Three Little Words (Part 5)

Part 1


In a single night, Mabel had managed to tell pretty much the entire populace of Gravity Falls that there was going to be a “Christmas in July” party that Friday at the Mystery Shack, all before she had even made posters.  Of course that had been remedied surprisingly quickly even for Dipper’s painfully artistic twin sister.  Grunkle Stan had been hesitant to say the least to “invite anyone willing to drink something called ‘frozen hot chocolate’” until he tried a mug.  Then he organized the advertising for the party, himself, charging twenty bucks a pop for tickets and fifteen for a mug of Mabel’s Famous Frozen Hot Chocolate.

And so that was how Mabel, Candy, Grenda, Dipper, and Wendy were spending the afternoon shift – wearing Christmas-themed sweaters, walking around town with a pile of flyers and a staple gun.

Mabel held a poster up against a tree.  “Wendy, over here!”

The redhead shrugged and walked over, punching a few staples into the bark and pretending to examine it so she wouldn’t turn around when Dipper walked past her.  She kept her voice casual, turning only when she heard his footsteps a few feet ahead of her.  “Soooo, whatcha got in mind for this summer Christmas party, Mabes?” she called.

“Oh, the works!!” Mabel enthused, dancing ahead of her friends.  “All the hot chocolate, all the games, all the mistletoe –!”

“All the BOYS!” Grenda roared, throwing her fists up in victory.

“Will there be expired grape juice?” Candy asked in that halting way of hers, smiling cheekily.


“YEAH!  Eighties-movie-credits high five!”

All three girls slapped a high five and froze just like that, standing on one foot with their grins wide and eyes askew; Wendy raised her brows, but Dipper just kept walking.  “Eh, they’ll be like that for a while,” the boy deadpanned.

He gave her a little smile.  “We should probably keep going.”

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