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Personal impressions of the signs
  • Aries: Pranksters, love to talk about love, always singing/listening to music, hyper, dreamers that love to write about what they dream of and share with others
  • Taurus: Homebodies, personality trait similar to a "hard candy with a soft center", a need to be comfortable, intellectual jokesters, homes neatly decorated and maintained
  • Gemini: Scatterbrained, natural born teachers, random knowledge, always up for an adventure, avid readers, personality changes with mood
  • Cancer: Loves to party, then go home & reflect on it, fun but quick to be sad, easily effected by the actions and words of others, always wants to help you if they can
  • Leo: Proud, problem solvers, place friendships very high, not afraid to call you out, work is just as important as play
  • Virgo: Smart, never what you expect, internal battles, orderly on the outside with wild minds, strong work ethic, artistic minds
  • Libra: People pleasers, always talking about something, naive, avid art museum visitors, always "in love" with someone/something, inner turmoil with a smile on their face
  • Scorpio: The person with the sexual innuendos, intense & beautiful eyes, deep and emotional conversations, wants to make you happy but wants to be made equally as happy back, can hurt you with a sentence
  • Sagittarius: Quirky, liked it "before it was cool", friends are very important, adventurous in all aspects of the word
  • Capricorn: Strong, takes none of your nonsense, likes to earn what they have, loyal but has a wild side they'll show when you least expect it,
  • Aquarius: Progressive, can distance themselves easily to their friends' dismay, loves to learn, activists and humanitarians
  • Pisces: Sweet as sugar but can get sad easily, clairvoyant, animal and art lovers, wants to make others happy even if it hurts them in the long run, very expressive

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Are you worried about offending people from a race pov with the yoi thread?

cosplay should not be limited to your skin color and I don’t think it will be a problem.

Edit: No. Cosplay should not be limited to what your skin tone is, but you should still be sensitive to exposure for poc. If a poc shows up and says, “Hey, maybe I could try it instead?” to be able to have their own character that IS them, I’d be more than happy to concede to them because they could do it much better than me, and I’d rather not lose my feminism for a night of fun because I want to dress up. If I happen to play the character wrong in traditions, please call me out on that stuff, and I will do my best to correct and fix those mistakes. I’d hate to genuinely upset someone because of a character I do, or how I play them.

Just hear me out here:

I want to start out with that i have absolutely no intention of offending or upsetting anyone. I simply want to point something out. I understand that I’m a gryffindor and i don’t understand exactly how slytherins feel about this subject, but i think I’m seeing it from both sides. so here me out, and please don’t get mad. 

now, a huge problem that people have with that battle of Hogwarts is that all the slytherins are escorted from the great hall because of what pansy said and that J.K. writes no instances of slytherins fighting in the battle. A lot of people feel that this was lazy, and i see where you’re coming from, i do. But I don’t think this is really whats going on. 

lets start with McGonagall having all the slytherins being escorted as a house out of the great hall because of what Pansy said. Now, I think that we can all agree on that Pansy is not a good example of a slytherin and that the whole house shouldn’t have been punished for her words. But put yourself in McGonagall’s place for a second. A battle is coming in an hour. She knows that most of the death eaters children are going to be in slytherin. She must make fast, and consequently rash, decisions. She has to make sure that these students cannot help their parents get into the castle and harm anyone else, including the other slytherins, in anyway. 

But McGonagall is a very fair teacher and person, as shown in the books when she takes points from gryffindor just as soon as she would from the other houses. i honestly believe that she understands that this is a generalization and not true. She knows that the majority of the house is nothing like pansy, crabble, and goyle. She also knows that slytherins will do anything to achieve what they want to achieve. 

ALL of these students are escorted to the dungeons by just one old caretaker that cannot use magic and then evacuated from the building after that, and i think this is completely intentional. SHE GIVES THEM CHANCES TO GET AWAY. McGonagall knows that the slytherins who want to fight will find a way in that span of time to get away from that group. That if they really want to fight for Hogwarts, they will. That is their momentary ambition, and they will achieve it. McGonagall knows and understands her students. She understands this about them. 

Now for the actually battle. The most important thing to remember is that THE BATTLE WE READ/SEE IS IN HARRY’S POINT OF VIEW. WE ONLY SEE WHAT HE SEES, AND HE HAS A VERY SPECIFIC TASK. He has to get to the horcruxes. He is not, until they very end of the fight, in the middle of this battle at all. He cannot take in everything around him or note everything that’s going on, he is in one place, concentrating on one thing. He cant see through walls and note everyone that’s fighting. 

He notices Lavender because Ron had a relationship with her, he notices Fred and Percy because he has relationships with them. He notices Ginny later because he loves her. He even notices Draco because he had a relationship with him, even if it wasn’t a good one. and other than that, harry didn’t have any relationships with slytherins. There is no reason why he would pick them out and note them specifically, when he is so focused on what he has to do. 

but that, in no way, means slytherins didn’t fight. I think its simply ridiculous to think they didn’t! They cared for the school and the cause just like all the other houses did. If they wanted to fight, they would have, and i believe without a doubt that they wanted to fight. It would have taken many people from all the houses to keep up with the death eaters like they did. If Hogwarts wasn’t united as one, they would’ve fallen, they wouldn’t have stood a chance. But Hogwarts didn’t fall, in fact it put up one hell of a fight. and that’s why i believe that the slytherins fought too, even if Harry didn’t mention it.

