alright heres the damn fanfic dot net spring awakening rec list so u dont know the hell ive witnessed

ok its organized by category (usually the pairing discussed most, i’ll still list all the pairings anyway) & listed by rating (least to greatest), also graded on quality from my pov out of 10 and i bolded some of my faves

i wrote some crappy summaries?? theyre ok

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in Melchi’s house

when he has grown up

there is a chair, with Wendla’s faerie dress hanging over the back

because he never wants to forget her

and she was happiest when she wore her faerie dress

sometimes, when he is alone

he just takes the dress and holds it

he closes his eyes and breathes her in

and he can remember everything so clearly

it hurts but he forces himself

because if he stops she will fade away

and she is not gone