Police officer discovers racist message on Wendy’s receipt

  • On Tuesday night, a Florida Highway Patrol trooper was ordering at a Wendy’s in Orlando, Florida, when he spotted a receipt with a racist slur next to the cash register, News 6 WKMG reported.
  • “If my kids were here eating dinner, and I had to show them this receipt or say they saw it?” the trooper, who is black, told News 6. 
  • Even though the employee did not say anything offensive to the trooper, the trooper told News 6 he would not return to a Wendy’s until the restaurant improves employee training.  
  • The owner of the Wendy’s franchise fired the employee involved in the incident. Read more (3/27/17 10:45 AM)

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In which Alice and Wendy play chicken with their feelings.

I’m thinking that the two met at finishing school at around 14. They are very different and at first, they argue constantly. Alice never follows the rules exactly and tends to be overly literal, favoring math and logic in her studies (When she actually does deign to devote any attention to them) whereas Wendy is more emotionally mature and romantically inclined.  They both bug the heck out of each other, with Wendy working hard to succeed in school and Alice coasting by on natural talent. 

In case if you couldn’t tell, I really love this pairing and at one point I even made a playlist for them. I can link it if anyone wants.

Red Velvet Reaction to: Hickeys & Butt Grabbing

@yuryboy79 this was fun to think about lol :p ty for the request! ;)


Irene: While giving a hickey, she doesn’t usually leave much of a mark. Just the faintest hint of purple lets you know of her presence there. She prefers the same for receiving, as in, not having much of a mark. In her line of work, that could be disastrous and just in general, a hickey would ruin her outfit options. No one wants to wear a turtleneck in summer :p

Wendy: Leaves your neck destroyed. She gets carried away, from your moans and the taste of your skin, that it isn’t until afterwards she realises the mess she’s made. Purple bruises are littered everywhere, and will be for the next month or so. As for receiving, she loves getting marked up. She sees each bruise as a mark of love. But while she has schedules, that’s not possible. So in general, her neck is a hickey free zone :/

Seulgi: Won’t leave many hickeys, three or four max. They fade within a week as well. This is mainly because she’s so gentle, nipping and sucking your skin just enough to tease you but never leave large bruises. As for receiving, mark her up, pls & ty. She wants to be claimed, ravished by her baby’s lips and teeth. However, just like all the girls, this isn’t possible while she’s working, esp. as her outfits tend to be revealing shout out to their stylist. you’re doing god’s work

Joy: A brat. Even if you tell her not to, she will leave at least one giant hickey in her wake. “It’s a sign that you’re mine!” she’ll cackle, even though she did it mostly to annoy you. She loves being marked also. Of course, she can’t be because of her job. But if her outfits don’t reveal much skin then you’re free to mark the rest of her ;)

Yeri: She’s shy about giving you a hickey. She’s still figuring out how exactly to suck on your skin in a gentle not harsh way so any marks she leaves are accidental. She prefers not leaving any tbh as seeing them makes her feel shy. The same goes for receiving. Having the marks feels embarrassing but being caught would be even worse.

Butt Grabbing:

Irene: Our infamous butt grabber loves to squeeze and slap your backside. Her hands love to be on your butt, in public and in private. And feel free to return the favour. She loves her butt being grabbed, squeezed and played with. Leave hickeys too if you want. The Butt is sacred in your relationship.

Wendy: Usually only smacks your butt playfully, to scare you when you’re distracted or to say hello. And as for receiving, she doesn’t mind. Irene has made her immune to the feeling so sometimes she may not even notice if you smack her butt in passing.

Seulgi: Like Wendy, her butt smacks are playful. Or if she’s proud of you, like a “Good job!” butt pat. Will giggle or squeal if you grab her butt in public but in private she’s more playful, sometimes chasing you down with a towel for a whip as ‘revenge’ lol.

Joy: Her butt grabbing is playful in public but in private, it’s her way of showing she wants “adult time.” Her eyes turn coy as she slips her hand into your back pocket. “Jagi, do you want to go to bed?” When receiving, her reaction depends on your motive. A playful butt grab results in a playful slap from her. But if it’s in a sexual way then play time is over, this is an adults only zone >:D

Yeri: Her unnies tease her with butt grabs so when you join in, she’s like “Ugh, not you too!” But your grabs don’t really bother her, she knows you’re only joking. If you try to initiate something from it though, not just smack her jokingly, she’ll blush and push your hand away. “D - Don’t be dirty!” This is new territory for her so maybe just stick to playful smacks for now??

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The Senate Intelligence Committee wants to question Jared Kushner over Russian ties.

There’s a pattern developing in the Trump administration.  First, someone is accused of having shady contact with Russian banks, officials, or hackers.  They deny it.  The White House denies it.  The truth finally comes out.  Then the White House downplays that person’s role in the campaign.


Michael Flynn was Trump’s national security adviser.  Sean Spicer has now tried to characterize him as a “volunteer of the campaign.”

Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, now only played a “limited role” in the campaign.

Carter Page was Trump’s foreign policy adviser but according to Sean Spicer, Trump “does not know” him.

According to Jason Miller, Trump’s transition team communications director, when he heard JD Gordon’s name in connection with Russia, he had to “look the guy up on Wikipedia” even though Gordon was Trump’s national security adviser at one point.

And Roger Stone, one of the people who has been Trump’s friend and pushing the idea of Trump as President for three decades, is now said to have “ended his role in the campaign in 2015.”

Now Jared Kushner is going to be questioned by the Senate Intelligence Committee so I guess he’ll go from “son-in-law and policy adviser” to “wait, when did Ivanka get married?”

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