The signs as mysims characters from each interest:
  • Aries: Flipper, Edwin, Star, Shirley, Abigail, Wendalyn
  • Taurus: Pablo, Patrick, Vic Vector, Clara Belle, Samurai Bob, Morcubus
  • Gemini: Ginny, Maria, Liberty, Beebee, Makoto, Mel
  • Cancer: Sandra, Karine, Spencer, Penelope, Yvette, Raven
  • Leo: Chaz, Cedella, Rob, Pinky, Trevor, Blaine
  • Virgo: Amazing Daryl, Jimmy, Alexa, Billy, Eliza, Goth boy
  • Libra: Summer, Iggy, Gertrude, Renée, Rosalyn, Vincent Skullfinder
  • Scorpio: DJ Candy, Sasha, Stephen, Dolly, Elmira, Crystal
  • Sagittarius: Travis, Roxie, Buddy, Hopper, Amelia, Madame Zoe
  • Capricorn: Master Aran, Chef Watanabe, Jenny, Poppy, Matt, Violet
  • Aquarius: Annie Radd, Grandma Ruthie, Dr. F, Jeremy, Luis, Yuki
  • Pisces: Rhonda, Chef Gino, Professor Nova, Nicole, Natalia, Brandi
Hare Foot

Hare’s bounced into Alixon’s greenhouse now and then.
Not that it happen often.
Like bird’s, getting stuck inside with the inability finding the exit out. That was a returning occurrence. 
But hare’s…. Maybe three time’s a week they made the greenhouse into a safe space from foxes and hawks. Near unfaced when a humanoid blue being walked past, and kept feasting on whatever they found.

This burrow… though… Al grazed her lower lip evaluating.
She had found three counting this one and probably there be more. Cocky hares this year. Alixon though, grinned satisfied, stood, turned, going to finally fetch on of her gun’s. Time for the freezer to be full again! and remind these bun buns there harsh bill staying to long~

Later the next week her family members, Pandora, Wendalyn, Maria, and Huugin was gifted with a hare foot. Even Xhuuya, Puck and Harrison got one (in the mail), attached with a piece of raven feather from Alixon’s late ear. (Destroyed into piece’s during her and Xhuuya’s ‘friendly fight’,recycled.)

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Incognito (Myers-Briggs Fanfiction

August 21, xxxx

Outskirts of the Rational District

12:04 a.m.

“Percival, I really think this is a bad idea…”

The squeamish INFP looked around nervously, twiddling with the loose hem of baby-puke-yellow-sweater.  Call him unusual, but he’d really rather be in his cozy bed than standing in this very, very cold nuclear dump in the dead of night.

“Come on Ollie, live a little!”  Percival (ENFP) flashed his signature maniacal grin.  “When’s the last time you did something exciting?!”

“This isn’t exciting, this is suicide!” the other whispered harshly.  “Why are you even dragging me along in the first place?!  Can’t you get some other INFP to help you break the law?!??!!  And all for some ridiculous INTJ girl who doesn’t even know you exist…”  He wrapped his arms around himself in an attempt to self-sooth.  The ENFP had thrown an arm around him, but for some strange reason, it was doing little to help.

“Eh, tomato, tomato; potato, potato.”

“You said that the exact same w—”

Percival (ENFP) slapped a hand over the INFP’s face, annoyed. “No one likes a know-it-all, Oliver. Sheesh, no wonder I’m your only friend.”

Oliver (INFP) slapped the other hand away, indignant. “You are not my only—ahh!” The slap had sent him off balance so that he fell backwards and into the huge pit of…for lack of better term, waste. Thankfully, the INFP was a light-weight, so the sheer mass of garbage stopped Oliver (INFP) from sliding more than a few feel. However, it was far enough to land next to—

“Oh my god, there’s a dead body!”

The ENFP’s eyebrows creased together in a frown. “Oliver, stop messing around! I’m seriously about this, and I’m not letting you screw it up for me!” The only response he received was a timid squeak of panic. Percival skillfully trotted down to where his friend lied, being careful not to step in any suspicious-looking shadows or puddles. He squinted his eyes at the “dead body’. “Dude, that’s just a robot.”

Reaching out his hand, he grabbed the other male by the front of his sweater and hauled him back to his feet. “Stop flipping out over nothing,” Percival (ENFP) rolled his eyes.

The other sniffed. “My sweater…it’s ruined…My nana knit this for me on the day she died!”

