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Summary: Bucky asks to borrow your laptop and finds the smutty fanfiction that you’ve been writing on your anonymous Tumblr account.

Warnings: smut, secondhand embarrassment, fingering, metal arm kink

A/N: Thank you guys for being so nice to me today and sending me asks because I really like getting asks and they helped me feel better. I finished writing this at three in the morning because my anxiety is really bad because I’m waiting for my advisor to email me back about whether or not I can withdrawal my Physics class and I’m going really crazy waiting because I have a Physics test Thursday and welp. Anyway, that’s why you have this fic; I couldn’t sleep so I wrote this. Feedback is welcome and encouraged. If you want to be added to the tag list you have to send me an ask.

“Hey, (Y/N), can I borrow your laptop?” Bucky peered into your room, making sure you weren’t indecent first.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” You unplugged the MacBook from it’s charger and handed it to Bucky. “I’ll be down in the gym if you have any questions.”

“Thanks, doll.” His fingers brushed against yours as he took the metal computer from you. The mixture of his pet name and the tingling from his touch sent a need between your legs. “Mind if I just sit in here and use it?” 

“Not at all.” You headed out of your room and to the gym, ready to work out.

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Prompt: “Could we have a Chekov x reader where the bridge crew or just one of the main people catches them in an awkward situation and Chekov is all embarrassed but the reader thinks it’s funny?” - Anon

Word Count: 736

Author’s Note: Welp, live and learn. I realized that I was spelling, and pronouncing a certain Russian phrase completely wrong. Life imitating art? Anyway, for the purposes of this piece, I’m assuming that Sulu’s daughter is still named Demora in the AOS timeline. Also, I’m really bad at awkward situations, apparently, so we get whatever the hell happened here. Enjoy!

Cyrillic Key:  Боже мой - Bozhe moy - Oh my God.

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2 - Draw yourself having a romantic date with your favourite character

BOI ! I have to finish this.

I know what your thinking. “Wut ? This is not you ! You don’t respect the rules ! Ur bad ! D:<” Well, that’s true. But technically, this is me.
When I saw this, I was like : “Oh BOI ! I wait so much for this day to come !” Because let me introduce Ghost, an alternate version of myself !

“WHAT ?! How could you made an AU of YOURSELF ??? You have to much ego”

Well, probably. Anyway. She is married with Sans and I actually love this ship so much. It’s been a while sins I want to make a drawing of them, but I dunno why, I don‘t. Welp, now it’s done ! :D Correction : It’s half done. It’s only the flat colors and I pass all the day on it.

‘bout Ghost, she is not the only version of me. Well, actually, I AM a version. Ans there is Time, Scientist, Future, Legends, TAO ( True Artensia Original ), Elemental(s), Old… Well, there are many. If you have any questions about them, or me, or just Ghost, you can ask on the ask box, I will be happy to answer :D

Wow I wrote a lot. There is probably a lot of mistakes. Sorry for the bad English.

The day 2 of 9 days drawing challenge by @lueduartv (Thank you so much, I can introduce my character, thanks to you ! -TTuTT-/)

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Crush story- I liked this guy for 5 years and he liked me back but we never ended up dating cuz idk. He's now trying to come back in my life. Welp, turns out I'm gay! He helped me find myself so I sorta have to thank him. Anyways yep that's sad but cool. I love your blog bye and sneak on my phone in class just to read your fics over and over again. Such a good writer wowza

First, I can’t believe I’ve gotten two stories about crushes making people realize that they’re gay. 

The whole trying to come back into your life thing could be good or bad, I’m not sure so I guess just good luck!

Don’t ignore class or break rules because of me! My fafictions will still be there after class, well I don’t know, they contain gay material so they might not be anymore…

Also you are just so sweet, thank you!

Vampire Part 3

And part 3 is here. Welp enjoy. And here is the credits:
Goth and Fell!Goth belongs to @nekophy and Palette and Fell!Palette belongs to @angexci

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox.
And credit to anyone else I missed.  I don’t know if there’s a vampire au but if there is, does it belong to @blogthegreatrouge? I dunno. If there is and it does belong to her, then Vampire au belongs to @blogthegreatrouge.
Enjoy this part.

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Bri Reviews Hit the Floor S3 Ep10 (The Finale)

Hit the Floor. Season 3. Episode 10 (The Finale)

Note: This review is typed scene by scene with name headings for easy reading.

Derek and Ahsha

These two. They looked adorable all cuddled up in bed reflecting on all that’s happened. Just hearing them talk about the past events really made me realize that they have been through A LOT. They’ve been through more than some couples that have been together for years. Cokegate, a break up, dealing with a murdering coat tail riding, thieving demon, and then losing a friend. All of this happened in a short amount of time and let’s be honest, everyone doesn’t survive all that hell. This proves that Dersha’s love is strong and love always wins in the end…as cliché as that sounds.

They can’t get enough of each other either. You spot that hand holding and caressing? I see you Dersha and… (nope I will keep it cute).  So cute! As I always say, it’s the little moments that I love the most. Sure, the sex scenes are amazing to see, but seeing them cuddled up and holding each other gets my shipper heart going. Especially after being drug through the fire with these two. So I cherish these moments with them because we know things never stay calm in the Devils world.

I also love the trust they’ve built with each other. Some guys would freak out if their girl touched their phone, let alone looked to see who was calling. I know guys who would throw their phones against a wall before their girl could touch it. Derek didn’t even seem phased which cracked me up. On the other hand, Ahsha was all like, “Who da hell is this bitch?” HAHA! She wanted him to answer that phone, badly. Ahsha doesn’t play when it comes to her chocolate drop. Mess with her man and she will cut you. I just find it hilarious! Then Derek played it smooth by asking her if she wanted to join him in the shower. Now we all know Ahsha ended up in that shower, right? Okay.

