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Thomas Astruc posted a photo on Instagram of Volpina and Queen Bee and in the caption tagged it as Fall 2017. Last I heard season 2 is supposed to be this month, but there hasn't been any news. Do you think this means the season is delayed till the fall?

Welp, first Thomas Astruc doesn’t have an Instagram,that’s a fake account. Second, right now there is no official release date for season 2, with a general idea of it being released in late summer/early fall but that can change too depending on production/broadcasting

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I'm going to say it: Most people are upset about the set list because No Control isn't on there. There I said it. It's a great song but people feel like they are owed that song because of the fan project, which they never asked you to do. I thought it was supposed to be because you loved it not because you expected anything out of it. Yes I would like to see some songs go but the backpedaling needs to stop and it seems like it is happening more often than not lately.

I agree. Not only has the absence of No Control brought that “we are so powerful #ProjectNoControl” thing right back down to earth, but it’s also making people who’ve been screaming it’s not a stunt a little uncomfortable too. Because many of them were sure the reason the setlist didn’t change before was because of big bad Zayn the quitter. Welp, now what? 

I feel comfortable saying Project No Control blew up the way it did because of a big management assist. And now they’re done with that. That’s not to say it won’t show up on the setlist later. I hope it does. But this was a quasi grassroots campaign. Grassroots support didn’t make it what it became. Powerful people behind the scenes did. I’m not mad. It was very smart and I’m proud of 1D’s incoming team/new advisors/whatever for engaging the fandom instead of beating us down. I’ve said before, this fandom has finally met its match and it’s fascinating to watch.