Percival patted the other’s shoulders in comfort. Well, at least he knew why the introvert wore something so ugly so often. “That’s rough, buddy.” He started to feel guilty once tears pricked the corner of Oliver’s (INFP) eyes.

“It’s alright,” Oliver (INFP) sighed, “At least my little sister will stop making fun of me now…” Yeah… for some strange reason, Percival didn’t think that was going to happen anytime soon.

The sound of an engine resonated behind them. The extrovert put a figure to his mouth to silence the other and crouched down low as to not be seen. Oliver (INFP) got the message and was more than happy to try to stay out of sight.

Once the dump truck was close enough, Percival (ENFP) sprang into action. Grabbing the INFP, he maneuvered themselves to be under the fall of trash being dumped. (Most of it was just failed experiments). That way, when the robots checked to make sure all the waste was securely in the pit, they wouldn’t spot the two trespassing idealists.

Putting his black gloves on (for camouflage purposes), he grabbed onto the rim of the truck. (At this point in time, he was engulfed in a sea of broken computer parts and neutralized chemicals; the un-neutralized chemicals went to the toxic waste dump instead). The drones/robots came out to make sure everything was good-to-go, then went back inside the truck.

Before they could close the back end, Percival (ENFP) heaved himself up and into the back of the truck, dragging his friend behind him.

The two gasped for relief. They could sit back and relax for a couple hours before they arrived at the Rational’s Institution.

“You positive they can’t see or hear us back here?” Oliver (INFP) asked with a worried tone.

“Yup!” The ENFP beamed. “This is the only blind spot. Makes sense though because who would hide in garbage anyway?”

January 16 xxxx

Rational Institution Teacher’s Lounge

5:13 p.m.

“That’s plain ridiculous, Mark.” Marty (ENTP) shook his head at Mark (INTP). “I know you’re paranoid, but this is going too far. We do not need surveillance cameras in the back of our dump truck.”

Mark’s (INTP) face took on a quiet, disturbed look. “I don’t know, Marty,” he mumbled, “I have a feeling about this. I think…I fear that someone in about seven months from now, you know the start of the new school year, will try to use our trash system as a means to sneak into the Academy. They robots don’t see everything all the time.”

The ENTJ looked at the INTP incredulously. “Mark, we’ve talked about this. When you get too paranoid about something, just go to your happy place.”

“I’m not—”



“Shut up now.”


August 22, xxxx

Rational Institution, South Dorm Hall, Room 12

7:58 a.m.

“I can’t believe we’re actually doing this…” Oliver (INFP) looked over his reflection in the mirror.  He was wearing the classic deep blue uniform of the Rational Academy  (Why have uniforms? Because it’s so much easier than having to pick out your own clothes every day.).  He had purposely not attended to his hair to aid his appearance as an “INTP”.  He was even wearing a fake silver wristband of identification that stated his name was “Quintus Pickle” and his personality type was an “INTP”.

“Really, Perce?” he drawled.  “Quintus Pickle? You couldn’t have thought of anything, oh, I don’t know more unbelievable?!”

The other rolled his eyes, attempting to make his hair stand on end to resemble that of an ENTP’s. “Quit your yappin’, Quinty; I don’t want an ear infection the first day.  Besides,” he slapped his uniform to wrinkle it and make it appear untidy, “there are plenty of people with the name Quintus Pickle!”

“Like who?”

The ENFP shot him a mega-watt smile. “Quintus Pickle, that’s who! Say, Quinty, I think you should practice your monotone.  You know, sound more INTP-esque, m’kay?”

Oliver (INFP) made a sound of frustration, throwing his hands in the air.  “My god, you’re so entirely unbelievable, sometimes that I wonder why anyone can even stand your presence!  If we get caught, we’ll get expelled from the Idealist Institution, and you know what that means?  We’ll have to go to a co-ed institution in a Co-Ed District filled with all the other expelled ne’er-do-wells!  And that means we can’t go to college, and my whole future will be ruined because of you!”

The smile dropped off of Percival’s face as he best friend stood all riled up in front of him.  Oliver seemed to realize how cruel his words for, for his expression quickly morphed into one of empathy.  He opened his mouth to speak, but Percival beat him to it: “Don’t you think I know that?  Look, I know you think I’m being stupid, but I can’t shake this feeling that this girl – this INTJ – is my future.  It’s pretty thoughtless of me just to follow my heart like that, but I was never that good at thinking anyway.  It means the world to me that you came along with me and are risking you dreams for this.  Without you, this wouldn’t even be possible.  And don’t worry; I’ll be dead before I let it come to that.”

