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Voltron Au, where everything is the same except the altean sleepwear is this. LMFAO plz end my suffering

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Double Date
  • *the houses on a double date at the arcade*
  • Hufflepuff: Ooo! Let's go play that! *points at the Ring the Bell game*
  • Arcade Worker: Come up and test your strength! Grab the mallet and give it a good whack! Who's up first?
  • Slytherin: Oh, I've got this *winks at Ravenclaw*
  • Ravenclaw: Remember that's it's all about angular momentum and force!
  • Slytherin: *gives it all they got*
  • Arcade Worker: 400 points. Better luck next time.
  • Slytherin: *walks back to Ravenclaw in a huff* These games are all rigged anyways.
  • Hufflepuff: Oh I want to try!! Can I Gryffy?
  • Gryffindor: Sure, I don't see why not.
  • *Hufflepuff runs up to the game*
  • Arcade Worker: Want to try your luck, little lady?
  • *Hufflepuff nods and picks up mallet*
  • *DING*
  • *Slytherin stands slack jawed*
  • Ravenclaw: Uh, Huff is there something you want to tell us?
  • Gryffindor: *in complete awe* Alright, alright, alright
Aw Heck: Giveaway!

Welp, we made it to 1,000 followers, kiddos! So as a thank you, I am having a giveaway that will include the following:

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End date is 8/5/17 good luck! :)

Legend of Welp! #85

Ilia: Link, you’re conventionally attractive!

Link: Aw, shucks! Thank, Ilia!

Ilia: No, you don’t understand! Being the only conventionally hot guy in a small town is a sure sign that you’re destined for great deeds! I’m afraid that we’ll soon be dragged into a load of trouble if we’re not careful!

Link: Oh c’mon, Ilia! We’re just two commoners with peasant positions and jobs in the middle of the dung and hay filled sticks! What major events could possibly concern us?


Bulblin: I’m stealing your friends.

Midna: I’m telling you what to do now!

Zelda: I’m in need of your help!

Zant: Hello naughty children, it’s time for death!


Love Like Ours Won't Never Grow Old

50’s!era Florst/Tattoo shop Bog/Marianne AU

Chapter 1/??? [ao3]

Marianne Fairwood was aware that she could be intimidating, oftentimes when she did not want to be. However, this was playing to her favor when she tracked down the delivery boy for her family’s florist shop in search for her younger sister. She liked Sunny well enough, she really did. He was outgoing, charming and ernest. But he was also the impetuous Dawn Fairwood’s partner-in-crime.

And a terrible liar. 

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fck-tamlin  asked:

ELUCIEEENNN "when one person says “move away if you don’t want this” and the other person moves in for the kiss"

So This is my first ACOTAR fic????? Any how, I love Elriel, so here goes nothing!! Btw, written on my phone at 2am.

Edit!!!! YOU ASKED FOR ELUCIEN! F$%K! I am so sorry!!!!! I feel awful!! Welp. Have some free Elriel, but I promise an Elucien soon!


Elain studied each flicker of Azriel’s eyes.

Their beautiful hazel color was dark, near black, without the light of the sun, and it was all Elain could do to not grab his face and demand he keep his beautiful eyes on her.

Elain leaned forward a bit. Not enough to touch him, but if she moved even an inch forward, their noses would brush.

Elain refrained from clearing her throat as she glanced down at their hands. His large scarred ones encompassing her own. She knew he didn’t enjoy it when people gazed at his hands.

She told him they were beautiful.

He said they were grotesque.

She gave his hand a soft squeeze and raised her eyes back to his. His eyes were on her lips.

Every second, Elain’s heartrate increased. But finally, she withdrew her hand, sliding it up his elegant face to cup his cheek.

The sound of music erupted from behind them and Elain gave Azriel a slow, sweet smile.

“Shouldn’t we be down there with our friends?”

Her voice was a little breathless and she felt her skin heat with a blush.

Az gave her a sad looking smile that Elain didn’t want to think about. He turned his cheek against her palm and kissed her wrist gently, “If you would like to, Flower, there’s not much going on besides drinking and dancing.”

Elain giggled, “Well, Spymaster, you know I only like one of those things.”

Azriel took the hand she had pressed against his face and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Drinking, of course.”

Elain nodded solemnly and lowered her voice into a whisper, “Of course!”

She could have sworn she felt the rumble of Azriel’s laugh in her chest as he pulled away, carefully helping her off the little stone bench they had found.

As they walked hand-in-hand out of the secluded little park they had found far away from the festivities for the celebration of the summer solstice, Elain kept cursing herself.

She wanted to kiss him.

