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Voltron Au, where everything is the same except the altean sleepwear is this. LMFAO plz end my suffering


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characters from @cheapcookiez ;;w;; i love your work and everything else agh you get the point hahha ok ill leave now bye ;v; *jumps off the window and falls to my death*


((idk why i think of mark as an emotionless cinnamon bun who doesn’t even know how to be cute in front of the camera….him tryingto be cute is cute tho hha ah a ))

Love Like Ours Won't Never Grow Old

50’s!era Florst/Tattoo shop Bog/Marianne AU

Chapter 1/??? [ao3]

Marianne Fairwood was aware that she could be intimidating, oftentimes when she did not want to be. However, this was playing to her favor when she tracked down the delivery boy for her family’s florist shop in search for her younger sister. She liked Sunny well enough, she really did. He was outgoing, charming and ernest. But he was also the impetuous Dawn Fairwood’s partner-in-crime.

And a terrible liar. 

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Legend of Welp! #85

Ilia: Link, you’re conventionally attractive!

Link: Aw, shucks! Thank, Ilia!

Ilia: No, you don’t understand! Being the only conventionally hot guy in a small town is a sure sign that you’re destined for great deeds! I’m afraid that we’ll soon be dragged into a load of trouble if we’re not careful!

Link: Oh c’mon, Ilia! We’re just two commoners with peasant positions and jobs in the middle of the dung and hay filled sticks! What major events could possibly concern us?


Bulblin: I’m stealing your friends.

Midna: I’m telling you what to do now!

Zelda: I’m in need of your help!

Zant: Hello naughty children, it’s time for death!


The ZARRY Rose Ring!!

So @larrytothemax and I were watching the One Direction - That Moment (Short Film) and everything is going swimmingly as we laugh at these lovable idiots… and then at around

  6:09, Zayn is wearing a ring on his left index finger as he holds the perfume!!!


INTERESTING….. looks awful lot like….


Maybe it’s always been Harry’s and he let Zayn borrow it for the video.

Or Its Zayn’s and Harry misses the shit out of him and ZARRY IS FUCKING ALIVE!!!

And my heart is cracked into thousands of unidentifiable pieces <3 <3


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Wait there's a,,,,,, tnite???????? Aw maaaan I'm never informed :( WELP HAVE FUN FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT GOOOOO

I’ll probs draw art when i get home ;p

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From what Harry said we'll deal with Magnus' trauma and delve a little deeper into his soul so I am kinda hopeful for the next episode (especially since the plotline gets resolved next week 100%) but....Magnus deserves nothing but comfort safety and love and Alec better pay up

yea thats what im hoping that they dont just switch magnus and valentine back and welp its over moving on like this absolutely awful for magnus and it needs to be dealt in a way that doesnt negate magnus’ feelings and trauma about all of this…

Talking Flowers - Silent Echoes

When Papyrus was really young and he was about 50% head, flailing loving arms and unstoppable adventurous legs, he discovered Echo Flowers.  He had never seen one before in his young life and he found the shimmering blue color, oh so pretty.  He reached out to touch the petals and he heard his own voice saying how pretty the flowers were.  This scared him and he ran to hide behind his big brother.  

His brother explained that Echo Flowers remembered anything you said around them and when you touched its petals, it would repeat it back to you.  Papyrus was extremely fascinated about this but a talking flower was a bit too scary for him.  

Sans put a bony index finger over Papyrus mouth asking him to be quiet then he leaned over the flower and said “Papyrus is the best brother ever!” then he touched the flower’s petals.  

“Papyrus is the best brother ever!” said the flower inspiring a huge smile from young Papyrus.  He giggled and Sans’ echo was replaced by it.  The flower was giggling back to him now.  

“Aw” he complained.     

“welp, that’s echoes for you.  they never stay long” explained Sans smiling.

Later that day, when they stopped for lunch before heading back home, Papyrus took advantage of his brother taking a quick nap to go on an mission.  He returned before Sans had time to worry about his whereabouts and practically dragged his big brother back to a secluded area away from the main path.  He did as Sans had with him before and asked for his silence by putting both his tiny hands over his brother’s mouth.  

Sans smiled and nodded.  Papyrus moved away some tall grass to show a lone Echo Flower.  He touched one of its petals. 

The flower spoke in Papyrus big kid voice.  Sans smiled and took a breath to say something but Papyrus leaned over dramatically and did a “sshhh” motion.

  Sans clamped his own hand over his mouth then opened both his arms wide.  Papyrus jumped into his arms and they hugged.  

In a quiet room somewhere, inside a house with no light, sits a dusty vase holding a single blue Echo Flower.  It’s only company its a red scarf carefully arranged around it, as if to keep it warm.  Now and then a breeze sneaks in and it touches it petals.