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Terrier - Peter Parker (Hogwarts AU)

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I wasn’t a brave Gryffindor, nor was I a friendly Hufflepuff, nor was I an ambitious Slytherin. I was a quiet Ravenclaw that spoke so little people could think I was phonophobic. I kept to myself, burying myself in books and work. My only companion was my notebook, which held many of my thoughts.

I always found writing easier than talking. It gave me a chance to choose my words carefully, and it was certainly much less stressful.

I held my books and notebooks to my chest and kept my head down, making my way to my next class when I heard Flash Thompson laughing with a few of his friends.

“Nobody cares about you, Parker! Don’t you get it? You’ll always be living in your parents’ shadows. Nobody cared, cares, or ever will care about you!” Flash yelled. 

“Don’t mind him, Peter. Let’s go,” Peter’s friend, Ned, tried to pull Peter away, but the wizard stood his ground, jaw clenched as he kept his glare on Flash.

“You’re just a tiny-” Flash began again, only to interrupted by myself.

“You know, if you’re going to insult someone, tiny isn’t the most effective adjective,” I said, surprising myself. I walked closer to the group, avoiding the surprised glances as I looked at Thompson. “Everything, after all, is made of tiny things. Atoms. You know what atoms are? They make up everything, really. All mass is made of atoms. They’re so incredibly tiny that you couldn’t even see it in large quantities unless they’re meant to be seen. Other than subatomic particles, they’re the tiniest things on Earth. Do you know what happens when you try to break an atom, Thompson? When you try and break something tiny?”

“I-” He began, but I interrupted him again.

“They explode in this thing called fission. They release energy in forms of radiation and heat. They’re so dangerous that the muggle that created him said that splitting an atom was his biggest regret. So, by calling Parker here tiny, you’re telling him he’s incredibly powerful and that he could kill you in an instant, but not before giving you fourth degree burns and flinging you to god-knows-where… and, well, that’s not really an insult, is it?” I asked, making Thompson a vibrant red.

“Listen here, mudblood-”

“Right, mudblood. Really the best you could do? You’re pureblood, right? I’m supposed to worship you and kiss the ground you stand on?”

“Damn right-”

“You know, I mean no offence to any pureblood but you, but pureblood kind of reminds me of purebred, and that reminds me of dogs. Plus, if I’m supposed to worship you, I guess that makes you a royal bitch, doesn’t it?” I mentioned, nonchalantly.

“I am not-”

“Oh, sorry, you’re not a girl. Completely forgot. See, for someone who boasts about being a ‘man’ a lot, you sure look like a girl… Another thing, Thompson, if you will-”

“I will not, thank you very much-”

“I wasn’t finished,” I told him sharply, almost mirroring the way McGonagall speaks. “As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, now, if you were a dog, Thompson, I think you’d be a Yorkshire Terrier. You do know what they look like right? They’re about as tall as my ankles and they’ve got quite a Napoleon complex; all bark, no bite,” I smirked, seeing Thompson’s furious face.

“Now listen here-”

“No, you listen. Leave Parker here alone or I could continue spewing out insults like tickets from some sort of arcade machine - oh, right, you don’t know what those are… such a shame,” I sighed. Flash huffed, turning away and leaving.

“Come on!” He called to his ‘minions’ before leaving. I looked at Parker, who looked at me in astonishment.

“I… I hope you didn’t mind. I heard what he was saying, and… well, they weren’t very nice. I thought he could use a taste of his own medicine, you know?” I paused, “Anyways, I… I probably shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry.”

“No!” Peter answered immediately. “No, it’s… it’s fine, really. Thanks,” Peter smiled. I smiled back at him.

“I promise I’m not actually that mean, by the way. I am capable of saying things that aren’t insults. Like I said… what he said was just terrible,” I told him. “Peter, you… you aren’t your parents and that’s the way it should be. You’re your own person and one day you’ll be known for being you and not as anybody else.”

“I…” Peter murmured, looking away for a moment before looking at me. “Thanks… you’re Y/N, right? We have Potions together, I think.”

“Yeah, I partnered up with you last week for Baruffio’s Brain Elixir,” I told him.

“Right, right…” Peter mentioned.

“Speaking of, I’m going to the dungeon. I’ll see you later, I guess,” I told him before walking off.

“Hey, wait!” Peter’s voice called after a moment, making me stop and turn to look at him. “Let me come. I have potions next anyways… as you know,” Peter chuckled.

I giggled and nodded. “Great. Come on, then. We can’t be late.”

“We’ve still got five minutes!”

