So today I thought, instead of sleeping, I’m gonna draw a ton of skeletons.

And then these happened.

I regret nothing. Actually I kinda do I’m really tired.

Fresh, Error and Geno belong to @loverofpiggies, but, uh the MamaCQ designs(what I intended to be drawing for) belong to @alainaprana

Sugarmelon, aka my OTP, belong to @missladytale and @sugartalesans

Asy belongs to @furgemancs

The Sunday Currently Volume Nine

r e a d i n g P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han and The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West . I finished reading the first book at school. The time I had to read books is in between classes and breaks. My mom got mad at me when she caught me reading a YA book so yeah.

w r i t i n g or actually typing messages.

l i s t e n i n g to my own mix of white noises. I’ve been listening to this lately and it really helped me go to sleep easily than before.

t h i n k i n g about our incoming monthly test this Wednesday. I’m really worried about my Math grades. I actually don’t understand my teacher. Welp.

s m e l l i n g my sister’s just-washed hair.

w i s h i n g I can fast forward the time to August. I can’t wait for my birthday!

h o p i n g that I will pass every test. Wish me luck, guys!

w e a r i n g my sister’s senior shirt and a pair of blue jersey shorts.

l o v i n g the color pink. I don’t know what’s gotten into me and I started turning my Instagram feed from white to pink. 

w a n t i n g to eat chocolates or anything salty, tbh. 

n e e d i n g a math wizard. Help me understand our lessons. P L E A S E.

f e e l i n g shitty.


Time for a rant my children. Yesterday,I made a text post and went to go to sleep. When I came back on today,I saw a whole argument chain on my text post. One person named @peachymouse was giving me shit about liking DMMD. *I HAVE ONLY WATCHED THE ANIME AND CLEAR’S ROUTE.* I don’t play the game for myself,I just saw the playthroughs for Clear’s route and his route only. And DMMD is not about bestiality. If you are implying the ship RenAo is bestality,you are sorely mistaken. Ren was originally a part of Aoba’s personality who transfered his conciousness into a robot dog. It was explained at the end of Episode 10 in the anime. RenAo is NOT bestiality. I did not know the game had rape in it,and you spoiled that for me. Now I don’t wanna watch the rest of the game playthroughs. Thanks.



For a fleeting moment, Mio could’ve swore she had heard Sanageyama calling to her. Had Mio truly heard him…? Or was the painful agony of her sudden, newfound wounds getting to her head, making her delirious with pain? Then again, she had plenty of time to ponder this while being dragged away to the Toy Box. 

Where was he? She didn’t see him. In fact, she hadn’t seen him all day. Not during the announcement. Not when she had snapped into pure, animalistic rage. Not when she was sobbing like a wretched child, sealing herself away in her room. Probably searching for whoever was taken from him. She didn’t even find out who that even was. Too caught up in her own sadness to check on him. He must’ve not have known what she did. Oh, she should’ve gone looking for him. Where was he? She didn’t see him. Why does she even want to see him so badly?  How long could she lie to herself?

Anything other following thought was forced to be put on hold. When the dolls let her go. Only to chuck her into a pitch dark room. Finally letting out a cry of unbearable, throbbing pain when her slender injured form s l a m s against the groundnow that no one is around to see much less hear her weakness. (For ugly things made of cloth, they were remarkably stronger than they looked.) 

Something crashed shut. 

Unable to tell, laying there face-down and motionless like a limp rag doll. 

A flower with a broken stem. Missing petals.

Then she was all alone. 

Save nothing but d a r k n e s s.

That. And those other dolls she had heard so much about…

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*welp…sleep decently for the first time in a while last night. apparently i was pent up last night but damn i feel much better today thanks to Pierce.

*got a phone call from a number today. apparently one of the Instinct guys i met last night gave my number to one of those fucking Valor assholes who kept screaming and cussing me for thrashing their gym. i got an unexpected apology and compliments on my team. fixing to head out and meet this Valor group to help them take over gyms. see, putting people in their place works wonders.

Rules: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your mp3 player, iTunes, Spotify, etc. on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and then tag 10 people. Rules: No Skipping! (Tagged by: no one)

Welp. 1500+ songs, here we go.

1. Baroque and Beats (BIANKOANJERO combat) – Devil May Cry 4 OST
2. Domino – Jessie J
3. Engraved Time – FolksSoul OST
4. Kyrie (Orch. Version) – Yoshihisa Hirano
5. boss battle – Xenosaga Ep.III Also sprach Zarathustra OST
6. Light to Despair – Corpse Party: Blood Covered Repeated Fear OST
7. My Heart’s Descent – Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance OST
8. Intense Fight! (Boss Battle 1) – The Legend of Dragoon OST
9. Desperate Chase – Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots OST
10. Sleeping Sun – Nightwish


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I was tagged by the beautiful @knightsuggestions.

Relationship status: Single (I don’t know if I’m interested in romance at all, really.)

Pets: 4 dogs. If you dig up an ask or two from the space ask game I wrote about them… I’m too lazy to type it all again, I’m sorry.

Wake up time: I have two. A fluctuation between 1-4 AM, then I go back to sleep and wake up around 9:30 (it’s summer vacation.)

There are also those nights where I don’t sleep, but eyyyy.

Last song I listened to: “Freedom” - Beyoncé, feat. Kendrick Lamar

I tag… Anyone who’d like to try this!