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I adore how Robert seems to genuinely enjoy Liv's company now. She's so like Aaron, grouchy, but witty and hilarious when she wants to be. I love how they've clearly just been hanging out in the Mill. (I refuse to think about what a nincompoop Robert has been to his family with Rebecca in that very same house). And Liv seems to rely on Robert for reassurance. I love how she takes his opinions in and respects them. Trusts him (welp). I just hope Chas whisks her away before the shit hits the fan!

im sobbing they’re such a faMILY


My thoughts on SPN episode 12x11:

  • Dean waking up with a bunny is the best.
  • I love how much Dean loves waffles.
  • Aw poor Dean doesn’t remember how to drive. 
  • LOL Dean loves Finding Dory. 
  • Dean calling the lamp a light stick made my night. 
  • Sam is being the best brother this ep I love him so <3
  • Dean is amazing at riding things. Go figure…
  • I love that this woman is all about consent YAAASSSSS
  • OMG Dean is becoming an innocent human with no memory of the supernatural. He’s so adorable I cannot. 
  • Dean super excited about his best friend being an angel is the best.
  • Awww Dean complimenting Rowena’s bouncy hair. 
  • “I’ve seen my brother die. Watching him becoming not him… this might be the worst.” OMG SAMMY MY HEART :( 
  • LOL so who is Dean voodoo dolling right now.
  • Oh no Sam :( :( :( Stop hurting Sam 2k17. 
  • Dean implicitly trusting Sam omggggggg
  • What is this weird montage at the end??? Just an excuse to show Jensen riding a bull???? I’ll take it. 

In conclusion: Jensen should get all the awards for his acting. 

If there’s one thing that really gets me during this episode, is the failed opportunity RT missed with keeping Adam’s White Fang branch separate from the White Fang as a whole. 

To me, the White Fang has become a group of boring, stale little grunts that don’t bring much to the table other than to be part of Adam and Company. They went from a peaceful organization of a group of people that were wronged, discriminated, and ostracized to basically just lackeys for the whim of one psychopathic dude hell bent on ruining any possible chances of peace and equality. And I don’t mean that just because they’ve turned to more violent assaults. If written right, they could still compel a reasonable argument with plenty of shaded and gray areas as to why they’ve become like this (ex: humans not listening while they protested peacefully, their people still being mistreated, etc.).

The problem is, it’s not being written right. The White Fang, as a whole, are treated as these comical grunts and just, simply, have no sense of depth. And in this episode, I saw a chance that could have added more to them but RT just had to shoot their own foot. 

In this episode, we get a bit of info as to how the WF work, with sister branches in possibly all of the main cities. We also see the possibility that Adam’s branch in Vale could have been overtaken by him, and could hold different views from the main WF as a whole. I don’t know about you, but seeing different views within the WF amongst branch leaders, how they view humans and what level of violence they would tolerate, and how they would condone/respond to their own members behaving this way… would have been infinitely more interesting for the organization than, “Hur dur Adam seems to control way more than just the Vale branch and it seems like the WF all back him up hurhur betcha didn’t see that coming???” They literally just redefined them as grunts once again, lacking any depth.


No suspense. No build up. Definitely not shocking because that was like revealing a fucking twist for a toddler aimed show “WHERE’S SWIPER? DO YOU KNOW WHERE SWIPER IS????? OH WOW HE’S HERE.

My point is. If you’re going to fucking make them seem mysterious and add some form of suspense to your new supposed “villains” can you do better than literally revealing them a few seconds afterwards? 

Miles and Kerry could have literally ended their scene with just these lines, 

“An interesting development, wouldn’t you say?” 

“Interesting indeed…”

And that’s it. That would at least give the viewers something to chew on. Why is it interesting? Are they good? Bad? Do they seem shady? Can we trust them?

But no. NoooOoOOoOoOoOO. We gotta reveal where fucking Swiper is. 

so i know alec being the first one to say i love you would be so so cute and i’m very much about it but um side idea: magnus says it first. and oh!! better: it’s on accident. 

i mean of course he 1000% means it!! it’s just that he’s already known his feelings for alec for a while now and it’s become this very normal thing in magnus’ life. like the sky is blue, water is wet, the clave is The Worst, and magnus bane loves alexander lightwood. see? simple. 

