Mythics - Prelude

Will is a hunter of mythical creatures, employed to bring mythics who fail to adhere to the new laws and order of society in to justice. When a falsified contract leads him to Hannibal’s doorstep, however, things become rather complicated. But honestly, when it’s a world of demons and monsters and magic, when are things not complicated?

Artwork is done by me and this wonderful fic is written by @bokuno-jinsei .This is our submission for the @nbchannibalbigbang 

(I can’t explain how much fun this was :D )

Fic Recs Mega Post

So, I know everybody’s busy trying to keep up with the tsunami of awesome that is the 2016 Hannibal Big Bang, but this list was getting hella long so, screw it, you all know how to bookmark, right? As usual, these are longer, complete works (I’m still trying to figure out a system for shorter works that wouldn’t be too time consuming), and they’re listed in the order they were read. Hope you enjoy :)

Widow’s Walk by hesterbryde ( @littlethingwithfeathers ) finds Will recuperating in hospital after the fall, bereft of Hannibal, whom the authorities believe dead. Grief-stricken and lost, Will soon finds himself drawn back into working for Jack on a new series of murders, trying to understand the slippery meaning behind them. This is a smartly written and compelling case fic, with Will haunted both by this new killer and the ever-unsettling yet longed-for spectre of Hannibal. The character work is sharp (Will’s reactions to Jack are particularly delightful) and the case is well-crafted and pleasingly gruesome.

Crossing Caina by feverdreambloodopera ( @bonearenaofmyskull ). After the fall, after they’re reasonably healed, Will and Hannibal are alone together on a little boat, with a lot of tension and too much time to think. This is a beautifully crafted story, with an incredible amount of care put into the details of life on a boat and the dangers that entails. It’s also very moving, with an angry, resentful and heartsick Will butting up against a yearning but increasingly frustrated Hannibal in all sorts of fascinating ways. Cleverly paced and plotted, this has a nicely underplayed sense of drama, both internal and external, with enough suspense to ensure that I had to read it in one sitting :)

There’s no shortage of post-fall takes on the SotL storyline, but Child of Wolf by eonism ( @magenmagenmagen ) is a particularly fine example. A follow-up to Pioneer to the Falls, this finds the murder husbands back in the BSHCI, back under the dubious care of Fred Chilton and mysteriously missing the third part of their little family. A year into their incarceration, Jack Crawford (who, for reasons he won’t disclose, refuses to visit his former colleagues, despite their repeated requests) sends Clarice Starling to try to persuade Will Graham to give him any information he can about a new serial killer named Buffalo Bill. From there, Starling works to keep any more girls from being killed while all around her, games of manipulation and deceit – from prisoners and lawmen alike – are threatening to overwhelm the case. This is a thrilling adaptation of SotL, pulsing with excitement and emotion and with particularly fine versions of both Clarice and Will. It divides sympathies remarkably well, delving into the various shades of grey the characters deal in with insight and thoughtfulness.

And on we go with the post-fall shenanigans, this time in MissDisoriental’s (no tumblr account, I think) The Shape of Me Will Always Be You. This takes on the challenge of not only sustaining a first-person narrative over almost 280,000 words, but doing it in the notoriously sassy, salty and slippery POV of Will Graham. And the result is a triumph, capturing Will’s introspection and indecision whilst also turning his sass to maximum (drunk!Will makes several appearances and is a delight in every one). Moreover, the plot itself is complex and highly crafted, with several seemingly disparate plot strands woven together in unexpected ways and numerous terrifying foes, both old and new, for our boys to face. The focus, however, is truly on Will and his relationship with Hannibal – what they are to each other, what they want from each other, and whether their relationship is sustainable – with a pulsating, electrifying chemistry in their scenes that lights up this fic, and my little shipper heart :)

Breaking my extended post-fall fic run, next up is Don’t Lose Your Head (Because The Devil’s In The Details) by TheSilverQueen ( @thesilverqueenlady ). This is a completely charming and delightful AU, in which Will is the devil incarnate, summoned one fateful day by the raw power and rage of a young boy named Hannibal Lecter, who wants nothing more than revenge on those who have wronged him. Impressed and intrigued by the boy’s potential, Will makes him a deal: the means to exact that revenge, in exchange for his immortal soul. However, the consequences of their agreement are much more far-reaching and profound than either being expects, as Will circles Hannibal’s soul, while Hannibal does his best to gain the upper hand. Written with an appealing lightness of touch and a sort of blackly twisted playfulness between the leads, this is a ridiculously fun read.

