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Welcome to my first Blog of the Season - Autumn Edition! ♥


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Welcome to the wendigo network!

◢ r u l e s ◣

◢ r e q u i r e m e n t s  ◣

  • a friendly blogger
  • hella posts
  • a clean theme
  • a fab url
  • a tagging system of some sort is a++
  • multifandom is okay but spn has to be a main one!!!
  • love classic spn and its creatures

◢ o n c e  a c c e p t e d  ◣

  • +follow from me uwu
  • It would be awesome if you followed most or all of the people on the network
  • you get a spot on the network page
  • track the tag wendigonet
  • add a link to the network page on your blog!
  • submit an icon, your name, email, and description for the network page and chat!!!

◢ o t h e r  ◣

  • the first 10-15 members will be chosen when this gets enough notes!
  • I’ll be adding a few people here and there until i feel like the network is full!
  • please ask if you have any questions!
That's it, cuties! Good luck!!!


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my last botm went really well so let’s hope this one does too also this is my birthday month yay

  • mbf this assbutt 
  • only reblogs will count 
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winner will recieve:

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runners-up will receive:

  • +follow from me
  • group graphic promo when announced
  • spot on my updates tab for the month
  • 3 promos throughout august when asked 
  • my undying loveeeeee (。♥‿♥。)

ok that’s it. ask me if you have any questions, i swear im really cool (☞゚∀゚)☞

I apologize for the copies of this post, but I want to reach as many people as possible!

Okay guys I need your help! I want to start a fanfiction I am planning for some time now and therefore I need your support.

Send me Song titles or Lyrics that remind you of special situations or emotions.
(If someone betrays you and you listen to a song and you can totally feel that situation/emotion in it, you know?)
[Idc about the genre just the lyrics/melody has to fit the situation!]

I hope I explained my request good enought, if not: Shoot me a message! ♥

Love, Sin ♥ :]

PS: Everyone who sends me a song + the fitting situation will get a promo later ♥

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