Wendy can’t help but notice.
Double Trouble, Wendip and Mabcifica: Dipper and Mabel attempt to broker a truce between the most competitive people in their lives.
Adrenaline Junkie, Wendip(NSFW): Wendy and Dipper spend time on the roof. 
Power, Wendip (NSFW): Dipper dons articles of submission. 
A traditional ritual, Wendip(NSFW): Wendy and Dipper attempt to perform a sacred rite. 
A power nap, Wendip: Dipper has the most Amazing night.
Lost bets and surprising talents, Wendip(NSFW-ish): Dipper looses a bet and Wendy wants him to do something for her.
Scars and Souvenirs, Wendip: after a mission goes wrong Wendy has to patch up her husband.
A brighter side, Wendip:  Wendy has to enter the study to find her husband. 
The protectors of Gravity Falls, WendipDipper and Wendy attempt to find a missing person. 
Echos of days gone by, Wendip:  Dipper, Wendy and Summer celebrate new years in a traditional way.
The road to hell: After the sudden death of Candy Chu Dipper makes a decision. 
Moonshine:  Dipper and Wendy visit an old friend to help an even older one.
The race:  Wendy and Dipper go for a walk to the multi-bears cave.

Coffeehouse Au:

Beware the green eyed monster, Wendip: Wendy has her eye on the new guy but is scared she might have competition. 
Hot Chocolate: After their first date Dipper shows that he can be relied on.
Caffeine, Wendip and Mabcifica: Dipper needs a date to his sisters wedding, and he knows just the girl to ask.
Espresso, WendipTambry is sick of covering for her Co-workers.

Neon Stars: Set in the near future. Wendy is a private investigator in the Depths a multilayered city where crime runs rampant. In an attempt to find a missing girl she is thrust head first into a life of crime. Heavy Wendip and Mabcifica. Mentions of blood and significant violence.
Chapter 1: The shooting star 
Chapter 2: Old leather-bound books
Chapter 3: Making Promises
Chapter 4: Everyone has their reasons
Chapter 5: What are you running from
Chapter 6: The man in black and yellow 
Chapter 7: A bolt of neon 
Chapter 8: Mr Mystery
Chapter 9: The best laid plans
Chapter 10: Of mice and men
Chapter 11: Gang aft a-gley

One Shots:

Competition, Showers and Overwhelming Attractions, Wendip(NSFW):  after a race goes awry Dipper and Wendy keep messing up.
Tell The Truth!, Wendip: an old Item gets revealed for a game of truth or dare.

thelastspeecher  asked:

Okay, last Banjomin Stanley McGucket prompt/suggestion, and this one's not for when he's tiny (if that's okay): when he lives in Gravity Falls and becomes Wendy's Uncle Stan.

“Now remember, if yer Mom asks, ya don’t know how that badger got in the closet.”

In the Benjamin Stanley mcgucket au, Angie ends up with Dan corduroy.  Stan loves pulling tricks on his big sister with Wendy. 

Angie does not appreciate it.