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Descendants 2 Uma theory

So my little sisters are really excited for descendants and– not gonna lie– I am too. And they’ve been watching all sorts of behind the scenes videos, and they’ve been watching and rewatching. And my Angie loves reading so she got one of the descendants books that involves Uma…
I didn’t read it all, but I have been watching everything else and I read the first like ¼ of it.
During our dinner today, I had an epiphany and I think I understand Uma’s motives.
She works at her mother’s place: Ursula’s Fish and Chips.
She was best friends with Mal.
These two girls ruuuuuled the isle of the lost, and got away with quite a lot. Mostly because of Mal’s mom’s influence.
Here’s the thing. Uma got away with stuff by association. Her mom scared people, but nothing like the way Malificent did. Malificent ran that joint! And her daughter was the obvious next in charge, or at least the leader when it came to the next gen.
They took pride in their wickedness and evil because that was all they had. Their parents raised them to be horrid, and to hate the people who trapped them there. Ursula would already have a head start at that since she was already banished prior to the isle being established, so she’d have even more resentment to instill in her daughter.
Mal left and had the chance to free everyone, and help everyone on the isle. Instead she turned good. She went to school. She got fed. She was on tv. She was a freaking princess in everything except birth! Because she got the prince.
She got the prince.
She got the prince…
Who does that? Who gets their happily ever after? Certainly not the villains. And especially not their kids. So why did Mal and co get to live happily ever after?
Why did she leave Uma, her best friend (‘right?’), behind?
This has to all be brewing inside of Uma all this time between D1 and the beginning of D2. So of course she’s going to be constantly rambling about her revenge.
It’s not just about her mom and making her mom proud. A V-kid went against her own, and left them all behind to rot. Even if it’s true or not, that’s how the kids are probably thinking about it. That’s definitely how their parents are gonna be spinning it. The only one really actually trying to do anything about it is Evie! Mal is too busy being pampered and stressed for this upcoming catilian.
So yeah, Uma’s already gonna have some rage going.
And for those who really analyze the commercials, look at the way Uma looks at Mal when she just bursts in like her mom, with her mom’s catchphrase sing-songy “I’m baa~ack!”
She’s surprised, lost, and pissed. It’s not the kind of pissed that makes you go damn! This chick is gonna kill me! I need to run. It’s a quite anger.
It’s the anger that straight faces her “this bitch..”
It’s the anger that goes “no she didn’t.”
It’s the anger that questions, “did she really just try to be her mom? Because I KNOW she does not think she can come waltzing back, and expect respect and warm welcomes”
Uma works the tavern. She serves people. She listens to them. And they probably talk down to her all the time, amongst other stuff too probably.
She’s not some cushy princess who gets fancy dresses and goes out to parties looking like a million bucks. She’s not some intimidating force who goes around dancing and singing and stealing candy from little kids because she can.
She’s Uma, daughter of Ursula. Barmaid, girl, wench. Her costume design was literally to look like something from the bottom of the ocean, so she’s not supposed to even look fancy or fierce. She’s meant to look like a shipwreck or simply unappeasing.
She hustles honey. She’s gotta.
So going into the movie, I can see why she makes such a big deal about when SHE takes over, when SHE rules, when SHE gets her revenge.
Plus, I can see why she makes a bigger point of seemingly connecting to people more with her hair rubs, and the dynamics with her (maybe Hook’s) crew.