Terrence and Jelena

Terrence in that towel….GOOD GAWD! Why are the men on this show so good looking? Where do you find these type of men? On Mars? Anyway…

Jelena was looking worried and I figured this is when she would tell Terrence about her issue having children. I felt bad for them in this scene because Terrence really wants a baby. He was super excited about finding her birth control pills in the trash, thinking she was ready to be a mom. Welp, that wasn’t the case. When Jelena blurted out that she couldn’t have children, I wasn’t expecting Terrence to react the way he did. My reaction was the same one Jelena had? Dude, what the hell? Could you be a little more supportive? Then I thought about it. Can we really blame Terrence here? Jelena did say that she didn’t have time for kids in the last episode and we all know she loves to play games. It wouldn’t be hard to believe if Jelena played a trick just to get out of having children. Terrence knows how she is and that’s why he thought she was only saying she couldn’t have kids to get him off her back. This is the same woman who drugged him in order to keep him with the Devils. Jelena has a record. There is a major lesson here. Don’t do evil crap to the people you supposedly love because that will come back to bite you later on. Although Terrence forgave her for the drugging incident, he’ll never forget it. His guard has probably been up ever since they got back together. Trust issues much? I think so.

Oscar, Jude and Lionel

Awww, look at the happy family. Aren’t they cute? Ha! The fact that Lionel is stuck with Oscar still makes me laugh. Can you imagine going through that type of torture? It’s all her fault though. She thought she was being smart when in all actuality she was signing her ticket to hell. When Oscar kissed her cheek, I thought Lionel was going to throw up. I bet she burned a hole in her face scrubbing that kiss away.

Poor little Lionel Kincade. Her actions led to Oscar locking her up and keeping her under his control. Unlike Jude, she can’t escape. Someone should have told her that messing with Oscar was going to be the worst mistake she ever makes. You tried it, Lionel. I don’t feel sorry for you either.

Kyle and Ahsha

I’m assuming we’ll never see Me-Guel again since he’s with Jessie now. Unless Jessie screws up at some point. You know how much of a screw up he was in season 1. I pray he is a good dad and role model for Me-Guel. Yes, I meant to spell his name like that because that’s how his mother said it. HAHA! I will miss hearing Val say that name. Maybe I can get it as a ringtone? I’m joking.

I thought it was sweet that Kyle wants to keep her ring. Although they weren’t romantic partners, Kyle was a great friend to Raquel and really got her to open up. Same with Raquel. She was an amazing friend to Kyle who needed someone to balance her out.

This particular scene was released last week and the Dersha fam used it as another clue for what was to come. Kyle is Ahsha’s best friend and she’s also a friend to Derek. Why wouldn’t she be in on a major secret? Once Ahsha explained her weird morning with Derek and Kyle rubbed it off, I knew something was up. Even Ahsha was looking at her like, “Girl, how do you not find this suspicious?”

The email from Raquel….creepy. Obviously she scheduled it to go out later but I would be a little freaked out if I received an email from a dead person. What the hell?

Zero and Jude

Did anyone else imagine Jude shouting, “Honey, I’m home!” as he walked through the door in his suit?

Okay, I guess Zero’s sister isn’t Kyle or Mia like I predicted last week. I thought it was cute how excited he was about finding her and knowing she is doing well. That’s got to be a relief for him. Although they have been apart all this time, she’s still family and you always want the best for your family.

Zero knows the deal with evil ass Oscar. Even he was confused about Jude working for the devil. As much as Lionel can work my nerves, I like how Jude is willing to side with her and not wanting to leave her hanging when it comes to his father. This is the same man who told him he wasn’t his son. Why wouldn’t Jude want to see him self-destruct? Too bad that self-destruction comes at a high price that Jude was not expecting. Hmm. Scary.

Jelena and Terrence

Women stay busting up in the Devil players’ locker room. First Lionel and now Jelena. I expect Ahsha to make her appearance in there soon. Women must do this all the time because the players didn’t even seem phased by Jelena’s presence.

She had to be really pissed off to go collect the proof to throw it in Terrence’s face. I hate when people accuse me of lying so I see why she wanted to show him the proof. It had to burn her soul when Terrence was insensitive about her situation. I knew the drug test wasn’t going away even when he claimed her forgave her for it. Jelena could have ruined his career. Even after forgiveness, the trust wasn’t there due to how Jelena operates.

Did Terrence really say that they didn’t need trust because they had everything else? Did those words really form in his brain and then leave his mouth? Trust is the number one thing that keeps a relationship going. Without it, you have nothing at all. Who wants to be with someone that they don’t trust? Why would you want to be with a person that you have to constantly keep an extra eye on because they are a savage? Who? I’ll wait. No trust in a relationship is like trying to drive a car without tires. It just won’t go. TF Terrence. Collect your balls and reattach them, please. If he needs a how to instruction guide, I can find one for him.

Ahsha, Sloane and Pete

I love this family. Just think, it used to be Ahsha and Sloane. Now we have Ahsha, Sloane and Pete. Aww!

Ahsha was looking at Lionel like, “TF you doing here?”  Sloane was ready to give her the hands if she was coming to stir up drama. You know, I’m not surprised that Lionel gave Sloane a heads up. Yes, she is a spawn of the devil and her sister is Jelena, but Lionel isn’t about to go to jail for Oscar.

I lost it when Pete said he was calling the police. Um Pete, don’t you remember that these are the same police who kidnapped Sloane and then tried to set her up. Which police are you calling? When Sloane told Ahsha that Jelena was the cause of all of this Ahsha went into “Whoop that trick” mode. You don’t mess with her mama….or her man.

Ahsha and Jelena

Ahsha has finally had enough of Jelena’s mess. You can only push a person so much before they snap on you. Ahsha is a sweetie, but Jelena is knocking on the ass beating door and is about to get an answer soon.

Jelena’s condo security don’t even like her enough to protect her from getting her ass beat. What did she do to them? Wow, she’s burning every bridge possible.

Look at Miss Hayes letting Jelena know that she wasn’t playing around anymore. That was a tiny push but I was here for it. She should have sent her through the wall, honestly. Jelena has literally been out to get her ever since she stepped into the arena. I cannot believe that Jelena actually thinks Ahsha wants to be her. Ha! Sure, she looked up to you at one time but Ahsha has never wanted to be Jelena Howard, especially since she found out who she really was. You know who the envious one is in this situation? Jelena Howard. Jelena has burned so many people that she doesn’t have anyone to back her up. Ahsha on the other hand has many people on her team and she didn’t have to scheme to keep them around. Jelena has been threatened by Ahsha from the beginning so I really don’t understand why she thinks Ahsha wants to be her. From the beginning, Jelena knew that Ahsha would be a star and that pissed her off. If she didn’t see Ahsha as a threat, then why does she hate her? What’s the point?

