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“The Toilet Paper of Yevon" — as I once had Auron snidely dismiss it in a fanfic — screencaps from dansg08’s playthrough.

I’ve been editing my notes on the initial Kinoc-encounter in my FFX liveblog (is it live if I expand it after jotting down raw impressions? Oops!), and I find myself nattering on too much about maester outfits. So, a separate post.

What is the uniform for the maesters? Do the differences between their outfits signify official uniforms specific to each of their offices, or does the general shape mean "maester,” but the details are up to the individual? It’s a bit like summoners: what parts of their outfits are standardized, if any, and why does everyone seem to recognize them immediately despite a wide variety of costumes? 

Why doesn’t Seymour have robes of the same general shape as the other three, nor does he wear the white “toilet paper” strip down the front? Is it because he was only just appointed and hasn’t had a formal investiture? But flashbacks to Jyscal don’t show the strip either, although his robes are shaped vaguely like the other three.

There’s also an interesting detail on the “toilet paper.” Kinoc’s has a white triangle at the top center of the central black stripe, Mika’s has a star, and Kelk’s has none. I was expecting to find a different symbol for each of them, denoting the branch over which each one presides: military, executive, judicial and religious. However, Kelk’s lack of badge makes me think it’s rank. So, is the military maester second-in-command after the Grand Maester? Does Kinoc have seniority because he’s the second-longest serving maester? Do the human maesters have seniority due to the Ronso and Guado being treated somewhat as second class citizens, or at least recent converts, within the Yevon fold?

We have no way of answering these questions, but it’s fun to speculate.

Also, I like the fact that Kelk wears a bracer like Kinmahri’s; he’s still a warrior. 

On a completely unrelated note, I got the FFX/X-2 HD remaster on my shiny new not pos laptop and I DEMAND WEN KINOC’S ENTIRE LIFE STORY

Like this dude is such a douchebag but also has some serious history with Auron and I wanna know how deep Auron’s salt mine goes. Bc like??? Clearly Auron has a beef bc he ain’t happy that the dude became a Maester, but also when Kinoc gets moidered, Auron is pissed and i know x-2 gave us some backstory to him but it’s all still adult Kinoc.