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Welp, here we go! I think this is what Aphmau and Aaron will be like when they become friends…
This is one of my favourite poses, and I’ve wanted to draw it for a while! It was kinda hard, but I drew a one similar before hand, so it was a tad easier.
I think my blog has so much Aarmau, that my friends at school don’t question it when I draw shippy things at school.

so…  in 2 months time,  ya girl will have officially become a  manager  !


Finally got around to reading Agent of Asgard!

It’s fantastic how Ewing brings Loki back to his archetypal roots as a trickster, and how that plays out in the comic format. I’m such a sucker for metanarrative, and Loki, a self-conscious creature of story, becomes the god of stories? I’m sold.

Also, I love how the series is reminiscent of Aguirre-Sacasa’s (Trials of Loki) and Simonson’s Thor runs. It’s nice to see some continuity from the Ragnarok/Surtur saga.

I hope Loki continues to be handled well after this. Gillen and Ewing deconstructed his character so well and so uniquely, it’s hard to imagine a better follow-up.

accidentally writes a thing based off my own headcanon woops

It was the smell of freshly cooked breakfast that roused Eijun from his sleep. Pushing back the sheets tucked neatly around his chin ( Miyuki’s doing, he was sure ), he sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Yawning, he arched his back, stretching his arms out in front of him and rotating his left shoulder.

It had become something of a habit; each morning he would check for strained muscles or any other form of discomfort along his left arm, from shoulder to fingertips. Chris-senpai had been adamant that he had to take proper care of his body as he worked his way towards going pro, emailing him with exercises and reminders when he knew a big match was coming up. Eijun wanted to be in top condition in the event that there were scouts amongst the members of crowd, searching for new members to invite to their team. But at the end of the day, he wasn’t going anywhere without Miyuki.

Letting his arms drop, Eijun shuffled over to the edge of the bed, reaching blindly for the pair of socks he’d discarded sometime in the night and slipping them over his chilled toes. Grabbing the first shirt he saw ( draped across the back of a nearby chair ), the pitcher eased it over his head and stumbled his way towards the small kitchenette where food awaited him. He realised, belatedly, that the shirt he’d put on wasn’t anywhere near his size, but he was steadfast in his mission for food. It wasn’t like he hadn’t worn Miyuki’s shirts before.

“Morning,” he rasped as he entered the small kitchen, making a beeline for the glass of water Miyuki had already set out for him.

The catcher merely hummed in response, focused on making sure the delicious food that had woken him didn’t burn.

After downing the glass of water, Eijun stepped up behind Miyuki and slid his arms around his waist, propping his chin on his shoulder. The catcher merely sighed, subtly leaning back into his embrace, although his eyes never once left the stove. He might not ever say it aloud, but Eijun knew all too well that Miyuki enjoyed his good morning hugs.

“I was wondering what I’d have to do to wake you up,” Miyuki mused with a slight smile, tilting his head and brushing his lips against Eijun’s temple, “Turns out that food was the answer, huh?”

“Mm, it does smell pretty good,” Eijun mumbled, twisting his head to bury his face against Miyuki’s neck. He’d already had a shower; his hair was damp and his skin smelled like citrus fruit. Eijun’s favourite. Lips curving into a smile against the side of his throat, he added under his breath, “And so do you.”

“Oi, oi,” Miyuki protested softly, although Eijun could hear the grin in his voice, “Keep that up and I’ll burn the rice.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Try me.”

With a huff, the pitcher unwound his arms from where they rested atop Miyuki’s stomach and shifted off to the side, leaning against the counter. He noticed the glance the catcher shot in his direction in his peripheral vision, biting back a smile at the way his entire head snapped towards him moments later, lips parting.

“Is that my shirt?” Miyuki’s query was neither accusatory or annoyed, simply curious.

Eijun glanced down at himself and grinned. “Looks like it.”

With a flick of his wrist, Miyuki shut off the stove and moved the pan off the heat, making sure none of the rice stuck to the bottom before pressing into Eijun’s personal space, hips pinning him against the counter. One hand reached up to cup the younger man’s face, the other slipping around his back to draw him even closer still.