Sloane and Oscar

Come through, TT! Sloane is a real thug and I love her for it. Oscar really is a coward. Notice how he never actually does his own work but has others do it for him. I’m glad Sloane called him out on it because it’s true.

I knew Jelena “fixing” this situation was for her own gain. Does she ever do something for others without a cost? I also knew that 10% would mean more later on…I wasn’t guessing by the end of the episode. Yikes!

Ahsha and Mandi

I’m convinced that the Dersha Fam is hidden away in the writing room because we gave Mandi a role before we even saw the episode. Mandi was never considered a groupie in our eyes. Aren’t we good?

I love to hear Ahsha says she’s Derek’s girlfriend. She lets the women know right up front that she is the leading lady and they better know their position. I love it! Mandi was clearly someone important and not there to be messy. If she were that type of person, she had the opportunity to spill the tea and have Ahsha looking stupid. But she didn’t. James LaRosa threw the Dersha fans off this week with a certain interview. We had guessed that a ‘very special moment’ was coming for our babies and he knew that. I see you, James. Even then, we knew Mandi wasn’t a groupie. In the back of our minds, we still hoped for that special moment. Mandi was the key. Ahsha was already pissed off about Jelena and Mandi was about to get read if she stayed any longer. Oh Ahsha.

Ahsha and Derek aka The Moment That Had Me Screaming at the TV aka The Moment I Received Life

*holds laughter* Ahsha was a mad woman in the beginning of this episode. The way she called Derek’s name should have been enough warning for him. She was coming to get him together about Miss Mandi wandering around the Roman residence. Did I tell you all how much I loved this scene? Ahsha wasted no time asking Derek who the hell Mandi was. I loved her spice in this scene. “I didn’t ask what you told me, I asked who she was.” Whew, Ahsha wasn’t having it at all. Then she side stepped him. Who cares if the announcer is calling your name? You’re going to answer this Mandi question.

Then we get the vulnerable side of Ahsha. She feels like she’s lost two people in her life (Fuck German) and she doesn’t want to lose her baby too. Awww!

Okay, let me get my feelings in order before I continue…..*grabs tissue box*

Mandi, you’ve become my new best friend. WE PREDICTED THIS MOMENT AND WE GOT IT! I don’t even know where to start with this moment. The entire scene was a thing of beauty. Derek Roman knows how to make a girl feel special. A lot of thought went into this proposal. First, he had to get the Devil Girls involved. Then he had to let whoever runs the music know what his plan was too. He put in work to make this moment really special for his lady. My question is…did Jelena know about this proposal? The bitter person she is would have let Ahsha know out of spite. Was she in on the tunnel the dancer’s formed as Derek ran to his queen? I bet she was off to the side pouting. Anyway, back to the beautiful proposal.

Ahsha’s reaction to Derek was priceless. She was full of joy and that made me happy for her. The girl has been through hell for the past few weeks. She deserved this moment more than anyone. To see her man getting down on one knee and presenting a huuuuuge rock had to make her feel like the only girl in the world. How sweet! Although Derek went all out (like we knew he would) and proposed in front of the world, he still made the moment very intimate. I honestly forgot about everyone else as he delivered this touching speech. Derek literally took it back to season 1 and his ‘pick me’ speech where he told Ahsha he could be the best mistake she ever made or change her life. Lordt. I can’t with this man. He makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Ahsha really did change Derek’s life for the better. She made him realize that he deserves to be loved and cherished when his mother didn’t give him that. I won’t even say that Ahsha changed Derek. Instead, Ahsha helped Derek find himself. From the beginning, I could tell Derek Roman had the makings of being a good man. He was using the groupies, fame and drugs as a defense mechanism. It was a big front that Ahsha saw right through and she fell in love with the real man behind the wall Derek had built. She’s a great girl and he’s a great man.

Awww, this moment ended me. To see my faves actually take that next step has put me on cloud 9 for the past two days. Ahsha didn’t even hesitate to say yes. Her reaction to the entire thing warmed my heart. You can tell she was shocked as hell but she was happy and ready to begin a new chapter with the love of her life. The proposal was PERFECT! I have re-watched this one scene way too many times to count. I couldn’t tell you how many at this point. Now I know they will be tested again next season. I will just swim around in my happy feels until the drama comes for the Dersha ship again. I know they’ll survive though. They are strong.

By the way Ahsha, Derek Roman is marrying the whole ship. You have no choice but to share. Sorry not sorry. #RomanSisterWives

Sidenote: How epic were those reactions to their engagement? From Sloane and Pete, to Kyle and add in bitter ass Jelena Howard. She’s just mad that Terrence proposed to her in the broom closet with a championship ring. He might as well have been in the broom closet since no saw them anyway. Jelena was salty enough to season an entire meal.

Sloane, Oscar and Jelena

By this time, Jelena is already seeing red. Oscar made her day with the 10% news though. Sloane doesn’t have to thank her for anything, Oscar. As always, Jelena had a trick up her sleeve.

Lionel and Pete

Another Dersha shipper brought this scene to my attention. (Hey Cee!) What was Pete’s line about Lionel always being his problem about? Um Pete, leave that woman in the past. Why do I feel like they will hook up again in the future? Pete…don’t do it. I won’t blame Sloane for cutting your behind out of the picture if you even think about touching Lionel again.

Zero and the TMZ guy aka James LaRosa

Our show creator made his first acting debut! Didn’t he look adorable? He did a good job too.

People are forever trying to get information out of Zero about his relationship with Jude. Zero is constantly putting them in their place about it too. When are you media people going to leave him alone about his relationship? It’s like talking to a brick wall. He’s giving you NOTHING.

Sorry TMZ.


For a minute there I thought Jelena was practicing her breakup speech. I’m glad Jelena realized that the damage she caused cannot be undone or fixed. If she knows this, why does she keep sabotaging her own happiness then? When will it stop? When she is all alone with no one in her corner? This is why I can’t feel sorry for her. You brought all of this on yourself.

Sloane, Pete, Derek and Ahsha (and Kyle)

How many times have we asked for a scene with all four of these people? I love seeing Ahsha and Derek have moments with Pete and Sloane. Yes, it was a short scene, but I still got my in-law feels and this time they are actually in-laws. *jumps for joy* Well obviously we have to make it to a wedding first but skip that, Dersha is already married in my head. Don’t argue with me on it either.

