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  • Nickname: jas
  • Birthday: november 23
  • Star Sign: sagittarius 
  • Gender: female
  • Height: 5′3″
  • Favorite Color: i like them all 
  • Time right now:11:05 am
  • Average hours I sleep: 6-7 hours or so
  • Lucky Numbers: 8, 12
  • Last thing I googled: kcon 2016…because i’m still sad i didn’t go this year….
  • Favorite fictional character: idk…pikachu?
  • Favorite Famous Person: i really like jennifer lawrence?
  • Celebrity Crush: uhh idk all my biases? bahaha
  • Favorite Book: haven’t read in a long time >_<
  • Favorite Bands (groups/artists): seventeen, vixx, got7, exo, bts (i’m boy group trash)
  • Last Movie I saw: step up lol
  • Dream Trip: bora bora 
  • Dream Job: doctor 
  • What I’m wearing right now: tank and running shorts (deciding if i wanna gym or not…)

i’m going to tag the following lovely people: 7teansflower-boy-jeonghanc0upsmngyusgfwonwoojpg ~ vernony ~ coupsgf and  anyone else that wants to do it! (those tagged don’t have to do it either unless they want to :p)

on a rather different note i think the whole picture of monday night’s upd8 hit very close to home because it’s like the sort of stuff you think about when youre trying to go to sleep and are alone with your thoughts, or when you wake up afer a nightmare and want to message someone so you can calm the fuck down

personally i usually think about either death (WELP) or my critical lack of ability to adjust to everyday life (WEEELP) and make new friends (*explodes*) and sometimes i cry about it yes though sometimes im like “ehh whatever” and just fall asleep. depends how tired i am tbh.

*lays in bed* I need to go to sleep, I have to be up in a few hours I’m gonna be dead if I don’t

*phone lights up with “someone has mentioned you in a post”*

welp time to check tumblr again to see what or who I did this time

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Name: Imani.

Gender: Female
Height: 6'2.

Where I Live: San Diego, CA
Time and Date: 9:39 pm. July 19, 2015

Average Sleep: varies.

Most Recently Watched Movie: I haven’t watched a movie all year.
Fav Bands/Artist: Etta James bihhhhh!
& Beyoncé.. & Nicki Minaj.. & Rihanna sometimes..

One Thing That Pisses Me Off: Ha! ONE thing?? Yeah right. I guess liars wasting my time.
Meaning Of Your URL: Imani means faith. & Welp there you go. Mssfaithh.

Most Used Phrases: “tf” “oooooookay” “ooooohmygod” “fuck” “damnit” …I curse a lot. Ohh! I say “YAAAASSS” a lot too lol
Zodiac Sign: Libra.

I tag: whoever Tf wants to do this lmao

Let’s get to know each other

Righto I was tagged by izzywi so here’s the thing.

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Name: Tori, nickname: Yuki

Birthday: May 15 1996

Star sign: Taurus

Gender: female

Height: 177cm, 5′8″

Sexual orientation: Pansexual

Favourite coulour: Blue

Time right now: 7:19 pm

Average hours of sleep: 8-10 

Lucky numbers: 8-10 (smug face)

Last thin i googled: zero punctuation 

Number of blankets I sleep with- 3-4 right now, it’s winter

Favourite fictional character: I CAN’T ANSWER THIS, but Anders right now I guess.

Favourite bands: Paper Route, Flight of the Conchords, System of a Down, Rammstein to name just a few.

Last Movie I Saw in Theaters: Jurassic World

Dream trip: Kyoto and Tokyo in Japan and Tank Fest over in the UK

What I’m wearing: green hoodie with an owl on it and a blue skirt

Followers I want to know better… OK so since I’m a shy loser I’ll just tag my IRL friends and some other people, don’t feel like you have to do it or anything.

theinquisitorjack artemislocheia wilburkyriu waterymind captain-raelynn blittza dibella-goddess-of-beauty sierrasanator disp0sition thecoloursfalllikesnow

Again please don’t feel obligated to do this but hey if you wanna it’d be neat.

Welp, had to leave the stream. Shut off my laptop and all
I guess I will go sleep. Had lots of fun! Tomorrow I will probably wake up to a shaven Barry and people talking about Arin’s reaction to drinking two double-shots. Also, I’m really excited to hear about how much money they got!
I really wish I could’ve donated money, man. But oh well, next time, maybe!