The INFP’s shoulders slumped.  “That’s what best-buds are for.  I just hope we both know what we’re doing.”

Percival (ENFP) slapped Oliver (INFP) on the back hard enough to make the second stumbled forward. “I’ve got it all under control!  Or rather, my INTP brother has it all under control!  The little hacking-genius altered our files and added us to the Rational School’s database.  There’s so many students here anyway, I doubt they’ll even suspect a thing!”

August 22, xxxx

Rationals Institution, Science Building, Room 304

11:54 a.m.

“Soooooo, Wendalyn, was it? Can I call you Wen?”

The INTJ looked up to the ENTP who she was unfortunate enough to be assigned lab partners with.  So far she had only known him for less than five minutes, and already she knew he was an insufferable idiot.  Why do you hate me, universe? She released a sigh through her nose.  “No, you may not call me ‘Wen’.”  There are so many intelligent people at this Institution, yet I always get stuck with the fools.

“Great!” he smiled and clapped his hands together.  “So Wendy it is!”  She would’ve corrected him again, but figured it wasn’t worth the wasted breath, for she had a feeling that he would persist calling her whatever he damn-well-pleased.  “My names’ Bruce Kent!”

It was going to be a looooong period.

October 15, xxxx

Rationals Institution, Lunch Grounds

12:54 p.m.

“There she is.” Percival (ENFP) smiled dreamily at Wendalyn (INTJ) sitting quietly across the grass lawn with two other friends.  The feeler always seemed to have a smile on his face, but lately, that smile looked more him look more like a love-sick-puppy rather than his default adrenaline-junkie look. (He was very close to being an S).  “Isn’t she so striking???” He sighed and slumped against the pole to his right.

The INFP to his right signed tiredly. “In a ‘don’t talk to me unless you want to die’ way, then yes, she does.”  Unlike Percival (ENFP), Oliver was fitting into the role of “Quintus Pickle, INTP” quite nicely.  All he had to do was act even more introverted and everyone bought it.

Ignoring his friend’s comment Percival said, “I’m going to go sit by her!” and bounded off towards the poor girl.

Oliver (INFP) reluctantly followed suit.

After a few weeks of perusing the object of his affections, Percival (ENFP) still had yet to make any progress with the INTJ.  Of course, Oliver (INFP) knew it was unlikely to make any progress with an INTJ, but he was anxious for her to start showing some positive response because, frankly, he wanted to be done with the whole excursion.

Wendy!” Percival shouted, coming to a stop before the irritated looking girl. “Thanks for saving me a seat!”

“I didn’t,” she deadpanned.

Her other two friends, another INTJ and an ENTJ regarded the pair with curiosity.  While the ENFP (or, as they thought, ENTP) annoyed them, it was too entertaining to watch him rile their friend up for them to mind his presence.

He ignored her, opting to sit right beside her than to make a retort.  “Hey, have you met my friend, Quintus?”

Oliver (INFP) walked up behind Percival (ENFP), sitting beside him.  He timidly waved hello, but offered no verbal response.

“Quintus, Wendy, Wendy, Quintus,” he said, gesturing in-between the two.

“It’s Wendalyn, not Wendy.”  She rolled her eyes, aggravated.

Percival (ENFP) pouted and slumped, giving her big, puppy eyes.  “But your friends call you Wendy…”

“You are not my friend, just a weird ENTP who likes to follow me around for reasons beyond my comprehension.”  Wendalyn (INTJ) took a bite of her apple, dismissing the other.

Oliver’s (INFP) eyes narrowed at the girl.  Was she… bantering with Percival?! Was she actually warming up to his presence and did she, perhaps, even begin to like him?  Oliver (INFP) refrained from jumping with joy.  That would be exceedingly weird behavior, especially for an “INTP”.

“Is there a reason that you are intently starring at my face?”

Oliver (INFP) blinked and realized that Wendalyn (INTJ) had caught him staring.  He racked his brain, trying to think of what an INTP would do. Sluggishly, he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and blinked once more.

“Aw, don’t worry,” Percival (ENFP), patted her on the shoulder with a smile.  “I’m not the jealous type!”

The smallest of blushes surfaced on her cheeks, yet even still, her expression gave away nothing.  “What do you mean by that?!”  She slapped his hand away.

Unfazed, the ENFP continued grinning and even let loose a small giggle.  “Whatever you want it to mean.”

