I’m just freaking scared. It has already happened before. Like in season one, when we had that amazing kiss, and then, in Hell-O, they were already togheter. And broke up at the same episode.


But I feel that whenever Mr. Murphy starts being too nice to a Ship, it’s because there’s something pretty aweful coming up. I just want so bad to see Emma being truly happy for once in her life… And to feel that she overcame her OCD. 

And what  bothers me the most: Emma and Will are not in the group of those who are gonna leave in season 4. So that means that their storyline CAN’T end this season. I just hope that it keeps growing for good: Whatever, like marriage, babies, I don’t know. BUT THEY CAN’T BREAK UP NOW. Not after all this wait. And Tears. 

What do you think, guys?

Name: Marcella Reis
Age: 15
Location: Bahia, Brazil
URL(s): wemmacentral/ keepcalmandlovewemma

When did you start watching Glee?

  • When the first episode aired in Brazil, in 2009.

What first drew you to it?

  • An article I saw about it in a Brazilian newspaper. When I read the word “Music” and “Losers” I knew it was made just for me. It was the first series I’ve ever kept up with.

This show is full of so many characters, which means so many different ships, canon or not. Why Will and Emma? What made them stand out from the rest?

  • At First, I just found Emma cute. I wanted her to be happy, liking Will was a consequence. But then, as their relationship’s evolution followed my own evolution as a teenager, they started to be part of me. And finally, though it sounds weird, both Will and Emma were like friends to me when I went through the hardest times of my life. I was psychologically destroyed, and I related to Emma in every sense of the word. They were my anchor. 

Do you have any other ships on the show?

  • Ryan Murphy messed up with all the ships I had. Finchel became just SO excessive… I cheered a lot for Faberry, but we all know Rachel (the S3 finale proved it) loves Finn… Oh, I really like Britanna and Tike, though.

Favorite crackship?

  • I ship Coach Roz with any living thing. (But Will/Emma, haha)

Let’s play devil’s advocate by giving us an unpopular opinion.

  • I agree with Aggie about the out-of character lines Emma had. Also, among the things that piss me of about Glee, are Will’s sudden Ignorance, Finn and Rachel sudden overload (I used to relate a lot to Rachel before she became totally dependent of Finn) and lots of unexpected  and inappropriate behavioral changes  in most of the characters.

They say that no one hates Glee more than Glee fans, how do you feel about that?

  • Oh, that’s funny, indeed! We love Glee. Period. But sure, as we love it so much, we idealize our favorite character’s destiny, often forgetting that it isn’t up to us to decide. Unfortunately, a TV show is a commercial product, there are more than shippers interest’s involved.

Homeless Brent or Shirtless Figgins? Shirtless Figgins is… hmmm… Hot?

Favorite season: 1.
Favorite episode: Sectionals, because it’s an epitome of Glee’s essence. And also Hold on to Sixteen and Yes/No (of course).
Favorite song: Smile (Charles Chaplin’s version). It was present in all important happenings in my life. Me and my dad even danced it instead of the traditional waltz in my sweet 15 party! I’ll never forget that moment. Glee is undeniably part of my life!
Favorite duet: For Good is breathtaking.
Favorite group song: We are Young.

Do you have a line/scene that no matter how many times you see it, it makes you laugh? If so, what is it?

External image

External image

External image

A song/artist you wish they’d do?

  • More Elton John. And more Train. Drops of Jupiter would “sweep me of my feet”. 

PB&J or cookies?

  • Sorry Emma. But I’m a cookie monster. 

Tina Fey should play Artie’s mother? Yes or yes?

  • YES!

There are over 70,000 Glee stories on Fanfiction.net. Wemma stories don’t even make up 2% of that number. Even on Tumblr we make up a very small percentage of the Glee fandom. A lot of people don’t even acknowledge our existence. Why do you think this fandom is so small compared to others on the show?

  • Wemma is the only adult relationship (that has been on the show since its beginning). Most of the fans are teenagers, and it’s natural that they relate more to the teenagers’ plots. Wemma fans are, from what I notice, generally older and more mature (Not calling the other fandoms immature, whatsoever!). We might be a small bunch, but we are definitely a loving one.

Are you the author to any Wemma fan fiction?

  • My bad English wouldn’t allow it, though I write a lot in Portuguese.

Favorite stories/authors?

  • I don’t read fanfictions… I have no time to… But I often read some pieces im-reggie-lambert’s (Aggie) fic when she posts the links and her writing is marvelous.

Something you’d like to see happen with Will and Emma on the show, big or small.

  • Wemma. Baby. 

Your description of the perfect Wemma baby.

  • Ok. Little. Ginger. Curly Haired. Addicted to cookies, very organized, always dressed in lace, little twin-sets and a big fan of Journey. 

If Emma gave you a pamphlet, what would it say?

  • “So you are a a social train wreck!?”

If you had any suggestions you could give the writers, what would it be?

  • Please, stop insinuating plots you won’t be able to build up (or aren't interested in) E.g.: All the Faberry love and the sudden Finchel overload to annul it… And we all could use a better continuity!