Wendy&Jason [rec room encounters]

Jason’s ‘red’ status hadn’t gained him any visits to the outside world since he’d arrived in California, with the remainder of his fellow patients. He’d had a few pleasurable run ins with Wendy, between the tiring and tedious therapy sessions he was immediately slammed with, but besides that he hadn’t had a chance to explore the new facility he was residing in. With a brisk, yet nonchalant, strut down the male quarters, Jason approached the main hall and mentally made the rec room his final destination as he followed the multiple signs which lead him in the appropriate direction. Breaching the entrance, his cold gaze surveyed the room, which was vacant of any familiar faces, as he stood in a ratty, knit sweater and a pair of worn out denims. The male patient had just finished a therapy session, and he decided to stay put, wondering where Wendy lurked in her spare time. Maybe his current lover hung out poolside, the thought delighted the frenzied psychopath, yet the probability of her near-clad body on display for the public was unlikely. The patient made it a priority to wipe thoughts of those nature clean from his slate for the time being, anticipating her arrival with blind hope. Jason carelessly flung himself onto one of the many plush couches, and pressed his head back into the cushion, his body sprawled out along the sofa’s length. He ground the palms of his hands into his eyes, huffing a sigh, and propping himself to an upright position to face a large television set, which was currently turned off, and remained that way.