While they continued to bicker, Oliver (INFP) starred, stunned by what he was witnessing.  If there was anything he was certain about, it was his ability to tell when someone had a crush.  And that INTJ definitely had a crush on his best friend.

Maybe things weren’t so bleak after all.

                                                                                      October 22, xxxx

Rational’s Institution, Math Building, Room 214

3:45 p.m.

“They’re onto us, Perce! We have to leave now.”  Oliver (INFP) was upset, but mainly frightened.  An hour ago before the school session was out, an announcement sounded on the intercom which stated that there were two unidentified students who weren’t rationals had somehow snuck onto school premises and were attending classes as regular students.  It said to alert a teacher immediately to report suspicious behavior.

How a higher-up had discovered the extra count in students, Percival (ENFP) had no idea.  His little brother was a prodigy when it came to technology; he made sure that his hacking was fool-proof!  “I know, I know, but I need just a little more time!  Give me… a week!  After a week, I’ll ask her out.  I swear.

“That’s just dandy, but we don’t have a week,” Oliver (INFP) persisted.  “Co-ed institution, remember?!  Now contact your brother and tell him to re-secure us in the Idealist Institution database!”

“No need.”

The two feelers shrieked like, well, like feelers.  Percival (ENFP) jumped back so that he fell on top of one of the desks while Oliver (INFP) simply clutched his heart and gasped for breath.  

“Mr. G-Goodfellow,” Percival stuttered out, for once not smiling.  “What’re you doing here?”

Mr. Goodfellow (INTP) tilted his head with an odd expression on his face. Looking around the room he said. “This is my classroom.”  He strode over towards the two, casually sliding his hands into his pockets.  “Would you two mind accompanying me to the Headmaster’s office?”

Percival (ENFP) said “Yes,” the same time Oliver (INFP) said, “No.” Oliver (INFP) glared at his companion, harshly elbowing him in the stomach. “I mean no,” Percival (ENFP) wheezed, “Of course we don’t mind going with you to the Headmaster’s office…”

Mr. Goodfellow’s (INTP) eyebrows drew together.  “Why would you go with me to the Headmaster’s office?” He looked genuinely confused.

Without thinking Oliver (INFP) blurted, “Because you asked us to.”  Percival (ENFP) face palmed in frustration; the goody-two-shoes INFP had given away their perfect escape-plan opportunity. Mr. Goodfellow was notorious for his short-term memory issues, so it’s not like he would have remembered or anything.

He stroked his chin in thought. “Hm…” the young teacher murmured, “I wonder why I did that…” Shrugging it off, he motioned for the other two to fallow him, and began leading the way to the Headmaster’s office.

October 22, xxxx

Rationals Institution, Headmaster’s Office

4:20 p.m.

“Let me get this straight,” Mr. Alivio (ENTJ), the Headmaster, massaged his temples in frustration.  “You two Idealists managed to sneak in threw our trash system, hack into our system giving yourselves fake I.D.s, a room, and on our roster, without anyone knowing?”

“That, uh, sounds about right,” Percival (ENFP) nervously rubbed the back of his neck while Oliver (INFP) simply stared at the ground, expression filled with shame.

Mr. Alivio (ENTJ) looked incredulous.  “And you hacked into our systems? By yourself?”


“No.”  The three heads shot towards Mr. Goodfellow (INTP); it was his first time speaking since he entered the room.  He seemed to find the ceiling very interesting.  “They said something about his younger brother ‘re-securing [them] into the Idealists’ institution database’ before I walked in.”

Apparently, Mr. Goodfellow (INTP) didn’t forget everything…

The ENFP sighed in defeat.  “Yeah…my little brother goes here.  B-but he’s only fourteen, please don’t be too harsh on him!  He was only trying to help his big brother out, you know?”

Mr. Alivio nodded towards his co-worker.  “Thank you, Mark.”  Turning back to face the two adolescents he said, “Look, technically I should report you two to the police.  What you two did broke multiple laws, including fraud and hacking. However,” the two boys were holding their breaths, “this just begs the question: why did you two do it?”

Percival (ENFP) opened his mouth, but the nervous INFP beat him to it and blurted, “Percival wanted to hook up with an INTJ girl.” He slapped a hand over his own mouth, horrified that he’d spoken that aloud.

The two rationals shared a look. “…Did it work?” asked Mr. Goodfellow (INTP). He appeared truly intrigued.

Mr. Alivio (ENTJ) shot his companion an exasperated look. “Mark, don’t encourage him…”

“What?  I was merely curious.”