I loved Pete’s line about Ahsha’s rock being bigger than the one that took down the Titanic. Ha! Ahsha’s left arm is going to be bigger than the right one before long. That thing is HUGE! Pete and Sloane gushing over the engagement was really cute. I’m with Derek though. When is Pete going to put a rock on Sloane’s hand? You might as well make it official since you couldn’t get it right the first time around.

Now on to the news about what Raquel did for German. Raquel, I love you girl but why? Why would you go out like that? I get that she is a sweet person and all but I’m not here for this AT all. German killed Olivia and should be serving the time for it. I don’t care what kind of person he was before he pushed her over the balcony. Olivia will never have justice. She died in vain and no one will serve time for her murder. That’s pretty disgusting if you ask me. German should be rotting away in his cell.

Jelena and Oscar

I won’t call Jelena brave for what she did to Oscar. Brave isn’t the word to describe those type of guts (pun intended). Oscar was petty for the comment about the parking spot. Haha!

Is Jelena crazy (hell yes she is!) for pulling the hood over Oscar’s head? She may have won the battle but the war is still on. Oscar had a girl killed. I’m sure he has no problem doing it again. People are stupid for thinking he is going to lay down while they step all over him. Jelena just pissed off the wrong man. You thought he was hell on wheels before, he’s going to be hell on 18 wheels now. Jelena is going to wish that he was still in prison.

I’m actually here for Oscar in this sense because Jelena needs to learn a lesson. You don’t burn bridges without paying the price.

German and Ahsha

Why is this man a free man again? *rolls eyes* Just when I thought he would stay in prison, he is released. That really burns me up. Just think…German will never be able to be tried for Olivia’s murder again. Ever. No one will serve time for her death. That’s sad. German may be a free man physically but mentally and emotionally he is not. He thought Olivia’s death was messing with him before, his mind is going to eat him alive. I hope the nightmares continue.

German really plays the mind game card well. Who else did he think put that big rock on Ahsha’s finger? Come on now, Vega! His entire speech about Ahsha changing had my blood boiling. No, Ahsha hasn’t changed one bit. It’s called growth, German. Maybe you should try to find some because it appears to me that you’re still the same screwed up person you were before being locked away. I hated how he tried to make Ahsha feel guilty for being engaged to Derek. Bringing up that $5,000 bracelet and comparing it to her engagement ring was a low blow. No he didn’t go there. He only purchased that bracelet to compete with Derek Roman. It wasn’t because he loved Ahsha and wanted to give her a gift to show his love. It was all about stroking his ego. Derek’s ring was out of pure love and wanting to express it. That ring symbolizes the kingdom that Derek wants to build with Ahsha. That funky bracelet meant nothing. There’s no comparison and German needs to stop trying to make her feel bad for another man loving her. Then for him to pretty much tear her down and act like she isn’t strong enough to handle the Devils world. Um sir, you were the one who got sucked into the world and let it ruin you. Please don’t go there. I’m glad Ahsha shrugged off his petty speech. German needs to move to the Sun and find his life there. Bastard.

Zero and Jude

Look at all the couples having their moments….well minus Telena. Sorry Telena fans.

I couldn’t imagine how Zero feels about not contacting his sister. I can see why he doesn’t want to though. If her life is going well, why would he want to ruin it by making her relive the past? It was sweet of him to think about that and leave the situation alone. Just because he didn’t contact her doesn’t mean that she won’t come looking for him. I still think she will make an appearance at some point.

Zero considers Jude his family. Okay, how cute. Look at you Zero. He’s growing up.

Pete and Lionel (the phone call)

When I saw the preview for this episode I thought Lionel was playing games. Now I see that she was really afraid. We’ve never seen her in that light. Oscar must have been going insane for her to be hiding out in the garage. If you think about it, she plays a major role in him losing the team. If she wasn’t meddling around and teaming up with Jelena in the first place, this wouldn’t be happening.

Now Pete has to revert back to his Superman days to save the day. *face palm*

Derek and Ahsha

Derek is on cloud 9. You notice how he couldn’t help but smile when he seen Ahsha walking in with his ring on her finger? Imagine how he will look when she’s carrying his babies? Let’s save that for the future though. *looks at the writers* I still see a pregnancy scare coming soon. That I’m okay with for now. But no babies yet! There is still fun to be had *in my Derek Roman voice*.

Ahsha has grown a lot in these last few episodes. Derek allows her to grow and be herself around him. German on the other hand wanted her to be on his level. When he’s down, she must be down with him. It doesn’t work that way with Derek which is why these two are endgame. Ahsha clearly loves where she is in life and let it be known. She also let Derek know that she is ready to be Mrs. Roman VERY soon. Okay girl. I guess you said forget a big wedding and having your friends and family in attendance. Screw all that, huh? HAHA! Even Derek was shocked. Mrs. Derek Roman. That has a ring to it, doesn’t it?

Terrence and Jelena

This scene was intense. That’s probably an understatement.

This moment was literally building up since season 1. Jelena has always been a schemer while Terrence is the wholesome man who doesn’t seem to fit with such an evil person. I had a feeling that Jelena was going to find a way to rip his heart out and stomp on it again. When he didn’t see his name on those papers I knew it would flip his lid. They went into this deal together and she played him to the left. Jelena pretty much stomped on Terrence’s manhood. What she did was foul. I don’t blame him for being hurt and taking back that ring.

Now Jelena has no one in her corner but her mother. That’s it. Everyone in the arena hates her and the man she loved is no longer on her side either. She knew she messed up when she almost broke down walking up the arena steps. She may have the power she always wanted but this is the beginning of her downfall. Her greatest fear was being alone and she is living that nightmare as we speak. I didn’t shed a single tear for her. This is ALL Jelena’s fault. Oh well.

Lionel and Pete

Dammit Lionel. This wasn’t her best plan at all. I get what she was trying to pull but girl, it didn’t work and now you both are trapped. They better get in that car and ram that garage door. My greatest fear is being trapped. I felt like I was going to have a panic attack just watching this scene.

