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Hello. I looked through you blog, mainly involving Fraggle Rock and that your favorite character is Wembley. He's mine, too! Anyway, do you have any favorite Wembley episodes or Wembley songs?

First of all this is my favorite ask maybe ever. Thank you so much for it!

Oh man, yes, I love Wembley so much. I remember that I used to think he was boring when I was younger and now I have no idea why. But I relate to/appreciate him oh so much as I’ve gotten older.

Ooh, it’s tough to narrow it down, episodes and songs, but I picked two of each for you. There are many more, of course. ;)

Space Frog Follies

If not my very favorite episode, Space Frog Follies is in my top five favorites for sure.

I think this episode is the pinnacle of Wembley’s character growth and maturity. I just love how this one is Wembley dealing with a series of problems, but he doesn’t panic or lose all hope, he barely even gets hung up on anything– he just goes and solves his problems in such a Wembley way. The frog is missing, and his first idea for finding it is… dressing in a bug costume to lure it out. Okay, sure. It’s just so impractical but not technically illogical, and that’s the way Wembley rolls and I love it. What are you doing, Wembley? Inventing a dance craze, you say? Seems legit. Like… that wouldn’t work for ANYONE else the way it works for Wembley, and no one would come up with that besides Wembley.

Even when Boober lets him down and releases the frog, Wembley’s upset, yes, but he just rushes right out to find it again. He’s so determined to fix this. And then the damn finale, when he’s taking the frog to Outer Space… Once again he’s willing to live with his friends’ ridicule and rejection to help something that cannot help itself. It’s clear time and time again on the show that his friends have a lot of power over him, so I love love LOVE when we see his own moral code win out over his need to please. This, the Baby Tree Creature, Cotterpin in the duet-a-thon… Wembley has such a good heart that can give him such heartbreaking bravery.

The Beast of Blue Rock

This is one of my favorite Gobo episodes too actually (but that’s an analysis for another day). What I love SO MUCH about this one is that it’s a really great display of just how complicated the friendships on this show are. We see how much they all do care about each other, and what the different members of the group are willing and not willing to sacrifice for each other. Like, I love when Wembley points out that Red has missed her splash-a-thon, and Red has that line, “well… you’re more important, Wembley.” Gobo wasn’t worth missing her contest for, but Wembley is. I find that detail fascinating. And don’t get me started on poor Boober in this episode…

Anywho, back to Wembley, he is so sweet and brave in so many ways in this episode. He has to face all of his fears—rejection, danger, loneliness, taking a stance. He’s unfairly forced into making high-pressure decisions he shouldn’t have to make, and he realizes how unfair that is. So then comes one of my favorite Wembley moments/lines ever, when he and Gobo are arguing and he says “I have rights too, you know! I have the right to be indecisive!” Not only is he standing up for himself, he’s standing up for his flaws. He’s standing up for the way he is even though he knows he’s not perfect, and I love that so much. And not just to anyone, but to Gobo, his best friend who he will bend over backwards for. That’s huge for him.

Now on to songs!

First of all, I looove whenever Wembley and Gobo harmonize. Even when it’s super brief, it’s delightful. The Friend-Never-Bends-Or-Pretends song, Goodbye Goodbye (Rainbow in the Sky), that one part of Keep On Smiling, I just love it. Steve’s and Jerry’s voices gel so nicely. Other songs I like are…

Help Me for a Change and Just a Little Wimp, from We Love You Wembley

Wembley’s songs in “We Love You Wembley” are the best. Mostly I just love how stressed and frustrated Steve Whitmire manages to make Wembley sound in the former, and how contemplative and resigned he makes him sound in the latter. And also I love the contrast between early Season One Wembley and basically every other season’s Wembley. He goes through the best vocal evolution. In early songs like this he’s got a stuffy little child voice, and he gets so much clearer and stronger as the show goes on. His singing gets bolder as his confidence grows and I love that.

Free and High, from Wembley’s Flight

Okay, first of all Richard Hunt’s singing voice as the Spider-fly is so strong and beautiful and soaring in this song that it just makes me want to cry. And then when Wembley starts singing along with the Spider-fly, and the accompaniment becomes more upbeat, it just makes me so happy to listen to it, and then when they harmonize, lordy it’s beautiful. And then it’s so triumphant and adorable near the end when it’s the trumpets and Wembley singing his little heart out by himself on the final chorus.

In this song, I love the melody at the lyrics “For a heart can fly and why should you stay home and be stone  alone…” and then when it repeats when Wembley sings “In the air you breathe you feel your heartbeat tell you where the highway leads….” When both singers get to that part of the music, they both just sound so… sincere? Like the characters really really are just letting go and getting lost in the thrill of what they’re singing about. I love this song.

What are yours?

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