“Almost…” Percival (ENFP) sighed and slumped in his seat. “Now it’s all ruined…”

Mr. Alivio (ENTJ) swiftly stood and strode across the room to open the door.  It was clear that his talk was done with the two feelers.  “Pack whatever things you have; you’ll be on the first train to the Idealist Institution tomorrow morning.”

Oliver (INFP) stiffened, almost afraid to even hope.  “You mean…we’re not going to be put into a Co-Ed institution?”

“PLEASE DON’T EXPELL MY BABY BRO!”  Percival (ENFP) looked almost like he was crying.

Sighing, Mr. Alivio (ENTJ) rubbed the bridge of his nose.  “You two will be expelled from this institution, but I have no power on what the Idealist Institution will do with you, and frankly, I just want to wash my hands of this mess.  Most likely, you’ll be let off with a warning.  Rest assured, Mr. Cornwall, we won’t expel your brother – but he’s not exactly what you’d call ‘off the hook’, either.  I will have a personal talk with him.”

The two nodded and quickly scurried out of the room, not wanting to tempt their good fortune.

Once Mr. Alivio (ENTJ) shut the door after the two boys, he turned to find his companion giving him a rare smug smile.  “Don’t you dare,” Mr. Alivio (ENTJ) shot him a glare.

Mr. Goodfellow (INTP) simply shrugged.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” For once, he was lying about that.

October 22, xxxx

Rationals Instutiton, North Dorm Hall, Room 17

5:02 p.m.

Percival (ENFP) knocked on Wendalyn’s (INTJ) door, knowing it would be the last chance to do so.  Sure, he was breaking a major rule, but he’d already broken a few anyhow and he’d be very upset if he never fulfilled the whole reason he came to the Rational’s institution in the first place.

As soon as she opened the door, he became inflicted with diarrhea of the mouth.  “It was a couple years ago,” he started, “When I first saw you. And…I just knew it, right then and there. I would see you every so often on the train, but for some reason, I never had the chance to talk to you. Every time would finally work up the nerve, you’d get off the train, or someone would call you over, or something.”  After that, he explained everything that’d happened the past month.

The whole time she listened, expression unchanging.  When he finally finished she said, “So you are a stalker.”

His eyes widened with panic, and he waved his hands profusely.  “No!  No, I’m not a stalker, never have and never will be!”

Wendalyn (INTJ) did something that was bizarre.  She threw her head back and laughed at him.  At the other’s puzzled expression she explained, “Brue—er, Percival, I knew you weren’t an ENTP.”

He frowned. “…You did?”

“Well, you didn’t exactly hide the fact that you’re a feeler very well, and a strong one at that.”

“Then why didn’t you tell anyone?”

She looked at him with a more familiar expression; exasperation.  “What evidence would I have given, hm?  Plus, I was waiting to see how it would all play out, or if you would tell me.”  Was it his imagination, or did he see a faint blush penetrating her skin?

He spread out his arms playful with a smile on his face.  “Here I am!”

She looked uncomfortable. “Yes…there you are.” A silence followed, but it wasn’t exactly awkward. “So…Percival?” she quipped. Smiling deviously, she asked, “Can I call you ‘Perce’?”

It was an attempt to irritate him by recreating their first conversation.  It only made him smile wider.  “Sure! I don’t mind.”

Her eyebrow twitched.  “I’ll call you Percy, then.”

“Huh,” he tapped his lips thoughtfully, “I haven’t been called that since primary school.”

She slipped something in his hand  “I’ll see you around then, Percy.”  Then she shut the door.

Looking down at the small scrap of paper, he saw a phone number written down.  His heart fluttered.

Competition by the muscle

“This was fun, we should do this again.” Alixon said tickled to Wendalyn and Metroman all ‘sitting’ on the city’s fotball arena out on energy apart from her, tho even them should be after flying around the planet 100 times trying set a new record and funny thing was non had won~ 1 minute apperently impossible with so many rounds.
“Why…” Metroman exhaled were he laid in the grass gasping. “Did I do this again..?”
“Who cares!!-” Wendalyn wheezed irritated. “Save your breath to next round weakling, Im gonna win this shit!!-” she huff and fall to the ground again in Alixon’s enjoyment the one to push on the competition.
After muscleman asked if he should use his sight to check so her babies was allright in the tummy Alixon throught it be a bad day but clearly not, heros was funny now and then, and see, she had meet up with Wendalyn to! Now the sol worry was if she be late for her second lunch at home.