…and I saw [her] looking at me with [her] slightly slanted eyes, steady, clear, large and deep. I did not realize it then, nor the next day, but I was already [hers] …
                                                         “The Wild Beast”·Cesare Pavese


Original mini cards made for the preorders of the Wendigo comic-books, they are all sold and sent. I have scanned all of them (a hundred. yes. 80 were made for the preorders, 20 for the sale of the remaining stock) but I will spare you, this is only a selection of the most unusual requests. Besides them I drew a TON of Wendigos, Wills and Hannibals. Description list below:

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anonymous asked:

Did you ever finish that one drawing of Hannibal with horns? It kind of looked like a side portrait? I'd love to see the finished product if you did!!

I did! Here’s a link to the tumblr post.

And here some close ups of wendigo!Hannibal and mongoose!Will.

I love stick and poking, plus I’ve been really proud of my work lately. Just a little afraid of showing all of it. Here’s a recent one I did.

Submission from @donepromising (won’t let me properly tag you). I LOVE this piece!  Reminds me very much of the wendigo from the Hannibal Television Series.

Sorry my Roommate and I have been bingeing it lately


“You are alone because you are unique.”

Painting by me!
I just wanted to show the process. I started out sketching my idea down and slowly built the image up with black. I used a combination of graphite pencil, color pencil, watercolor, & ink.
I’m in love with Mads’s subtle facial expressions that really brought so much life to Hannibal, I feel like I was able to capture some of it in this piece.