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" Yet ANOTHER Saiyan?!" (TuffleTruffleKing)

“Heheheh, yeah actually!” The saiyaness chuckled jovially. “How did you know? Ohhh! Are you a saiyan too?” She gave a sniff. “Part saiyan?”

The stranger seemed…odd. His glassy, blank eyes were his most alien feature, but despite that, he could still have saiyan blood. His scent said as much.



dino being a dork on national television(・∀・)

A Fallen Angel’s List

There weren’t many things Castiel understood about being human. Over time he had written himself a list of things that made humans human, but that he didn’t hadn’t quite experienced yet. It was a check list of sorts, maybe bordering more along the lines of a warning. Emotions were chaotic in his mind and when he found himself overcome with them, he would look at his list and seeing the words written by his own hand seemed to calm him.

The first item on his list was ‘happiness’. Looking at the list now, he smiles when he sees the date beside it. He can remember the exact moment he first felt the warmth of happiness reaching his entire skin. It felt as though the sun was wrapping itself around him and warming him to his very soul.

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