Zero, Jelena and Jude

Jelena traded Zero. Wow. I knew she was going to find a way to get Zero back. I could have kicked Zero’s butt for even having the words, “Trade Derek” in his mouth, but I am here for him getting back at Jelena. This woman has pissed off every person that holds a position in the Devils organization. I need for Zero to team up with all the others and take this girl out with the trash. She is reminding me of Lionel when she had the big chair. Like Lionel, Jelena has no one in her corner (minus one person) and that big chair is what she is leaning on at the moment. She’ll probably be making rash and stupid decisions and find a way to sabotage herself. Zero and all the other people who have been burned by her need to put their differences aside and fight against her. Seriously. I’m team everybody against the devil called Jelena Howard. Team up people.

Jelena and Sloane

I don’t care about any human side we saw of Jelena this season anymore. All I see now is a power hungry, insecure little girl trying to make others miserable. I can’t be here for that by any means. I wanted Sloane to call me up so I could handle Jelena for her. Sloane is Mama Bear and she doesn’t play when it comes to her daughter. Jelena can try to bring Ahsha down next season but I guarantee that Sloane and Derek will put up a fight. I know the drama is coming next season. Jelena as owner says enough.

Terrence and Ahsha

After three seasons these two characters have a scene together and they actually talk. I’ve been waiting on this moment.

By now, Terrence is seething and he should be. He wants off the team to get far away from his demon spawn of an ex. I’m glad Terrence was there to warn Ahsha about what was going on with Jelena. Clearly, she didn’t get the news. I look forward to Terrence teaming up with Derek and Ahsha next season and fighting against Jelena. I really don’t think he’s going anywhere. Especially if he did the dirty deed *smirks*.

“Guard your man.” Yes, Ahsha guard your boo because Jelena is coming after everything you have. And who wanted to be like who again? Hmm.


He looked so worried. I don’t think Ahsha was standing him up at all. Remember she got side tracked by Terrence and probably by something else going on in the arena…we’re getting to that next.


Hit the Floor finales always go out with a bang and this one did too…. literally. I need to know why Jelena decided to find out where the noise was coming from. Has she ever watched horror films and found out why you shouldn’t go looking for the danger? Black people are the first to die in these situations. I guess Jelena didn’t get the memo.

Who shot Jelena? The last people that were seen in the arena are: Terrence, Ahsha, Jude, Zero and Sloane. She happened to piss all of these people off and each of them would have a motive for killing her. My first guesses were Oscar or Terrence. Oscar was going nuts earlier and could have snapped. Terrence had his heart ripped out and was pretty livid the last time we saw him. Ahsha and Sloane also have their reasons. She can’t seem to get off their backs and Ahsha must protect herself and her man. Zero has been burned by Jelena twice and now she has put a dent in his plan with Jude. Jude could possibly lose Zero due to Jelena’s antics. Those are also reasons to try to take her out. The more I think about it, the more I think that the shooter is none of these people. Last time we had a who dun it plot, the killer was a person not even in the equation. Maybe that’s the case this time around too. I would even add the fake baby mama to the mix. She’s not a main character or someone we care about but she has a motive. Jelena also got to her and Renee didn’t look too happy about it either. The writers of Hit the Floor love to distract the fans and pull a whammy from their back pocket. Watch the shooter be someone not in the circle.

I can’t believe the season is over already. Now what? Season 4 needs to happen because there are so many possibilities and storylines. This show is amazing and deserves a fourth season… and more. Thank you to everyone who made this season possible. James LaRosa, you’re incredible and thank you so much for sharing your dream with us. To the writers, thank you for giving the characters stories and so much life. To the cast, you all should be proud and thank you for bringing the characters to life. To everyone else involved behind the scenes, thank you! To @vh1, thank you for bringing us this show every Monday.

Thank you all for reading and commenting on my reviews every week. This was something new for me and I look forward to doing it for another season.

People to Do

Influenced by pretend-animator‘s fanart

You can also read it on FF and AO3

Warning! Gets really heavy.

There are photos Max doesn’t ever mean to show.


The phone’s screen stubborn refusal to go any faster is slowly starting to get on Chloe’s nerves. She would normally try taking a nap but ever since Max has shown the older girl her powers she’s been unable to calm her mind. In fact, she hasn’t really slept at all since her friend revealed that she can control time.

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boss-the-goofball  asked:

I personally call him Green because when I first read the manga, it was the version that called him Green and the female Blue. Anyway, how about Red and Green involved in a sandcastle building contest? Either them teaming up or going against each other.

Same tbh! I always called him Green as well tho a lot of ppl on tumblr seem to call him Blue so. Welp. 

Honestly I was torn between doing a kid!fic w them or Alola but considering I think I write adult characters better than kids…. and sun and moon…. yeah. 

Sorry if this reads weird/ooc/anything bad at all I have NEVER written these two and I haven’t worked out my own personal hcs for them either yet lmao

“Red! Red! Look at this!” Green waved a colorful flier in front of his fiance’s face; way too fast for Red to actually even catch a glimpse of what was on it. His lips twitched slightly in adoration, and his pale hand darted out to still Green’s wrist.

Green chuckled uneasily and scratched the back of his neck. “Oh. Yeah. Sorry.” 

Red took the flier from Green’s hand and peered down at it. The colorful paper was advertising a sandcastle building contest. Whoever wins would get an all you can eat pass for some restaurant Red had never heard of for a year. 

“We have to enter this! We haven’t done anything fun this entire time!” 

Red shot Green a look, and Green backtracked. “Well like. Fun that doesn’t include hiking up and down in humid forests. We’ve been here a day and we haven’t really gone to the beach yet! I’m pretty sure that’s a crime. Somewhere. Somehow. Anyways, the point is, we have to enter this!” 

Red blinked slowly at Green. 

“Look! It says right here we can team up together. It’ll be fun! Besides, I’ve never built a sandcastle before. I wanna try it! So? Enter with me?”

Red smiled, and leaned in to kiss Green on the cheek. 

“You’re going down!” Green shouted across the beach, cupping his hands over his mouth. His eyes were alight and fiery- just as they were in battle- and his teeth bared in a malicious grin. 

Red sighed softly and shook his head slowly, but the twitch of a smile was still tugging at the corner of his lips. He patted more sand into the bright neon green bucket Green had bought for him. He quickly turned it over onto the ground, and firmly patted the top and all sides before picking it back up, creating a perfect cylinder shape. 