One of my favourite things about the Hannigram ship is the friendship that underpins it, the connection between two lonely weirdos who might be the only people in the world capable of understanding each other. It’s this aspect of their relationship that’s explored in Our Stars are the Same by beforethedawn and Destinyawakened ( @constructfairytales ), an AU in which Will and Hannibal meet as children and instantly become inseparable best friends. Until, of course, fate and circumstance conspire to rip them apart, leaving tragedy, pain and burgeoning yet unresolved feelings in their wake. There’s something of a golden nostalgia to this fic, the depth and immediacy of Will and Hannibal’s connection bathed in a warm and idyllic vision of their childhood (bullies notwithstanding). Which, of course, makes the inevitable obstacles to their continued togetherness all the more heart-wrenchingly compelling. I’m on record as not always being a fan of kid and teen AUs but this is so wonderful, it never even occurred to me to object and I’m immensely excited for the next instalment!

*echoey voice* Spacedogs in Spaaaaaace. Ahem. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Yes, Magical_Destiny’s ( @magicaldestiny ) Star Wars crossover The Speed of Light puts Spacedogs amongst Adam’s beloved stars. Well, first of all it lands a none-too-pleased Nigel on Tatooine, grounded without a ship or any prospects, until a blue-eyed young man from Alderaan mentions he has need of a pilot to get him back home. Except their plans change, because we all know what happens to Alderaan, and Adam and Nigel suddenly become far more important to each other than either could possibly have expected. This is a gloriously entertaining romp, edged with sadness, and Adam and Nigel fit seamlessly into the Star Wars ‘verse in their roles as pure yet badass youth and roguish, secretly soulful pilot.

I think one of the universal experiences of being a Fannibal, we can all agree, is that of screaming “JUST USE YOUR WORDS YOU EMOTIONAL MORONS!” at our beloved murder husbands. So, being a generous, kind-hearted type, damnslippyplanet ( @damnslippyplanet ) has done us all a favour by helping the boys to do just that, in A Gentler Ending, a fix-it fic in which Will decides not to let Hannibal just walk out his door in Digestivo. Instead, they discuss their relationship, like adults (kinda), and Will finds himself making some life-altering decisions. As with all of Slippy’s writing, this is insightful and moving, playing on an idealistic “what if” without losing sight of the reality of what this alternative decision would mean for both Will and Hannibal. It’s immensely satisfying writing, from one of the best in this (or any) fandom.

Amongst the many, many, many theories that have been put forth about exactly what was going on in Will Graham’s head when he pulled Hannibal and himself off that damn cliff, it has been suggested that maybe, just maybe, our seemingly indecisive little murder muffin actually planned the whole thing. It’s this possibility that’s explored in Wounds We Leave in the Sea by Melusine10 ( @katamaran10 ), in which Hannibal wakes, injured and completely confused (not to mention more than a little impressed) by the fact that Will seems to have prepared their miraculous survival in advance. Not to mention that, to Hannibal’s delight, he seems to have finally figured out that certain feelings are entirely reciprocal between them. There’s just the irritating manner of some major injuries to be dealt with before they can really get down to business. By turns delicate, amusing and utterly adorable, this features some seriously high-quality character work, with genuine insight into both these emotional idiots as they do the hard work of figuring out how they fit together, now that there’s no question that they want to.

The hook for the amazing Blood Bond by HotMolasses ( @evenunevenme ) is that Will doesn’t discover he’s an alpha until the fight with the Red Dragon (despite omega!Hannibal’s myriad attempts to awaken his true nature). Which, of course, results in a brutal and passionate declaration of love between our murder hubbies, culminating in Jack discovering them in a seriously compromised position when he arrives at the cliff house ;) From there, this fantastically entertaining fic follows Will and Hannibal as they work to ensure that they will never be separated again, becoming ever more deeply conjoined and ever more gleefully wicked. Thee are many amazing things about this story: one of my favourite dark!Wills ever, full of salt, sass and cunning; some ridiculously hot Hannigram scenes; Will and Hannibal actually getting to live together in the big Baltimore house (this makes me so happy); some highly satisfying revenge… But best of all, it features an astonishing depiction of what the process of forging a psychological mating bond might feel like to these incredibly complex, intense men. The chapters dedicated to this are some of the best omegaverse writing I’ve had the pleasure to read – please don’t miss out on them!