“And that’s five minutes too late! I want to do some reviewing before we start class! I think we’re doing the Beautification potion, and I haven’t quite memorised how to do it yet!”

Peter, Ned, and I have been friends since that incident. Flash still makes fun of Peter, but neither of them would ever let me know, but of course I knew what was happening. I had my ways, one of them being Ned, who’d tell me just about everything if I just knew the right keywords. Whenever I could stop it, I did. Flash seemed to always suddenly forget something behind him whenever he saw me near Peter, a not-so-subtle way of avoiding me.

Peter had become my notebook. Whatever thoughts I had, I’d tell him, and he’d gladly share his thoughts with me too. We’d talk about everything, including nothing. 

Lately, though, Peter had been avoiding me too. I joked about it once, telling him I started to think Flash and him were having some secret affair. Peter paled at my words and looked like he was going to be ill if I hadn’t laughed. That was probably the most normal interaction we’ve had in months.

Ned was telling me he was just stressed because exams were coming up, but I knew that couldn’t be it. Peter never stressed out about exams, and he sure wouldn’t start now considering exams were at least a month away.

I was in potions in my usual spot next to Peter. He, though, hadn’t been my partner since he had started avoiding me, and since we were an odd number of students, I would be forced to either work alone or with Professor Slughorn, but even when I would work with him, I may as well have been working alone.

“Now, now, get your partners and let’s get started on today’s potion!” Professor Slughorn announced. I sighed, gathering my things and getting ready to move so I could work with Slughorn again.

“Y/N,” Peter began, making me freeze and look at him. “Do you… do you want to work on this one with me?”

I could’ve said a number of things to him expressing my frustration at his avoiding me, but I decided it wouldn’t be the wise thing to do considering we were in the middle of class. “Sure,” I shrugged, figuring it would be a nice change.

“Right, today we are going to be working on Amortentia…” Professor Slughorn continued. Peter and I followed his instructions, able to make the potions without even speaking together. Instead, we looked at each other when the other wasn’t looking (or when we thought the other wasn’t looking) and made the potion with an awkward silence.

By the end of class, I had chosen to stay behind for a while so I could talk to Professor Slughorn. 

“Professor-” I began after everyone left, but McGonagall had come in and told the professor to follow her.

“Just a moment, Y/N,” Professor Slughorn excused before leaving. I sighed, cleaning up where Peter and I had worked.

“Y/N? What are you still doing here?” Peter asked, coming in.

“Don’t you have Charms or something?” I muttered.

“I was on my way after trying to find Ned. I figured to come back because he has Potions next…” Peter answered, walking beside me and finding the Amortentia we had made together in a little vial. “Why do you still have it?”

“It’s the first Amortentia potion I mad-” I began, but Peter only looked at me, making me roll my eyes. “Fine. The first Amortentia potion I made that I made without risking being in trouble,” I corrected. Peter held it up.

“Yeah. Let’s not forget the one you gave to Goldstein-”

“Only because she asked me to!” I defended, my voice raising a pitch. 

“You reckon you’d get in trouble if I drank it?” My eyes widened at him.

“Don’t. Even. Dare,” I warned. Peter smiled at me and removed the cork. I tried to get the vial out of his grasp, but he turned around and drank it. “Peter, no!”

Peter exhaled, turning around again and handing me the now-empty vial. “Welp, see you later, Y/N. I gotta look for Ned,” Peter shrugged before walking off. I blinked at him.

“I… I… Wait,” I muttered to myself as Professor Slughorn came in. “Professor, did I make the potion right?” Professor Slughorn chuckled.

“From what I’ve seen, you’ve never made a potion wrong. Why do you ask?” He replied.

“I… Peter just… Peter just drank the Amortentia we made together. Now, I don’t know if that has anything to do with it-” Professor Slughorn only looked at me knowingly. “What?”

“Why wouldn’t Amortentia work, Y/N? If it was perfectly crafted-”

“You think-”

“I don’t think, Y/N, I know,” he smiled at me. My face broke out in a grin as I ran out of the dungeon and began looking for Peter.

I navigated the many halls of Hogwarts and finally found him on his way to Charms with Ned. I stopped for a moment, sighing in relief before running to him, and tackling him from behind in a hug, practically getting a piggyback ride from him.

“Peter!” I laughed.

“Y/N?” He laughed as well.

“What’s going on?” Ned asked curiously.