Green growled under his breath, clinching his hands into fists. “We are not losing to brats!” he snarled, glaring hard at the kids who had stuck their tongues out at him. Green turned back to the sand around him and using his red bucket, tried to create a cylinder as Red had done. Unfortunately, Green’s inexperience was practically tangible, and his column of sand started to crumble before he could pick the bucket back up at all. He gritted his teeth, and kicked out a hard foot against the ground, throwing up a cloud of sand. 

Red’s shoulder brushed against Green’s, and he reached over to gently hold his knee down. Red didn’t look up at Green as he picked up a stick and began carving small windows into his column of sand.

Green grunted, but his body did relax ever so slightly under Red’s touch. 

“How are you so good at that?” Green asked. “First battling, then being cool, and now sandcastle building?”

Red peeked up at Green through the cap he still refused to take off. A light dust of a blush formed across his cheeks and nose. 

Green smirked at Red, narrowing his eyes and leaning on him slightly. “I am a very lucky man,” he sang playfully. 

Green mentally cheered as Red’s blush deepened ever so slightly. The corners of his lips, which had been teasing a smile, were definitely turned upwards now. Red’s eyes quickly fell back down to his sandcastle and he resumed building it, albeit slightly slower than usual.  

Green watched Red work for a few more seconds before turning back to his own part of the castle. 

He couldn’t let Red do all the work, after all! 

Green groaned loudly in annoyance as he flopped onto their shared hotel bed that night. 

Red frowned and huffed. Now sand was going to be in their bed all night. Lovely. 

“I can’t believe we lost!” Green yelled to the ceiling as he rolled over onto his back. He punched the bed with his fists and glared hard upwards, as if the ceiling personally offended him by just being there. “We’re top trainers! best of the best! And we lost to a ten year old!”

Red couldn’t stop himself from snorting softly in amusement. 

Green crossed his arms stubbornly over his chest. “She probably cheated or something. She looked awfully like the judge, didn’t she? They both had black hair!” 

Red just shook his head at Green, and padded over to his side. He stared down at the mattress, and sighed.

Yup. Sand everywhere. Red looked back up at Green and gave him a long look. 

“Look, I can be upset with this if I want to, you know!” Green through his hands up in the air and pouted. “Stupid, stupid, stupid…” 

Red continued to stare at him. Green slowly looked up at him, and sighed. “I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that I’m overreacting and that it doesn’t matter that we lost- what matters is that we had fun. And that I got to at least learn that I am awful at building sandcastles and that you’re pretty good and that it was a good way to spend our day and that you love me.” 

Red paused, and smiled at Green for a moment, before letting it fall and shaking his head. 

“What? Then what are you thinking about?”

Red rolled his eyes and pointed at their now sandy bed. Green stared down at the covers, and barked a weak and apologetic laugh. 

“Oh. Um. Right. Sand in the covers. Of course. Um…” Green stood up, but the damage had been done. Red sighed again, and gave Green an equally amused and annoyed look. 

“What? I can’t read minds you know! And today was stressful it’s an honest mistake!” 

Red rolled his eyes again, but couldn’t be mad at Green. Instead, he leaned forwards, and pressed a small kiss to the corner of Green’s mouth, before stepping away. Green tried to follow with a kiss full on the lips, but Red stopped him by raising a hand. 

“What? No kiss?” 

Red pointed back at the bed. 

“Oh yeah. Duh. When I get the bed clean, then can I have another kiss?”

Red smiled and nodded. 

anonymous asked:

At what point you were convinced that redacted "romance" is PR & similarly what point you believed josh & jen were more than friends? For me it would be the fact that closh romance was confirmed days before PL release not by his PR team but by a rep from PL film. It is not private & is aimed at movie promotion. How can a movie rep confirm their dating? About joshifer, jen saying what if we get married & talking about toast in CF interview sealed the deal. She is open to marriage,not just love!

OMG Anon! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to answer sooner BUT not only was I stupid busy but my computer crashed and I had to reboot everything and start the WHOLE thing over again!

So To answer your first question… When did I start believing that Joshifer were more than “Just friends…. Let us go down my memory lane and my feels.

In the ye old time of late 2012 to early 2013 I caught whiff of The Hunger Games Franchise on Netflix. (Never actually saw it at the movies. I know bad me! *slaps hand*) I had never even heard of the books and when I decided to sit and watch it I half expected a twilight-ish bit of meh to feature. Thankfully I was DEAD wrong. Now don’t get me wrong the first movie is MILES away from the second one but I still enjoyed it a lot. (still hadn’t read the books.) I especially enjoyed movie Katniss and Peeta. So li’l old me decided to read the books. (I devoured them in less than 2 weeks  which is surprising because I’m a mom and I don’t have much time to read anymore, but boy did I appreciate Peeta and Katniss even more.) So as is excpected I Everllarked HARD. Like my HP obsession was slowly taking a back seat and I decided to fandom a different story. (Still love Harry Potter though! *ducks to avoid being hit by the rocks that are surely coming my way from the Potter fandom* I have all the books! I promise! And I have tons of memorabilia! I hardcore love HP. I even sorted myself and others into houses and  Ivelmorny! Gryffindor and Horned Serpent Ya’ll, I’m so proud! ) Anyways, I started to go back and watch the first movie and since I felt like I was missing out I went in search of all their old interviews and premieres, everything. Basically the works. When I fandom I fandom excruciatingly hard. Ask the hubs. 

When I saw their very first interviews I instantly fell in love with Josh and Jen. They’re so freaking cute all on their own.

I mean look at these babies! How could  anyone not love those faces?

Then I started paying more attention. HOLY Mackerel Anon! It solidified their friendship for me at the time. I mean come on! I make an idiot out of myself in front of my guy friends. 

(Yes I’ve had expressions like that from my friends, both girl and boys. All my life. I’m just especial like that.) 

It wasn’t until I started seeing more flirtatious behavior (like puppy flirtatious) Especially from Josh


But then Anon I noticed that Jen was flirting too, but her’s were more low key. A little touch here, a compliment there… Yah know, the works….

(This was when Josh was asked if he was dreamier than Robert Pattinson. *current tweens wet dreams*) Yeah I don’t ever tell my friends they’re attractive unless I’m trying to make them feel better and even then it comes out almost uncomfortable. GEESH I cannot lie. FML

(Yeah Elizabeth Banks You know what’s I means!)

