A remake of the original 2002 Red Dragon trailer using clips from NBC’s Hannibal (a.k.a. it’s a lot gayer)


Some summary required


Poor Miriam Lass is finally free.


Jack asks her to identify her captor. She says Hannibal is not the Ripper.

Jack is disappointed.

This man is never satisfied.


The puppy is also free. Finally.

Jack has no shame left in him, he goes to Will offering him a ride.  

Jack doesn’t give a fuck that Will just got out of prison, he takes him to work like nothing happened.


After that, Will returns to his dogs. Alana was taking care of them.

Will goes to Hannibal to say Hi

Chilton freaks out. He starts to suspect that after Gideon, he is the next.

He is not wrong.

Chilton leaves his house and goes to Will’s because… You know, everyone is Will’s friend again, all forgotten. Let’s go to Will asking for help after we treated him like shit.

Jack arrests Chilton and for now he is the Ripper. Someone should be. Will is not, Gideon is dead…

Just as long as you don’t accuse Hannibal.


Miriam confirms Chilton is the Ripper when she shoots him.

Rage against Chilton number two.

First the guts, then a bullet in the face…

But there’s good news at the end of this episode.

Will decides to resume his therapy.

Like this:


Hannibal is a happy cannibal.

ok so will has a piano in his house. does he play piano? where did he get the piano? either he bought the piano himself or he brought it up from louisiana both indicating at some point he wanted to have a piano possibly indicating that he plays piano. it seemed out of tune when hannibal played it but also, the cover wasn’t on and there was sheet music on the stand indicating it was played it recently???? also hannibal didn’t rub dust off his fingers (which he would totally do if it was dusty) and lack of dust points to frequent use. 

what’s will’s skill level? it would be really nice to have some sort of cute domestic christmas duet, or like will playing one of hannibal’s structureless compositions and being like “this sucks.” Obviously Will isn’t as proficient as hannibal, but he just likes to play for fun/relaxation and of course hannibal loves to listen, even if there are more than a few sour notes!!


Well, during the weekend we were on a con which we spent mostly with @frenchrebellion, @phd-in-adorable, @first-disorder (pozdrów mamę szipującą hannigrama), @amazingnessin and @kvkenn​ ♥
Thank u all, it was great! (though we brought only casual instant cosps for this one)

So… as the con was a christmas event and tomorrow is Santa Claus day in our country, have some Santa doctor Lecter and a very hateful doggo Will.