“Peter, you-”

“Parker!” Flash yelled, walking up to us. I could feel my blood boil as I hopped off Peter and stepped beside him. “You kno-”

“Flash Thompson!” I glowered, “I’m sort of talking to Peter right now and quite frankly I don’t care for you stomping up to us like you own the bloody school, alright?! I don’t care how long it took you to get over this weird phobia you have of me scolding and insulting you whenever it comes to Parker over here, but you will turn around and walk away before I put you under the Cruciatus Curse!” I threatened. Flash paled, walking off. I huffed in frustration and looked at Peter, who was both bewildered and amused at my behaviour.

“I… I’m gonna go to Potions,” Ned excused himself, walking away.

“Peter bloody Parker, you should have told me!” I hit his arm, making him laugh at me. “This isn’t funny, you jerk! You could’ve just told me instead of ignoring me and drinking the bloody potion! It was reckless and stupid of you, you git!”

“It worked, though, didn’t it?” Peter rose an eyebrow.

Worked?! I was worried that you hated me! Or that I became annoying! Or-Or-”

Peter shushed me, grabbing my shoulders. I looked at him and stopped rambling. “I could never hate you,” he told me, “Nor do I ever think you’re annoying.”

“Yeah, well I see that now-”

“Y/N, I avoided you because I had to figure it out first. I mean, it’s incredibly confusing-”

“You think?!”

“Shh!” Peter laughed. I sighed. “I’m really sorry, and it was stupid.” I rolled my eyes. He took my hand and kissed my knuckles. “Forgive me?” He looked at me with puppy-dog eyes and I sighed.

“Of course I forgive you, you dolt,” I chuckled, hugging him. He laughed, hugging me back. “I swear you’ll be the death of me.”



Presume that immortal demons such as Bill can have one mortal live forever with them, whether it be their soulmate, friend, or whatever. Dipper would be the one thought for this role, correct? This is the conversation that transpired.

Dipper: “Why won’t you make me immortal with you?!”

Bill: He pauses for a second. “Because…I already gave it to my cat.”

Dipper: “Y-your cat? We don’t even own a cat, you don’t even like cats!”

Bill: “Welp.” He snaps his fingers and makes a cat appear, cringing while attempting to pet it.

But what if Bill actually did this because he knew it would be horrible for Dipper to live forever and he wouldn’t want Dipper to suffer through something like that because in reality being immortal is horrible

I mean what

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Eldarya's plot points and Gardienne's real "race" (SPOILERS) also the ep 13 drama

To start off real quick: Ashkore is almost a perfect anagram of Keroshane. Okay done. Not sure if this a coincidence but if it is then damn…. wtf? Anyways, after doing some research on the internet to find what kind of “mythical creature” has purple eyes i found something really interesting.

I think our dear gardienne has Alexandria’s genesis, long story short: the person with the uh… “symptomes” of that thing is supposed to have purple eyes (no surprise there) but also: good health, no period, no pubic hair, light skin, black or brown hair. I think there’s more but i don’t remember everything, if you’re curious just google it.

To be clear this “Alexandria’s genesis” thing doesn’t exist (obviously). It was made up by Cameron Miquelon who wrote an apparently famous fanfiction on Daria (an American animated tv series that aired in late 90’s). At least i suppose it was famous since it got so much attention.

The legend says over 1000 years ago, in Egypt a blinding light tore apart the sky and whoever was close to it/have seen it (something along those lines) developed a… “mutation” called Alexandria’s genesis. But wait… “Alexandria”… don’t you recall it yet? Come on, think about the first episodes of Eldarya when Gardienne was talking with Kero about Alexandria’s library which was destroyed years ago on earth but in Eldarya they still had a library with the exact same name.

You can call it world building but i think it’s not only that, it has to be foreshadowing. (side note: Alexendria’s library was “by coincidence” in Egypt, the place where Alexandria’s genesis started). In the recent episodes they talked about how a certain event in history must have made Eldarya appear. “A blinding light tore apart the sky” wooow… i woonder why the sky tore apart huh… it’s not like it created another world or something… right?

Bruuh. I don’t even know if i’m right but holy shit if i am… i want everyone to WORSHIP ME. HAHAHAHAhahahahaha…ha. No but seriously, it wasn’t even that hard to figure out. Just with some google research i’ve found the entire plot. Why the f did nobody do that? Welp. (Then again it’s just speculation, i could be wrong.)

Also stop with the drama please. “They are such assholes for lying to us and making us drink the potion with a kiss, where are woman’s rights at?” First of all, i would be really surprised if you actually gave a legitimate fuck about “woman’s right” at that particular moment when you saw the scene for the first time. It was a disgusting thing to do, okay. Yeah, i get it. But it’s not like she got fucking raped. Y'all just triggered because your favs acted the way they did and made “your” parents on earth forget you.

