Parapining in the middle of the night when no one can see my shaaaame.

Apparently tonight is pick on Dipper night? I really liked the idea that Dipper is a horrible kisser, whoever came up with it.

I actually really like drawing kisses, I know some people think they’re a pain. I just often don’t? Because it seems a little too self indulgant. IDK, man, I got issues, which should be obvious considering I ship these two so much. SIGH. 

Day 3: Summer/Goofing Off

Just sketches tonight. I was drawing a blank on what to draw up until the 11th hour (Literally. And I should’ve been in bed by then). 

I kind of really like the idea that Dipper and Mabel are really more alike than either of them seem to think. That they mirror each other in little dumb, unexpected ways that they’re not even conscious of. 

Oh, and as to why they’re in costume - Summerween, anyone?

Day 2 - Hunting/Supernatural Creatures

Thiiiiiiiis… was meant to have a more impressive background. But I didn’t manage my time very well today, and I might have to go to work tomorrow so I can’t stay up late to finish it. C'EST LA VIE. If I have extra time I might scribble one in later, but I might just use it to get a head start on the rest of the week’s themes. 



Hey Dipper.

You know? It’s not nice to shush your boyfriend like that when he’s trying to tell you something. Geeze. Geeeeze. What bad manners you have. 

(Kidding. They’re like, 13-14 here at the most so def. not dating.)

If you can guess what ghostie this is, IDK, I’ll do a sketch for you after the week is through. This is the part where the background would’ve come in handy in guessing, buuuut the Spanish dialog should be a pretty good giveaway, too, once you decipher it. 

First guess wins?

Oop, Monsternist got it XD Just send your request through my ask when you think of one, dear.

And yet again, my scanner butchers something. And people wonder why I don’t do traditional stuff much…

Experimenting with painting with coffee and salt effects. Drawn with a fine-point sharpie and I used white-out pen for some of the snowflakes :D

I wear your granddad’s clothes, I look incredible~ 

Oh man - so I got this really awesome chunky knit… hoodie thing at Savers the other day? And wow, it’s got this fantastic argyle pattern with purple and magenta in it, and it basically kind of looks like something your grandmother would own. It’s really really long and covers my ass when I stand up and I kind of look frumpy and like I’ve just given up on life in general when I wear it, BUT I DON’T CARE, it’s comfy as shit. Basically I bought it so I can sit around my drafty kitchen drawing in it and it’s kiiiind of an upgrade from that hoodie I usually sport, but not really?

My sister looked at me like I was nuts when I grabbed it off the rack and declared it was left there specifically for me. 

I don’t know how I’m just now discovering that I really, really like knits. I also bought this great short-sleeve knit lime green bolero thing. And thinking about it, a lot of my favorite pieces are a chunky knit, too. Leave it to me to find this out at the tail end of winter, right?

A request for @taotu - Darry and Tama being adorable. Luff them <3

I also decided to try that color scheme thing I saw other people doing here for giggles. I quite like the result. Go to ColorSchemeDesigner, get a random palette or play with the different schemes, and use those colours in a drawing.