And yet she hadn’t.

Elain stopped just before they got the the gate leading out, planting her feet rather firmly.

Azriel turned, his wings drawn in close to his back to avoid knocking her and what ever bushes surrounded them over.

“Something wrong?” His deep voice was smooth and comforting and familiar.

Elain dropped his hand and met his gaze. It would be hard for her to try to just kiss him! He was much too tall and she was much too short.

And it didn’t help that he didn’t know she wanted to kiss him. Azriel cocked a brow and leaned in a tiny bit.

“A vision?” he whispered, his shadows beginning to cocoon them in their darkness.

Elain swallowed and shook her head.

“No, no, it’s not that, I…” Elain sighed.

Elain stepped forward and reached up, tugging Az down by the lapels of his fine tunic.

She still had to crane her neck a bit to look him square in the eye, but it was good enough.

“Azriel, I want to kiss you,” she breathed, “If you don’t want this, move right–”

Elain’s eyes flew open as soon as Azriel’s lips touched hers’, and she in no way could stop the little sigh that escaped her.

Her Shadowsinger slid his hands around her waist, pulling her closer, and Elain giggled. He tasted like mint and sugar.

Elain released a lapel and wound one of her hands in the silky black waves of hair he usually kept so neat.

Azriel sighed against her at that, the hands on her waist tightening their grip almost imperceptibly. But then he was pulling away, his breath ragged amd his eyes wide.

It excited Elain to see him like this.

“I’ve been…” Elain laughed, pressing her brow to his. “I’ve wanted to do that for a while.”

Azriel’s laugh was thunderous and Elain smiled.

She could listen to that sound all day.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY AOYAMA-KUN! I hope you like your present, I made it myself! Use it to keep your stomach well-insulated, it’s important to take good care of the source of your quirk, wahaha! Have a great day!


New student for @blogthegreatrouge ‘s N&J thingy…

★ Name: Su

★ Gender: Female

★ Height: She is very smol but don’t let her appearance fool you!

★ Nerd/Jork: I think…both?

★ Occupation: Su is a student and she is the leader of an after school martial arts club that specializes in different arts of fighting such as taekwondo, karate, kung fu, etc. but Su’s style is mostly Krav Maga. This is why she has a headband around her skull.

★ Personality: Su acts pretty shy, kind, intelligent, and helpful towards her peers. These sweet traits along with her adorable loli looks make her popular with the boys and cheerleaders, who want her to join the cheer leading squad but being the nice girl she is, Su can’t say “no” directly and has to constantly avoid them somehow but after school, Su turns into an entirely different person and the members of her club know this and fear her because unlike her previous behaviors in class, she is mostly silent, strong, brutal, strict, merciful and deadly around them during this time and once you join the club, you can NEVER withdraw otherwise, she will hunt you down. There have been signs that this cruel attitude may be her true colors since there was one shocking event, where a student approached her from behind and she effortlessly flipped them over her shoulder to the floor as if they weighed nothing in comparison to herself.

  ★ Family: She doesn’t have any siblings which makes her the only child but what really gets everyone curious is the fact that her parents have never been seen before and when others try asking her about them, she simply states with a stoic expression that she doesn’t have any before dismissing it and claims she lives with her old, forgetful, and weary grandfather (His name is Hiroto)

★ Relationship Matters (a.k.a romance/shipping in the future…maybe…disclaimer): She is oblivious to the concept of love but she knows that whoever defeats her in combat, they’ll become her soul mate for the rest of her life based on the admiring story, she heard from her grandfather about when he first met his true love and how they fought to the death on their first date.

★ Fun Facts:

1. Su loves to eat desserts like cakes and ice cream, she has a major sweet tooth. She can bake just about anything beautifully that satisfies her love and taste for them but ironically, she can’t make any other foods.

2. Hiroto, Su’s grandfather is a monk

  ★ Author’s Note: H̶e̶r̶e̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶a̶n̶o̶t̶h̶e̶r̶ ̶l̶i̶t̶t̶l̶e̶ ̶s̶h̶i̶t̶  I mean–! Here is another student for n&j, at first I was gonna make this thing a boy but I realized this school was overpopulated with boy skeles, so here is another fem skele u w u) Hopefully Xahji and Su can be friends, maybe? I don’t know…if you don’t use her, its okay after all this crappy OC was random out of the blue…I don’t know where it came from. I guess I got inspired by Cil’s hair and other aus that I liked….POOF! FUSION! I tried…. ; w ;)

EDIT: Just realized @blogthegreatrouge isn’t accepting anymore Sanses…welp just wasted my time making this trash…aw well… = A = )