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Hey! What are your NOTPs anyway? And give reasons why.

Please don’t sound so demanding, okay?

Humm, there are several ships that I dislike but only a few that I dislike strongly enough to call them NOTPs… They’re popular pairings though. Welp, to each their own taste, huh?

Xander x Ryouma: I just can’t even imagine them involved in a romantic way. Their supports were strictly professional and I don’t even think they’d talk to each other if it weren’t for their countries/Kamui.

Xander x Laslow: I… I don’t even know how/why this is a thing. I like Laslow but he just seem so far from what Xander would like in a partner to me? Their whole supports is just Xander getting pissed at his unproper attitude and scolding/punishing him for it, though they seem to get a bit closer at some point, but even so it’s in a professional, kinda distant way. Anyway, my brain just cannot process this ship. Xander literally acts like a paternal figure to him (and Peri).

Leo x Takumi: Besides the fact that they seem both strictly straight to me, I literally can’t picture them as something else than good friends sharing a sense of rivalry.