I actually feel really bad, I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea here: Yandere as an archetype of people (usually high school kids) murdering others who get in the way of a fantasized relationship is terrifying and bad on any real scale.

My issue is that Twitch allows games like South Park: The Sick of Truth and Dangan Ronpa to be streamed on their service but not Yandere Simulator. If Yandere Simulator violates rules that should ban either of these two other games, Twitch should reconsider how they are banning games and either:
A) Keep consistency by also banning South Park/Dangan Ronpa/similarly themed games
B) Keep consistency by un-banning Yandere Simulator and making the rules clear.

If Yandere Simulator somehow breaks a role not present in either of the mentioned examples they should still make it clear to the game creator why his game was banned because he can’t change anything if he doesn’t get feedback and based on the video he’s being straight up ignored which is unprofessional.

Again I’m really not trying to promote Yandere-ism, I’m just trying to point out the lack of consistency and professionalism present in this case because it can have serious impact on other game developers if rules are not made clear and no one steps in to tell you why there is a problem when you have a question.

I know things aren’t smooth on the blog right now but thank u to each and every one of you for being here with us and sharing with us. I hope we give you y'all the same positivity you have shown us.
We’re still a bit behind on answering some asks but thank you for being patient. I hope everyone has a good rest of their day -I

Urgent Update!

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So, I have been very busy with this blog over the last couple of weeks. I have started up stories, been writing lots of scenarios and reactions, and I have even surpassed the 3,000 follower mark! But a lot of my request box is full of EXO reactions, and while I do adore EXO, it seems that the other groups that I love writing for are being pushed aside. 

I don’t know if this is because they’re less popular, or because my EXO content is just better, but I’m really missing my other groups. So, what I’m trying to say is, I am closing EXO reaction requests for a while. I will still do scenarios, ships and one shots, but all reactions are CLOSED. 

If you have sent me an EXO request that has not yet been fulfilled, it will be written, but any sent after this post has been posted will be deleted. I’m sorry to cause any inconvenience. 

On a brighter note, I do write for the following groups if you are interested in sending me any requests; 

  • Monsta X
  • BTS
  • Black Pink
  • GOT7
  • Infinite 
  • F(x)
  • NELL
  • Royal Pirates
  • Block B

I will be opening EXO requests again soon, but for a little while I’d like to have some fresh faces to play around with. Thank you for your understanding. 

~ Mami (wonho-ful-reactions) xx 

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no they didnt say a name but its not so far fetched for fans to assume its seungri hes talking about, because so far in their career theyve only made jokes that theyd be fine without seungri.

yeah but he didn’t!! that’s the point! am all for defending seungri 24/7 and bashing ji when he’s wronged, but this time am just gonna stay out of it cuz there are too many ignorant comments

‘this is why i don’t stan bigbang fully’

‘this is why gd is my least fave member’

‘this is why seungri has to leave bigbang’

like seriously ???? ppl ignore all the ways that bigbang have showed their bond and they want seungri to leave bigbang like it’s some kinda chatgroup ????

seungri deserves more respect but not just from bigbang and korea, but from his own fans

*sherlock season 4 finale spoilers ahead*

ok, i’m confused. people are saying that the sherlock writers were queerbaiting people in the trailers for season 4, but i didn’t personally see any hint at johnlock actually becoming canon? also why is everyone so fucking upset with the episode not ending with john and sherlock confessing their undying love for each other like…. the show isn’t over or anything, chill

The Forum is going to continue to exist without moderation. it’s not attracting enough attention to warrant having a Cruise Director at this time.

Hannah and I are going to restart our discussions as they were before… but now we’ll have the added benefit of my contact with Nez! I can ask him the hard questions that always come up. His insight has opened up so many of his works for me over the past few months. We’ll probably start with Photon Wing because I have so much I wanna talk about with you guys! And then we’ll go to The Garden.

I’m sad the Forum didn’t work out but I know this is only the beginning. I look forward to what’s to come – especially Infinite Tuesday!

I cannot express my gratitude to Nez enough for giving me this opportunity.

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AH ahhh ah aha h [sweats] you have no idea how nervous I am about this. Don’t hurt me please I’m just a sad meme who only wants to make people happy ok I don’t want any trouble please forgive my sins.

also these are a bit old, not recent. they’ve been aging in my folders.

like whine.

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I wanted to come off anon really but I'm not sure what kind of person you are so I dont feel comfortabel about that just yet... I'm really sorry if that comes off as rude. It's just recently I lost my best friend over shipping sheith, shance, the works. It was real nasty. I've almost lost my love for my ships. And worse yet my blog has been under fire. I'm just so tired all the time I don't want to deal with anymore. I thought I could trust them but I was wrong. They were my only friend on here.

That’s probably super personal for someone who ddnt want to come off anon lol I’m so sorry I’m like this I just wanted to say it someone and hope they listen. I’m sorry if all I’m doing is bothering you. I’m just really… lonely is all. I’m sorry really sorry… I just don’t know what to do right now. They told me I should just disappear for being like a cancer to the fandom and Im starting to believe them. Please? Help?

They didnt even let me say anything they just… said so many mean things… I couldnt tell them about why or what happened to me years back… we were close but I couldnt say it I dont like talking about it I’m so stupid I should have…

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