wemma fic

I'm Baaaack...

Did you miss me?  Probably not.  Did you even know I was gone?  Maybe.

But Wemma fans… I’m back writing after taking an extended break (and visiting the lovely US of A and meeting some really cool people like the Cheno, but that’s a whole other story).  

So…  hopefully in the next week or so, you will be able to read the 4th chapter of Someday Came So Soon, my Wemma baby fic.  *Collective Awwwww*

There’s going to be extra cute moments, drama, angst, all that kinda stuff to get you into the Wemma mood and baby mode.

Sorry that I haven’t written anything to keep you guys amused over the Glee break. 

As always, if you have ideas that you’d like to see on paper, or want to suggest anything, comment on anything, my inbox is always open.  Or if you wanna say hi… do it!  I love talking to other Wemma fans, and I’m not the kind of person who thinks they’re the bees knees.  I’m a Gleek like you.  And we’re all special in our unique way.

Thanks for reading,

K xxx