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Terra Nova ~Part Three: Shifts~

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Part three is here! In case of a medical emergency, our pair is still planet side, spending the night together. On watch that is. ;) Be prepared - Daddy!Bones can be found below!

Thank you guys for all the support, I’m having a ball writing this so far :D <3 I promise, reveals are coming! 

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS). 

Pairing: Reader X Bones 

Words: 1,068

Warnings: Some mild swearing, threats of bodily harm with a sharp weapon, and one very blatant easter egg :P 

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“How is she?” 

Bones moved over to where you were sitting, rubbing his eyes with the hand not holding a baby. “Good, still sleeping. It looks like everything’s normal.” 

“Oh thank God,” you sighed, leaning your head back against the wall. “As much as I love the fresh air I’m so ready to get out of here. This place gives me the creeps.” 

“I hear that,” Bones settled in beside you, cooing at the baby as he squirmed. “Shhhh little one, settle down.” 

“You’re good with him,” you remarked, watching the pair with a soft smile on your face. 

 “Practice,” Bones replied, not looking away from the little one. “I’ve a daughter back on Earth- Joanna. Must be six now.” 

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anonymous asked:

it has been shown before that animals will put bones of there dead on. it is shown in Pokemon (cuebone) and how to train your dragon (bonerush), as well as tepical mythology. so what if Deerper puts on a deer skull and it makes him so frightening that Wendy gets scared of him

“Okay dude I know you’re out here.” Wendy moved a stray branch out of her way as she walked through the foliage of the woods. “What did you want to show me?” It was almost noon and the shade of the trees provided a nice retreat from the heat. She sniffed once more only catching scent of some flowers. “Dipper, don’t make me come after you!” A small smile played on her lips, their usual games consisted of Cops and robbers, hide and seek, or tag when it was just the two of them. But Dipper had told her that there was something he wanted to show her before running off into the woods. She stopped and leaned casually against a tree, closing her eyes and taking in deep breaths of the fresh air.

There was a snap of a twig to her right past the bushel of small bushes, behind an old log. Her eyes remained closed.

“If you thought you could sneak up on me then you were wrong.” There was no response, only a small thump on the other side of the clearing. “ Oh-kay, if you’re trying to scare me it won’t work either.” She just noticed how eerily quiet it had gotten; her ears twitched trying to pick up anymore small sounds.

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And to see her made him awful

Dark. I mean within reason, loaded with angst and based off this prompt:

Peter comes to Wendy’s room looking for a mother

“I can’t sleep, Wendy.”

Peter stood at the doorway of her little room, blocking the last glimmer of moonlight behind his cutting black figure. It cast an eerie glow over him, the shadows making his features look sharper, more severe – but his eyes, soft and subdued as they were, made uneasiness quack in the pit of her stomach.

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Terra Nova  ~Part Ten: The End~

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WE’RE HERE! :D Part Ten of Terra Nova - the last chapter. I’m so glad you guys are enjoying the story, it’s been so much fun to write. <3 

THE STORY SO FAR: You’re in a tunnel, somewhere below the surface of the planet, searching for your lost ‘exhibit-mates’, while Bones and the rest of the Enterprise desperately try to get you back. 

Pairing: Reader X Bones
Words: 3,614 (told you it would be a long one!) 

Warnings: Swearing, descriptions of explosions, tension, secondary character death

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           The tunnel was cold. A shiver ran down your back and you pressed your body into the wall, waiting as footsteps slowly faded, becoming one with the soft vibrations that filled the space. You let the air settle for a moment, then crouched low and moved off into the darkness once again, listening hard for any sound beyond your own heartbeat. You shuffled over to the nearest door and pressed gently against the metal. With a soft whine it gave way, and you peered in to find the walls lined with bottles, and the floor filled with boxes.

           Moving inside, you scanned the labels around you, searching for anything that might be useful, but there was no point – you couldn’t read the local language. Your eyes fell on the crate just in front of you, and in a last-ditch attempt to salvage anything before you reentered the tunnel, you pulled off the lid with a loud snap.

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Terra Nova ~Part Five: Aftermath~

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We’re officially halfway through! Are you ready for things to get a little… heated? :D However the weirdness remains! It’s Part Five!

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS).
Pairing: Reader X Bones 

Words: 1,301

Warnings: Some mild swearing, some romantic behaviour, descriptions of anxiety and crying. 

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“You don’t understand; I have to keep him safe – I can’t sleep now!”

Wendy was struggling in Bones’ arms, her limbs shaking and voice rising with fear. Keeping hold of her, Bones led her gently towards her bed.

“Colin is perfectly safe, Tanya has him and we’re going to find out what happened to Mike.”

“No,” Wendy shook her head vigorously. “No you don’t understand. Mike’s gone, I have to do this by myself now. They can’t take me too; I can’t leave my baby alone!”

Her words dissolved and she collapsed onto Bones’ shoulder, sobbing. Moving very slowly, Bones took a hypo from his pocket. 

“I’m going to give you something mild – you really need some rest darlin’. It’s just for now, okay?” He said, his voice soft, and after a moment or two Wendy relaxed in his arms. He laid her down on the bed, covering her with a blanket before turning back to the small group behind him. “Who wants first watch?”

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Terra Nova ~Part Two: Grasp~

After that short break, we return to our intrepid away team as they investigate New Town. More is revealed, and yet, still not much is known (muahahaha!). 

Two chapters down, eight more to go!

See my Masterlist for earlier sections- don’t know why but right now adding the   links are negating my tags :S

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS).

Pairing:  Reader X Bones

Warnings: Descriptions of childbirth, some mild swearing, and one terrible, terrible pun.

Tagging: @medicatemedrmccoy, @outside-the-government, @kilismaiden and @gerardwayisapotato :D Let me know if you want to be added/removed!


“I know, I just need you to breathe Wendy. Look at me.”

Wendy’s blue eyes latched onto yours, tears making them gleam. You tightened your grip on her hand and gave her a determined smile. “You’re doing so great, so great.”

“She’s right,” Bones agreed, brow furrowed as he concentrated on Wendy’s stomach. “You’re doing very well. You won’t have another pain for a time now.” Standing up, Bones removed his gloves and smiled down at the pair of you. “The little one’s on the way, but you’ve a while to wait, I’m afraid,” He glanced up at Tanya. “Are there people who can stay with her?”

“Yes,” she replied. “Mike of course- her husband - and Judy’s already staked a claim.”

“Good,” Bones motioned to you, and you stood, giving Wendy’s hand a squeeze. He knelt down by Wendy’s side. “It’s going to be a long time before I’m needed back, would you mind if my wife and I looked around a bit? Judy or Mike can comm us if anything changes.”

“Of course,” Wendy nodded, smiling back ruefully. “It’s going to be fun.”

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