Red Velvet Reaction to: Being Jealous

Irene: puts shades on so she can scope out her competition. jk, she’s a goddess. she has no competition & therefore, no reason to be jealous

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Wendy: starts to feel small & insignificant, watching that other, prettier girl talk to you

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Seulgi: doesn’t like feeling this way, especially since you weren’t actually doing anything wrong. you were just being polite & talking to a pretty girl. so to ignore her feelings of jealousy, she starts dancing, which unintentionally or maybe intentionally ;) gets your attention 100% on her

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Joy: watches that girl all over you & realizes she can’t just sit back and watch this. so she finds an excuse to come up to you, “jagi, are you ready to go? ~” she asks, smiling pointedly at the unwelcome guest

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Yeri: finds it’s funny that anyone thinks they could possibly get in the way of your secure relationship

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