So after much of the interviews and red carpets I binge watched I was like AWWW They have a baby crush! NOPE! I thankfully managed to catch up enough that I was ready for the CF promo tour. 

And THESE my dear Anon finally solidified my thoughts that Joshifer was more then they let on. 

(Note that I don’t touch other people’s faces on a regular basis. Just those I’m either forced to and my immediate family. Not to mention Hubs hate’s people touching his face and vice versa. It’s just such an intimate thing for people to do. You’re literally in that person’s personal space. Sooo either the person is catatonic or trusts you enough to allow that personal space to be invaded.) 

(there’s way more to that look) 

(So this whole thing? Yeah, that’s me and my hubs and we’ve been married for almost 8 years now together for 11 yrs.) 

So Anon I can’t pinpoint exactly when my thoughts of a stronger bond of Joshifer was per se since the CF promo was chock full of Joshifer goodness, but I can try to guide you as to when I exactly started thinking that they were more than friends. ^^^^

Now as per Redacted or as I will now go on to call her Umbridge. (Shout out to the HP World! If you don’t know who she is, she’s the most despised, and absolutely horrible characters in Harry Potter. She’s worse than Voldemort and he’s the main villain.) I didn’t know who she was and despite my Hispanic Heritage I have NEVER heard of her and I watch a lot of foreign and Spanish speaking movies and shows. So At first when I found out that Josh started dating her I was like….

But then I started seeing this…

Now don’t get me wrong it looks like a sweet picture at first but if you notice SHE’S smiling. He is not. Which leaves me wondering… why does he look so miserable when he’s supposedly visiting his girlfriend whom he’s supposed to be in love with. She has arms around him and he has but part of his hand lazily laying on her wait…. It’s kind of like having an expert dancer dragging a newbie to do a difficult routine…

Like so…

No offense to Bill Nye. The awesomest human in the planet! 

So I naturally started suspecting and I was like….

I tried to be impartial and wondered if they were just trying to be private about the whole thing…. But then this pic happened. 

I was pissed the hell off Anon. I mean don’t get me wrong I love that Josh might be in a relationship that might make him happy but fml if this isn’t wrong. Mind you this pic was taken 2 months prior to people knowing that closh was even a thing…. I mean look at all her friends. They all look fucking fantastic and like they’re having fun. She looks a bit blurry but dude even she looks somewhat presentable. But Josh who is either her BF or at least her friend who’s she’s supposed to be establishing a deeper bond with by that time looks like a drunk hobo who crashed a party and inadvertently became part of the picture. You know…. good times! I don’t claim to be a perfect person in fact I am far from it, but I least have the decency to make sure my friends who I love and cherish and RESPECT look alright in a freaking pic. I’m pretty fucking sure that at this moment in time Josh might be in fact inebriated  if not it’s just a bad pic. So either Josh doesn’t really care how his career goes or Umbridge posted this shit without his consent which is dirty af. 

So anyways, anon I decided to delve deeper just to make sure I wasn’t being biased. WELP, it did not help when I found out that their so called “romance” was outed by their publicists but it just so happened to have fallen on the eve of the PL premiere. 

yup that was my face. I was like pssssh Bitch Puh-lease! Romance Shmomance. That’s when I finally realized that Closh or whatever the fuck they are, are totes on the negative side of any type of relationship. So I guess we can say that we coincided in our fauxmance epiphany. 

Sorry this post was long, but I love gifs…. LOL. Hope you like my answers! 

t-rainingwheels  asked:

Hi um sorry if I'm being a bother, but could I possibly have an imagine or blurb on bad boy ashton and me, a really shy and socially awkward wallflower and book nerd/writer getting paired together for a creative writing project and it basically ends up with us dating and social group Romeo and Juliet? Sorry if this is confusing OMG but I'd really appreciate it if you did 💕

Of course not, love!!! I love getting requests – I was a litle confused with the Romeo & Juliet part of this request, I just didn’t know what to do with that but anyways, this turned out a lot longer than I expected welp and sorry it’s trash but enjoy, bebz! xxx

  • imagine #01 - punk!ashton (ashton/4)

When it’d been announced that you had been paired with none other than Bad Boy!Ashton Irwin for a project in your English class, you couldn’t sworn that you hated school then and there but usually you didn’t mind school all that much; Ashton just really intimidated you – hell, he intimidated more than half of your grade, let alone the rest of the school, and knowing that you’d have to do a project with him meant that you had to mingle with him – mingling with others really wasn’t your strongest suit; you had a core group of friends that you’d practically been friends with them all your life but not only that, Ashton was outgoing and boisterous and you were merely a wallflower who preferred to curl up on the couch with a good book rather than attend all those rowdy parties that the entirety of the school went to, so this whole ordeal of being partnered with him for a class that you actually excelled in and really looked forward to made you hope you fell ill or something of the sort so you could get out of it.


When your next English lesson rolled around, you took your usual spot at the back corner of the classroom, dreading the only class you enjoyed as the teacher assigned everyone to sit with their partners and began to go over the task sheet – a part of you was really glad that Ashton hadn’t shown up and you let out the breathe that you didn’t know you’d been holding in silently. Thirty minutes of the lesson seemed to go by quite fast after you’d seemed to shift the thought of Ashton being your partner to the back of your mind, that was until the door flung open and in came a head of messy curls, wearing a faded blue plaid button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to reveal the tattoo on his inner forearm. It was then that you felt a lump in your throat formed as he tossed the teacher a note; she said something inaudible to the remainder of the class and handed him one of the task sheets before he made his way down to take a seat beside you. Your eyes shot down and you tried to make it look like you were reading whatever was actually on the sheet of paper in front of you. He sighed a lot louder than he needed to and you fought to urge to look his way, and you stayed like that for the remainder of the lesson which felt like a decade had passed. When the bell finally rung for recess, you make quick work to pack up all your stuff before Ashton even had a chance to look your way.


The next few lessons seemed to go just like the first – you refused to let your eyes wander over to sneak a peek at him, you didn’t talk unless you were spoken to, you kept your distance and you always made a break for the door as soon as the bell rang. This time, you just weren’t as lucky – just when you thought you were free, he caught you by the shoulder and you almost jumped, startled by his sudden grasp on you and you turned slowly, gulping a little as your eyes met with his. “Look, you can’t avoid me forever.” He started, sounding frustrated with himself, “Just..Meet me in the library after school, okay?” He waited for a moment and after a second or two, you gave a small nod of affirmation and then he disappeared.