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name: Ashley Tee
nickname:  literally only one person calls me ash?????? idk i hate when people give me nicknames lmao
birthday: June 17th
star sign: Gemini
gender: Female
height: 5′2 (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)
favourite colour: black
time right now: 9:21PM
average hours of sleep: ugh it depends tho, like if im going out then 4-5 and if im not then like 9 or something
number of blankets i sleep with: 1 because malaysia is hot af 
favourite fictional character: aomine daiki OORRRRR kuroo tetsurou (welp i cant choose)
favourite famous person: i dont have one tbh
favourite book: Parade by Shuichi Yoshida (11/10 would recommend omg)
favourite band: dont have one atm haha ha but i do like one ok rock quite a bit
last movie i saw: terminator 2 
dream trip: can i still say japan?? ive been once but id like to go again with my friends lmao (but im going there to sudy, many excite)
dream job: i have no idea lmao like im about to start uni and i still dont know what to do with my life help

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if any of u wanna do go ahead 

iliyon caterwaul-ing  annyeong-bishes yengguk hoseob bangjae laymetouchkai mei-lei  p-aendeo voguesama

*look at time* welp, time to go to sleep before mom catche me

anyone know another web browser that isn’t Chrome or Firefox? I wanna make a second rp blog for my ocs, but I’m afraid that if I have to log in and log off, that I’ll end up not taking care of one of them! plz help?

Favorite Electric Forest 2015 Moments

I’m a little late on this, but I wanted to record some of my favorite moments from this year (Warning: I mention some falalaladruglalala things because, welp!)

  • We’re in Camp Blueberry!  Come find us!”..  *finds out two days later we are actually in Camp Sonny*  “Oh.  Now, I know why no one has come to visit us…
  • Standing in line for 3 hours talking to a guy named Jesse, telling him “Jesse” is my favorite name, and going on and on about dance and Pina Bausch.
  • I wasn’t mad!  I just couldn’t wait to go to sleep!!!”
  • My friend: Preacher of the shuttle bus!
  • First time seeing Minnesota @ Tripolee on Friday.
  • These guys who let me sign their butts:
  • The “spaceship ride”.
  • Feeling totally rejuvenated after yoga with HANNAH MUSE on Saturday!
  • Seeing someone with a totem that says “Jon Snow Lives!”, and giving her my Jon Snow bracelet.
  • Hearing Lindsey Stirling shred on her violin set my heart on fire.
  • Intense philosophy discussions.  If you saw three kids looking like they were arguing…that was us.  We weren’t arguing, we just got a bit too excited about life!
  • This Courage totem:
  • Dragging my friends through the forest just so we could stare at all the beautiful art around us.  Literally just staring.
  • I literally watched Sherwood change from day to night while my friend talked about the universe in the background.
  • *hears Phantogram playing from The Grand Artique* *gasp* THAT’S PHANTOGRAM!” *Pulls my friends by their arms all the way to Sherwood Court to see them*
  • *Waiting in line for the bathroom* *Girl is taking forever to come out* “maybe we should…knock?”  *We don’t knock.  We stare at the door for another 5 minutes until the person behind us comes around and knocks.  The girl comes out (probably fell asleep)*
  • Wanting to win head…:
  • Are those even real cops?” .. But seriously..  Were they real?
  • Is it just me or does this Bassnectar crowd look like *looks around and lowers voice to a whisper* dirty hippies?”  “Nooot that I have anything against dirty hippies!  I LOVE dirty hippies.”
  • Having a conversation with a random couple about why they do ketamine (I still don’t get the hype).
  • *guy runs up* “HEY YOUGUYSGOTANYACID??!!!ANYONEGOTANYACID???!” *guy pees on tree*  *guy runs away still asking for acid*  Me: “…”  Friend: “Well…  I hope he’s okay!”
  • Bassnectar dropping that “Bigger Than Hip Hop” verse, and me losing my shit XD
  • Guys…what if we just paid $20 for plain, white chocolate?”
  • Big Gigantic dropping “Uptown Funk” and me doing the exact dance moves from the music video.
  • The slowest vegan food stand in the world….

There are more moments I probably forgot, but this was my second year, and the best event of this summer so far!  I loved everyone there and I’m already counting down to next year!