Rare Pairs are one of my favourite Fannibal phenomena (try saying that while drunk!) and it’s rare I find one that doesn’t work for me (and honestly, that’s usually because I’m incapable of shipping Will and Hannibal with anyone except Will and Hannibal). That said, some of them affect me more than others (Basic Chickens, CharJo and LuChiffre amongst them). To which list I must now add the Mustache Husbands, aka Igor Stravinsky and Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett, as beautifully paired in VictoriaSkyeMarsters’ ( @artbyvictoriaskye ) incredible fic Wonderstruck. Gorgeously literary and searingly emotional, this finds Ellis, post-Gallipoli, hiding his PTSD behind too much alcohol and unable to sleep, until by chance he meets rising but controversial composer Igor and becomes hopelessly infatuated by the man whose music finally eases his nightmares. Their connection is profound and undeniable on both sides, but strained by its illicit and taboo nature, with neither man entirely sure how to live with their feelings, but unable to conscience giving them up. After reading this and being utterly mesmerised, I had to go back and read it a second time, pretty much instantly. The chemistry between these characters is electric, with a sweet sadness that’s impossible to resist, not to mention that VSM’s writing style is utterly wonderful and totally suited to both the characters and the period. I won’t use this space to shamelessly beg for a sequel (or maybe an omegaverse AU, cos I’m bad that way!) but I will say that if such a thing were to happen, Vic, the speed with which I would be on it would put Usain Bolt to shame!

Hannibal Lecter, as depicted in our beloved tv show, is one of the most complex, multilayered characters ever created. Not_You’s (no tumblr I could find) stunning Five Pieces of You takes place in an AU where the trauma of Hannibal’s past caused these layers to manifest as five distinct personalities. All of whom, in their own distinct ways, love and adore Will Graham. I must admit, when I read the premise for this fic, I expected something dark and perhaps a bit lurid (I mean, one of the personalities goes by “The Cannibal”). Instead, it is a warm, thoughtful and deeply moving examination of a complex and challenging relationship, in which both characters are defined by love and understanding (while still recognisably being Will and Hannibal, quite the feat on the writer’s part). Most importantly, there is never any attempt to suggest that Hannibal needs to be “fixed” or that there’s a “true” version of Hannibal and all the other personalities are some sort of horrible extra appendages. Instead, Hannibal is depicted – and directly acknowledged by Will and other characters – as a whole, legitimate person, and that is both a joy to read and completely in keeping with the tone of the show itself. Not to mention that all of Hannibal’s personalities are wonderful characters in their own right, and should be experienced by as many readers as possible!

When @wrathofthestag first mentioned she was writing a Jack/Chiyoh fic for #eattherare, I must admit my mind was a bit boggled - it’s not a pairing I would ever have imagined, let alone believed I could find appealing. So it’s testament to the ever-amazing wrath’s talent that not only is Between Iron and Silver a beautiful, stylish and compelling piece of writing, it’s also an utterly convincing and deeply moving depiction of this most rare of pairs. Set in Mexico City – which is practically a third character and so gorgeously, lushly described they should hire wrath to write the tourist brochures – this features a chance meeting between two born survivors who have little idea what to do with their continued existence except to continue in it. As their transitory companionship grows and deepens, though, there may be a chance for a brief window of happiness, and to lay some ghosts to rest. This unbearably beautiful fic has not received even a fraction of the attention and kudos it deserves - I’m begging you, go read it, don’t let something so wonderful pass you by.

Ok, I think that’s it for this round. As always, if there are bad links or mistakes, please let me know and I’ll sort them.

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Will surprising Hannibal with a kiss in unexpected moment, leaving Hannibal a bit baffled (just for a second naturally)

“How will you take your life back?”

Will took two calculating steps forward, crowding into Hannibal. His hand was warm where it pressed into the center of Hannibal’s chest. Blood sputtered and pumped beneath skin, penetrating down through Hannibal’s sweater.

“I’d like to resume my therapy.” His words came out a whisper against Hannibal’s lips. He leaned in and pressed the warmth of his kiss to the corner of Hannibal’s mouth.

Will pulled back and took his seat, quiet. Hannibal stood stunned, breathless for a flash of a moment. A smile tugged where Will’s lips had left their tender mark.

Just finish Mr Robot season 1 and 2  , i’m just here sitting down What’s the fuck is going in on in this show …I’m lost but I love that . 

On an other note Tyrelliot is my new hannigram mantra ! 

Murder husband vs Hacker husband 

“ We were suppose to do this together “ 

Tyrell to Elliot 

“Oh and why not to shot you you will have a scar of me on your body “ 

Hackers Husband 

“ We were suppose to leave together, a place was made for all of us “ 

Hannibal to Will 

“  Oh and Why not draw you a smile on your belly Will …. My eternal mark of my love for you … 

Murder Husband 

According my two ship when you love someone you just try to kill him … 

OK I see Ya There … Now I know why i’m single