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Terra Nova ~Part Five: Aftermath~

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We’re officially halfway through! Are you ready for things to get a little… heated? :D However the weirdness remains! It’s Part Five!

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS).
Pairing: Reader X Bones 

Words: 1,301

Warnings: Some mild swearing, some romantic behaviour, descriptions of anxiety and crying. 

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“You don’t understand; I have to keep him safe – I can’t sleep now!”

Wendy was struggling in Bones’ arms, her limbs shaking and voice rising with fear. Keeping hold of her, Bones led her gently towards her bed.

“Colin is perfectly safe, Tanya has him and we’re going to find out what happened to Mike.”

“No,” Wendy shook her head vigorously. “No you don’t understand. Mike’s gone, I have to do this by myself now. They can’t take me too; I can’t leave my baby alone!”

Her words dissolved and she collapsed onto Bones’ shoulder, sobbing. Moving very slowly, Bones took a hypo from his pocket. 

“I’m going to give you something mild – you really need some rest darlin’. It’s just for now, okay?” He said, his voice soft, and after a moment or two Wendy relaxed in his arms. He laid her down on the bed, covering her with a blanket before turning back to the small group behind him. “Who wants first watch?”

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