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Complete Set of Freak Show Cast Promo Images

Elsa Mars, the ringleader

Ethel Darling, the bearded lady

Jimmy Darling, the lobster boy

Wendell Dell Toledo, the strongman

Desiree Dupree, the three breasted woman

Bette and Dot Tattler, the conjoined twins

Stanley, the collector of freaks

Maggie Esmeralda, the fortune teller

Gloria Mott, the fabulous high society

Dandy Mott, the freak at heart

Edward Mordrake, the man with two faces

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Jessica Lange stars as Elsa Mars, a German expat managing one of the last remaining freak shows in the country. Emma Roberts is set as Maggie; Paulson is Bette and Dot Tattler; Bates is Effil Darling; Chiklis is Wendell Del Toredo; Angela Bassett is Desiere Dupree; and Evan Peters is Jimmy Darling. Frances Conroy and Gabourey Sidibe will also return to the cast, which includes newcomers Wes Bentley, Fargo’s John Carroll Lynch as the central villain and The Normal Heart’s Finn Wittrock as well as the world’s smallest living woman, Jyoti Amge. Patti LaBelle will also appear in a four-episode arc, with Matt Bomer set for a guest stint.

“At every freak show, you have the tropes but there’s some [that are] unique and weird,” Murphy told The Hollywood Reporter about season four. “It’s about something: It’s about outcasts and how society at that time … true stories about circus performers who were cast aside. The story in many ways dovetails with Asylum, because they leave one era and you can see many of them in real life were put into Asylums. There’s a great symmetry we’ve come up with that’s rewarding.”