You’d contemplated many times on whether you should just not go to the library and just do all of the project yourself and just say he helped, even if he didn’t, so you could just go on about your life before this occurred. If wasn’t that you hated Ashton though, you had no reason to, he was just scary, that’s all – you’d heard a few bad things about him here and there and  you knew that he was just one of those guys that girls like yourself just didn’t speak to, at all. Apart from that, you figured he was quite attractive and was maybe probably sort of a nice person if you’d gotten to know him but he’d literally just frightened the living daylights out of you. You heaved in a long breath before exhaling and clutching the door of the library, pulling it open and descended inside, chewing on your lower lip subconsciously. It was a bit hard to miss him sitting in the library however, he stuck out like a sore thumb and you slowly but surely made your way over to him, clearing your throat to make yourself known there; he only patted the spot beside him and continued to look through some book you assumed he’d grabbed when he entered the library. You plopped yourself down beside him, keeping your distance rule in mind before he noticed how far away your were sitting from him. He ran his hand through his hair in frustration as he closed the book and slid it aside, lacing his fingers with his own. “I’m not going to eat you or anything, y/n.” He sighed, “If your anything like everyone else at this shitty school and you believe all those rumours floating around, you’re a lot different than I thought you were.” You could only stay silent, you didn’t really know what else to say and then he changed the subject, “Let’s start on this project, yeah? We can get it over and done with.” You nodded even though he probably didn’t see and shifted you chair the slightest bit closer to him as the two of you then brainstormed ideas on a topic that you’d decided on during the lesson.


By the time the librarian came in and told you it was nearing 5 pm, you’d gotten at least half of the project done together. To start off with, you had this raw assumption that Ashton would just palm the assignment off on you, which probably would’ve been easier for you but he didn’t, and this made you actually consider him to be a lot softer than he portrayed. As the two of you left the library and headed outside, you noticed that it’d gotten pretty dark by now; you usually walked to school because it was nice to just look at the scenery and see the world on your way to school but you knew you were going to dread this walk home. “Need a lift?” You were pulled from your own thoughts by Ashton’s honey coated voice and instead of doing what any sane person would’ve done, you simply shook your head and headed in the direction of the front gates of the school.


Somehow, Ashton had managed to persuade you into letting him drive you home – he’d figured that it was just least he could do for asking you to stay back after school to get a start on the project. The drive to your house seemed to go on forever even though it was only a few streets up – it was silent, well almost, the only sound apart from the engine of his commodore was his fingers drumming aimlessly against the steering wheel as he drove. “What are you doing tomorrow?” He finally asked, and you head turned to face him after a moment or two, “It’s Saturday. Probably nothing.” “Oh.” He began, “Let’s meet up then.” Just as you were about to open your mouth to speak again, he interjected quickly to make his last statement clearer, “To hang out. Not to finish the project.” “Okay.” Was all you could muster up. And so you did. In fact, you hung out with Ashton almost all day – it was weird, the good weird though. He took you to the record store he liked going to sometimes and you two got ice cream and walked around the park for a little bit. Sure, he lit up a cigarette or several during the entire seven hours you two had hung out but that was just Ashton, it was his habit, just like staying silent 95% of the time was yours.


The next few weeks flew by easily and even though you and Ashton had finished the project an entire week and half before it was even due it, the two of you continued to hang out, usually after school and on weekends and sometimes during recess in the little spot you two had managed to find up on top of one of the buildings roofs; each time the feelings you didn’t know you could even conjure together for him brewed, while your stomach swirled every time he mentioned something about you that he liked or admired. You’d grown to know little things about him and his life, things that he’d bring up in conversation when the topic was of relevance and in return, you’d do the same. It eventually got to the point where Ashton would just confidently hold your hand when you two were together, his large fingers laced with your own smaller and slender ones or sometimes he’d muster up the courage to press a kiss to your cheek after he dropped you home, and these little outings that you two would go on were now considered as dates to both him and you. “It’s nice up here – it’s like our own little hiding place.” He gave your hand a small squeeze as he spoke, he felt you nod against his shoulder where you head had been rested and he smiled a little in content as your face nuzzle against his arm. “Y/n.” He said after a moment, his voice was a lot softer and quieter than before and you lifted you head slightly, locking your eyes with his, “Mhm?” “I like you, a lot.” He started, “Wording things right isn’t really my forte, but if asked you to be my girlfriend, would you?” You chewed on your lip for a moment trying to find your voice before he interjected, “Ah, don’t answer that, actually..” You managed a laugh at his lack of faith in what your answer could be, “I would.”

Welp, bad news is that.

My laptop has officialy died out. And i pretty much lost half of my finished and unfinished drawings…especially most of my school projects…

Which ruined my night obviously.
But the brightside is that well

At least i get to draw with my sketchpad again and post traditional artworks.

.. Bad news is.. I dont have the money for a new laptop.. So i might need to do comissions.. Sketch comissions..
But i’ll see about that

Anyway, this is a drawing warm up of my dragon and a final concept of suki.

WELP I DID IT ANYWAY. here’s my sad 2015 art/wrist recovery review

comic. that’s it.

comic and actually WRIST BETRAYAL started here early in the month. i just didn’t know how bad it was going to be so i didn’t think much of it and kept drawing normally with very minor restrictions lol.

WRIST BETRAYAL. i didn’t draw at all in March or April really, because holding a pen was painful. i think i cried more these months than i have in my whole life. uuugh.

May - July was recovery… sloooow recovery. i couldn’t touch my computer until july, so i just did a buncha art on paper since it was less stressful on my wrist. to make it even easier on my wrist, all 3 of these were ‘no eraser’ doodles. less time drawing since i wasn’t obsessing over perfection haha

Finally back to computer art and comic, tho extremely limited. [about 6~ hours a week in the beginning, maybe up to about 12hr/wk~ by october?]

Only non-print edit thing I did was a quick doodle for my friend lol. [was up to about 16hr/wk]

Eeey I actually completed a thing, mostly.

Aaand that’s my year 8D;;;  I’m up to about 24 hours of art time a week now. I miss nonstop drawing but my wrist is still recovering ;0; Sigh. Here’s hoping 2016 brings more recovery and more chances to actually improve ;___;