“I think I like you in my shirt as much as I like you out of it,” Miyuki breathed, lips but inches away from Eijun’s. His eyes were dark with promise behind the frame of his glasses, a playful smirk toying with the corners of his mouth.

The pitcher’s hands found the other man’s waist, tipping his head to brush their noses together, his voice hushed as he whispered into the space between them, “Which do you prefer?”

“I guess we could try and figure that out.” Came Miyuki’s reply, before their mouths finally met and Eijun allowed himself to melt into the catcher’s arms.

Needless to say, breakfast was long forgotten.

Hi, Spideypoolers!

After almost 3 years, I am forced to close this blog. I can no longer give it the attention and time I gave it before and which it deserves: I need to focus on my family matters and my interests and fandoms have changed, as some of you might have noticed.

Spideypool still holds a big part of my heart and I will probably continue writing fics about it on my personal blog, but I won’t be recommend stories nor find them anymore. I won’t delete the blog, so the archive, list, and answered questions will remain available for everyone, but from today I am officially ‘stepping down’.

Thank you all so much for the support and love you showed during these years and especially during these last, hard months! The Spideypool fandom has been one of the fandoms I most put myself into and I met many wonderful and beautiful people thanks to it. All your stories, fanarts, videos, and creations are stunning and I am so happy to have taken part in it! Answering your questions, recommending you stuff and finding what you needed was so much fun and it made me feel useful and good for something; I hope that you will continue reading the fics, as well as writing them and giving the fandom more gorgeous stories to read.

Maybe one day the blog will reopen - for now, goodbye and keep on being awesome!

Thank you again!

I had a dream last night that was crossover leverage ot3 with daemons only Parker was Eliot’s daemon and still human and I’ve been thinking about it all day like

  • Parker not understanding how to be “normal” because she’s not actually human
  • Parker and Eliot pretending to be siblings, very terrifying siblings
  • Eliot buying them matching insect-daemon lanyards so people won’t question them in public (they would be so cute)
  • Parker being an amazing badass thief and Eliot like, welp guess I gotta do something to support this, and that’s how he becomes a hitter, to protect her
  • Hardison falling in love with Parker first and not realizing that he’s in effect also in love with Eliot
  • Parker telling Hardison he can touch her and Eliot being like, Parker wtf no, and Hardison like, hey man, the lady can make her own body autonomy decisions and Eliot like I will literally kill you
  • Eliot thinking that he’s a monster because of the things he’s done but Parker is his soul and she’s the best parts of him and if she can be human, he must be too

Also, Hardison’s daemon was a pig (because they are sloppy and messy but they are also adorable and cuddly and deceptively smart and clever. also I think my brain was just delighting in picturing Aldis Hodge cuddling a pig) whose name was Margaret, but he never called her that, it was always nicknames like Maggie and Molly and Peggy and Polly and Momo, etc. and since lots of people don’t know the origins of the nicknames no one ever figures out her real name (until someone hurts her and then Hardison yells out her name and everything hurts)

Aqours Q&A (Tsushima Yoshiko)

I want to become a full-fledged little demon, what should I do first?
Asked by Razuさん

Training of course, training~!! That’s obviously the answer♡ Then, let me present to you the training schedule Yohane thought up for you! First, you buy Aqours’s CD. After that, you slowly build up a full and complete collection of Yohane’s goods~♡ You’ll definitely become able to use demonic powers ♪

During study trips in middle school, did you end up buying things like wooden swords and cross-shaped accessories?
Asked by 鈴生昂さん

Wooden sword!? That aside— I actually didn’t buy crosses and the like♡ After all, Yohane is a demon who’s a fallen angel, right? If I were to use something, it would be a real demonic cross unlike the ordinary ones— but I would be judged for the sulfurous smell so I don’t use it♪ My souvenirs from my middle school trip were— nothing. I couldn’t go because I was down with the flu……

Did you ever consider having short hair?
Asked by とむゆぅさん

Fufufu♡ If I had short hair, it would definitely suit me well♪ With the back of my hair cropped off in a short gracious cut— but actually whenever I go to the salon and take a seat, I end up thinking that I shouldn’t go through with it today after all. Maybe someday I’ll invite one of the other members to do it together with me?