You may be mad but now let me ask you this: which is more important? One person’s social life or thousands of REAL lives? Will you care more about a person that you’ve known for about 3 months or the world where you grew up in? Not to mention as for now it’s almost impossible for Gardienne to go back home. And maybe the potion acts for like 1 month or something, not forever. If i was in that situation i’ll be desperate and drink the potion. Protect the memories of your family for your own sake and drag thousands of people in danger? If you refuse to drink the potion you’ll live the rest of your life in Eldarya with everyone hating and antagonising you.

Happy with that? Haha. I think not.

ask-mahogany  asked:

Is that toast I smell?

Mahogany: *walking by* eh…today is a weird day, first some guy yelling for his friend named Vincent like a lost child…and now this odd sent. *sighs* I need to get some sleep. 
Vincent: Someone end this nightmare…stop everything, I don’t want to be here anymore. I want away from it all. I’m sorry…I’m so sorry…I shouldn’t be here…why god, why am I even here…I can never show my face to her, or anyone. I need to just disappear. 
Scott: Vincent? 
Vincent: …g-go away…
Scott: Finally found you, are you okay? Did I say something to make you panic? 
Vincent: …*quiet weeping* 
Scott: Come here Vincent. 

Vincent: I-I’m so sorry…
Scott: shhhhhh..just let it all out..*pats Vincents back*

welp my tablet died again at last moment with it’s stupid sensitivity so I couldn’t draw all of it, sorry about that ^^; but here’s some feels. 
Exo's reaction to their girlfriend being more violent than Kyungsoo

Exo’s reaction to their girlfriend being more violent than Kyungsoo please? ^^-Anon. 

Xiumin: Ow! Dude, how are you so strong!? Your punches are 10 times worse than Kyungsoo’s!

Luhan: Dear Lord… If you can’t make her weaker, please make me stronger.

Kris: Welp… I hope we never get into fights…

Suho: Here’s 100 bucks. Please so return all the pain Kyungsoo has once given all of us.

Lay:  You’re not actually going to hurt me like D.O right? *nervous*

Baekhyun: Why did I fall in love with a girl who’s so violent?!

Chen: *shows the members his bruise after you punched him “lightly”* Ow! It still hurts, and that was from a week ago!

Chanyeol: Omg you’re even more violent than Kyungsoo? How is that even possible?!

D.O: Yas! Let me introduce you to the members and you’ll demonstrate your strength! Power Couple Forever!

Tao: I already get bullied by D.O at work! Can’t I come home to some hugs and kisses?! I’m tired of getting hurt!

Kai: Not again!

Sehun: Instead of bullying me, can’t you take it on D.O or something? He’s the one who actually deserves it

Dress up as a maid to make your muse jealous

El couldn’t believe this. Why why why did he even listen to Darcey and her plans any more? He looked fucking ridiculous in this overly sexual Halloween costume. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Dress up all sexy she says. Get other guys ta flirt with ya at the party she says. It’s fool proof she says! Yeah right, more like proof that I’m the fool…” There was a knock at the door. Neal was hear. Welp, time to face the music.

so, i haven’t done one of these in a while & i figured it was time. the last time i did one of these, i think i’d just hit like… 800 followers?? & i honestly thought THAT was a lot. but i’m never less grateful for every single one of you that decide to hit that little plus sign & follow me, because it means so. much.to have people that actually like me & my portrayal enough to have me stinking up their dash 24/7. let’s be honest, i’m a rotten fiesta potato. i mean am i right or am i right. i’ve been playing scotty for over a year now, & every time i think i couldn’t love him anymore wOOPS another day goes by and i continue to be in love with a fictional character. but hey, i signed my soul away & i’m alright with it. I’VE ACCEPTED IT. because i really think i’ve done a good job of bringing him to life & staying true to him as well as i know how, & i’m so lucky & happy to be able to say that 1.1k people at least agree in some aspect??? i just, i. i love you guys so much & you’re all so amazing & i wish that i could roleplay with every single one of you but HONESTLY i’m incapable of being that productive. but i still stalk everyone & appreciate everyone and s OB over these people’s writing skills on a daily basis. hell, even if i’ve never talked to them out of character a day in my life. anyway, thank you. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. for loving me & loving scotty & actually interacting with me & liking my posts & being cuties because i notice every bit of it & it always makes me smile!!! ;’)) if i forget everyone, consider yourself telepathically mentioned because i LOVE YOU. 

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