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Media With LGBT Main Characters

This is an in-progress list, so more titles and categories will be added, but feel free to reblog and/ or add something!


 4th Man Out- A gay man goes through the process of coming out to his aggressively straight buddies. Comedy with a happy ending.

Adam & Steve- Ridiculous series of events during a relationship between two men. Bad comedy with a happy ending.

Beautiful Thing- A teenager dealing with his preoccupied mother falls in love with a classmate. Happy Ending.

Blue is the Warmest Colour- Coming-of-age romantic drama between two teenage girls. Unhappy ending.

Brokeback Mountain-A complex emotional and romantic relationship between two men in the American West develops between 1963 and1983. Unhappy ending. 

Carol- A forbidden affair between a young photographer and an older woman going through divorce during the 1950s. Happy Ending.

Capital Games- Two men fighting for the same position in a company struggle with their feelings for each other when forced to do a team-building exercise as part of a business retreat. Happy ending.

Dog Day Afternoon- Hostage drama based on the true story of a man who held up a bank to fund his partner’s bottom surgery. Unhappy ending.

Milk- Documentary about the life and death of pioneering gay politician Harvey Milk. Unhappy ending.

My Beautiful Laundrette- A young man living in london reunites with an old friend, eventually developing a romantic relationship with him after offering him a job running a laundrette to get him off the streets. Happy ending.

My Own Private Idaho- Two friends embark on a journey of personal discovery that takes them to both Idaho and Italy. Unhappy ending.

Pariah- A Black butch lesbian slowly comes to terms with her identity. Ambiguous ending.

Pride- The story of an unlikely alliance between striking miners in a Welsh village and London gay rights activists. Happy ending.

Shelter- Gay surfers fall in love. Happy ending.

Show Me Love- Two teenage girls begin a tentative romantic relationship. Ambiguous ending.

Tangerine-A transgender sex worker discovers her boyfriend and pimp has been cheating on her. Ambiguous ending.

Tomboy- A ten-year-old experiments with their gender. Ambiguous ending.

The Weekend-A romantic drama of a brief, touching encounter between two men. Bittersweet ending.

Tropical Malady- A soldier arriving to investigate the mysterious slaying of animals and a farm boy strike up a connection. Ambiguous ending.


Camp Rewind- Two women strike up a romance at a summer retreat.

Never Lose Your Flames- A fire elemental and the bounty hunter being paid to arrest him fall in love. 

Bad Boy- A transgender youtube star by day and vigilante by night, a job goes south and someone is out to ruin Ren’s life, leaving him struggling to clear his name.

Of Fire and Stars- A magic user and future queen falls in love with a princess, and her husband-to-be’s sister.

If I Was Your Girl- Trans romance written by a trans author

The Fifth Season- In the distant future, nature ravages the land, with a select few being able to control it. Main characters include a bi man, a gay man, and a trans woman.

Six of Crows (two book series)- A gang of thieves take on their most ambitious job yet- stealing a magic-enhancing drug. Features a lighthearted love story between a sharpshooter and the demolitions expert.

Into this River I Drown- A man searching for the truth behind his father’s death falls in love with his town’s guardian angel.

Not Your Sidekick- After failing to manifest powers, the local superhero duo’s daughter takes on an internship with their super-villain rival, and falls in love with her. Also has a trans boy.

Chameleon Moon- A group of people struggle to survive in a city of magic and turmoil. Has a married lesbian couple, several gay characters, and a nonbinary character.

Last Seen Leaving- After his sort-of-girlfriend vanishes, a closeted kid is forced to team up with another friend of hers, and develops feelings for him along the way

The Lightning-struck Heart- A wizard and a knight are sent to save the knight’s boyfriend, and fall hopelessly in love along the way. There’s also a gay dragon.

The Girl With the Crooked Fangs- A half-vampire develops a crush on her daring human friend.

Ice Massacre & Ice Crypt (two book series)- A mermaid hunter develops feelings for an old friend of hers, who happens to be one of the mermaids she’s sent to kill.

The Coldest Girl In Coldtown- Vampire story with a twist, and both  a bisexual and transgender main character.

The Foxhole Court (3 book series)- Neil, a gifted Exy player with a rocky past, joins a competitive team. Several gay and bi characters, including the protagonist.

The Raven Cycle (3 book series)- A group of boys and a girl who serves as a psychic amplifier try to find and awaken a Welsh king. Stars a romance between a boy who can take things out of his dreams and a magician.

Shallow Graves- A girl awakens several feet underground, at the same moment when all birds in the nearby vicinity drop dead. She struggles to piece together the identity of the killer while finding out what she is. Bisexual protagonist.

TV Series

In The Flesh- Kieran, a Partially Deceased Syndrome (PDS) sufferer, is brought back to live and returned home. He’s gay, as are various other characters.

Carmilla- Lesbian vampires! Plus a nonbinary character played by a nonbinary actor

Skam- The story of teenagers in a secondary school, with each season being told from a different characters point of view. Several gay main characters.

Shadowhunters- Hard to explain, but has both a gay and a bi character.

The Get Down- The lives of a group of nyc teens in the 1970′s, with two of the characters in the latest episode stopping just short of kissing

Torchwood- About an agency created to control alien beings. Lots of bi and gay characters.

The Magicians- A group of students at a college train to use magic and defend themselves against an enemy from another dimension. The protagonist of the series is a bisexual man, and there’s also another gay main character.

attention british wlw!!

i’ve found it can be pretty hard meeting people from the uk on tumblr because so many people are american

it’s especially hard for wlw who want to meet other wlw close to them either for romantic reasons or platonic reasons

i’ve made a blog called the @gay-britain-project specifically for wlw in the uk/republic of ireland to make it easier to make more friends in the lgbt community and maybe find a girlfriend!! (naturally it’s trans inclusive and terf exclusive)

i’d really appreciate it if people could reblog this -regardless of whether you’re uk based- to get the word around!! thank u so much for reading and thank u to anyone who reblogs, i really hope this will be of use to at least some of you!!

Hello wonderful people. My names Oliver (I’m a girl btw) and I’ve been given this account for a couple hours. I’m looking for friends. (That will either sound sad, or stalkerish) but if you like Harry Potter, Supernatural, Dc, Marvel, or awesome things in general, I’m looking for someone like you. I love gay ships, and IDK, I’m awesome.

I’m also a Slytherin 💚 house pride 💚 and I’m bi. Plus, Igaf about pronouns whatever you are I’m sure your all awesome people (maybe aliens, IDK who Cat has on here) so if you guys want a friend, hmu😂😂

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(^ This just sums me up tbh ^)

That Doctor Who episode was great, but just two things were missing:
• UNIT (they are literally the organisation for alien invasions and stuff why weren’t they called)
• Torchwood (who doesn’t need a team of alien-fighting Welsh gays on your side at times like this??)
Maybe I just miss Martha Jones being a badass and maybe I’m just salty about not seeing Captain Jack on screen anymore😂

  • Me: You know, Dan Stevens has a wife and kids and it's been eighteen days and Luke Evans is tall, dark, handsome, Welsh, and gay, I really should back away from all the Stevens spam because Luke is...
  • iTunes: Starts playing Evermore, the words life, learnt, melancholy, and inspire hit my heart
  • Me: *reading all the Belle/Adam fanfic I can get my hands on* Luke who? Skywalker? No? Evans, you say? Luke Evans? No idea who that is. Is he a cousin or older brother of Chris Evans?
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