How much magic can you use?
Asked by 津島善男さん

That’s a secret. After all, if you talk about such important information— You might trigger an all-out war with the heavenly armies, you know? Ah, but you seem like a poor thing so I’ll tell you just a little bit. Yohane’s signature move is her charm spell♪ Once you see this smile, you’ll become Yohane’s servant forever~♡

It seems like you watch movies alone on your days off, but what genres of movies do you watch?
Asked by 松海鳳さん

Don’t tell anyone, okay? The truth is— I love movies that make me cry. Movies where the protagonist dies from illness, or close lovers are torn apart— I end up crying a lot!! After all, even the devil cries♡ Ah of course, I like horror as well. Although zombie flicks are… a bit too much for me…

The unlucky fallen angel Yoshiko-chan! Please teach me a way to turn bad luck into good luck!
Asked by かっちゃん! さん

Nope, this is— Even though I myself have been researching this for many years, it seems it may be impossible to change one’s fortune. Ah, but don’t give up just yet, okay? No matter how unlucky you are, so long as you have an explosive power inside, you’ll definitely be able to blow it all away! That’s why I became a demon♡♡

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine October 2016 issue

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Hi! I see you're doing well, friend. I'm sorry I don't send asks often, it's just that I've been really busy lately. You've improved a lot though, well done

Oh, hi! welp, I wouldn’t say I’m doing so well, I just don’t talk about it xD and it’s okay, I’ve been busy too… Thanks! :D I’m putting a lot of effort into improving my drawings, and it’s kind of draining me, so many things to practice I never cared about in the past D: but, I’m keeping determined, someday I could become a professional and make my dreams come true :) or maybe not and I’ll end starving and without a job or a house, who knows xD

Upcomming things

* ECHOTALE cheesy update (totally unplanned but the Universe called and blessed me with an idea) PT I (maybe even today or tommorow)

*ECHOTALE cheesy update PT II (welp….it’s 10+10 pages…I had to split it)

*Rest of free requests following ♥

*DANCETALE MAP - taking part in this marvelously cute thing, gonna work on it gradually.

*ECHOTALE - actual UPDATE that had been planned - about Frisks time in the lab and backstory of the experiment gone wrong.

*HunterxHunter - Redemption short comic (should really finish this!) - Pitou, Kite, Gon.

*Second Promise Sequel - I’ll try to update asap, possily 6 pages next. (which means, there will be 3 or 4 more updates till the story end)

*Spring Cleansing - I don’t really know whether or not I even start this but I love the idea and already wrote three or four pages of dialogue for the whole first part (I need to get a life ….. wait…NO..THIS IS PART OF M LIFE!!! YOLO!). I need to reboot a Portal comic on a different account, so all this will depend on how I can balance out work on that, the work I have for money and managing things here. The story is based on a personal headcanon about where the skelebros come from and why Sans feels so responsible for his brother. The setting is post-pacifist, several years after it. Frisk comes back from travels and finds a few things changed, few others…not so much. It should be two parts (not sure about he number of pages) - first part dealing with Frisk pulling out Sans’s past, second part an actual flashback on all stuff that happened in Snowdin and before skelebros came there. Might be a part three as closure. Also, soriel and sansfrisk hints scattered, in modest amount. It could be a nice story T_T; man…..I really do like to make my life difficult.

* A star and its human - original comic planned, script written - can’t seem to be moving but I really want to make this one happen. It’s very short but the idea is looming over me and I can’t forget about it ♥ I’m a star-lover, it’s kind of personal.

I am starting a small job in February, so I might not be able to be here as often as I was till now. I might be slower to answer asks or chat but… if I do answer them qucikly, it means I am not doing what I am supposed to -___-; haha. Which will probably be the case…so..scratch that. Lol.  I’m also animating short things for work… so hopefully I can make it all out in one piece.

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT, Stay as long as your heart desires ♥


Hurricane Patricia is degradating to a 4th category hurricane. It is expected to be a 1st category hurricane during the night and part of this morning.

Why is this happening? Welp, México has a lot of mountains so thats why its becoming weaker cause this mountains and hills instantly cut this air.

Wow! i didn’t thought about this and its true! We have a lot of mountains, but careful! wind is still dangerous and also rain and this thing is still huge.

This is being confirmed and this is the most recent new till now.

I will keep informing! i wont sleep in peace tho xD