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“Hello! My name is Goro Akechi, i-it’s a pleasure to meet you. I will be happy to answer any questions you have. Unfortunately, I can’t answer anything revolving around cases; that’s confidential.”

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Fierrochase au where Alex dyes Magnus's hair

OKAY SO i saw this post by @alexfierrolover and I literally had to write it with this prompt for april fools day. *looks at clock* welp, I got 20 let do this.

“ALEX FIERRO!” Magnus roars, bursting out of his room, the door hitting the wall with a bang. Everyone walking the halls of floor 19 stopped in their tracks, their attention turning to the boy framed in the doorway of his room, his blonde hair tinged with blue, his face red with furry. Someone was in trouble. 

“ALLLLEEEEXXXX,” Magnus calls, stomping down the hall to Alex’s room. He slams his fist against the wooden door, practically splintering it, due to his einherjar strength. The few people who just so happened to be passing by back away, their eyes wide with small grins spreading across their lips. Someone was going to die. 

“What do you want, Maggie,” Alex says, opening the door and rolling her eyes. She’s looking anywhere but his head, a laugh being restrained as she bites her lips. 

“You know exactly what I want, Alex,” he says, glaring daggers at her. 

“I have no idea–” she looks up into his face, and erupts into a fit of giggles, falling on the floor with laughter. 

“Allllllleeeeeeeeexxxxxxx,” Magnus says, exasperated. Shakily, she gets up, wiping tears from her eyes as she tries to gain control of herself. 

“Ahhh sorry I just….” she grins. “It turned out better than I expected.” Magnus scowls.

“So you admit it. You dyed my hair blue.” Alex snorts.

“Blue, which you know is my least favourite colour?” Alex snickers, which causes Magnus to throw his hands up in annoyance. 

Please tell me you can get rid of it.”

“Sure…. but you have to make it the end of the day.”

“But–” Alex grabs Magnus’ shirt and presses her lips to his.

“Happy April Fools, darling.” 

this may as well be the shortest thing i have ever written

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haha! i have reached 100 followers and since i have so much time on my hands and no clue what to do for these 100 followers imma just do what everyone has been doing but like all in one. just gon make this post short n sweet.

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welp lets do this lol

1. Nicknames: i have some irl ones and one i often get called on here it meta ^^

2. Gender: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (probably nonbinary/female ^^‘’ actually more genderfluid tbh)

3. Star sign: libra

4. Height: 154cm/ 5′5(?)

5. Time: 5:30pm

6. Birthday: 23rd september

7. Favorite bands: i couldnt say, i like alot of bands/ music

8. Favorite solo artists: again i like many

9. Song stuck in my head: none at the moment

10. Last movie watched: dvd: curious george cinema: the red turtle

11. Last show watched: tv show? proably dad’s army

12. When did I create this blog: november 13th 2016

13. What do I post: reblogs, the occasional text post and hptos and some okayish art

14. Last thing I googled: ”is a jaffa cake a cake or a buiscuit”

15. Do you have other blogs: yeah, a few side blogs

16. Do you get asks: not really

17. Why did you choose your url: me and my sibling came up with it cuz im shit with coming up wtoo manyith names ahha

18. Following: too many 286

19. Followers: 120 (how? idk ;-;)

20. Favorite colours: most blues and the occasional black - depending on the

21. Average hours of sleep: probably like on the holidays - 10-11 hours? but during the week when i have school its like 5-6 hours

22. Lucky number: none(actually proably like 7 or 707 lol)

23. Instruments?: i used to play the piano

24. What am I wearing: dog socks, jogging bottoms and a black tshirt with white dots on it(it reminds me kind of, of space)

25. How many blankets do I sleep with: 2 - blaket then a duvet then another blanket

26. Dream job: no idea tbh - probably something im passionate about

27. Dream trip: to meet my soul in the dark obis umm space?  irdk ;-;

28. Favorite food: hard to choose

29. Nationality: english/british

30. Favorite song right now: i like many i cant choose a favourite

31. what fandoms are you in: too many

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whether or not white ppl say the n-word is the LEAST of my concerns because literally a Migos or like travis scott could make some pseudo-woke tweet about hip hop being for everyone (see: kendrick lamar & Iggy) and as a black woman my ass would be out here looking dumb af if I was getting worked up about pale girls saying nigga. 

Um, based on the fic Chill or Be Chilled by @totalskeletontrash. (specifically the new chapter’s cliffy hangz that just killed me)

I probably spent way more time on this trash than I should have. ye

Another late Billdip week entry! This time, Siren!AU. 

I ended up writing more than I intended for this one! Fic under the readmore. Mobile readers might wanna get scrolling.


Dipper tries to shake another few drops out of his canteen, tongue sticking out of his mouth, but it’s bone dry. He smacks the bottom, then gives it up for lost and straps it back on his belt. 

He should never have wandered off. This forest is way too dense, the air is too humid - he’s soaked with sweat and he’s out of water.  And completely lost.

Hours ago, off in the distance, he thought he’d heard something. A brief snatch of music, or a voice, and before he’d known it he was off the beaten trail, alone in this damp, tangled jungle. It was stupid, he should never have - Hell, he really doesn’t want to die out here.

Not too far away, he can hear the dull roar of the ocean. 

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So like? For askguyslikeus did you have the main plot in your head when you started or did you just go in like "WELP IDK HOW THIS IS GONNA TURN OUT LETS DO THIS!"

iiii thought i was gunna delete the blog after a week omg,,,, i didnt think id get any asks tbh

but after about five or so asks i saw people liked what i was posting and i knew i wanted the boys to get together.

i kinda workshopped the whole thing a few months ago, The Confrontation lol, with my pals @hachibeat and @kagenes !!! but it was severely early in guyslikeus im pretty sure

i put it off for so long cause
1. i wanted to have an organic build and stagesetting and info dumping i guess?? like i wanted as many facts out there as possible
2. i like drawing comics of the boys being goofy a lot based off the asks i got and my own experiences and i got mega distracted from plot
3. i was SUPER ANXIOUS TO try anything

im not a writer and i usually do better with a script given to me and i just ,,, had never put myself out there as much as i am with this huge comic,,, im still always so so so nervous to post a next part man hoo wee

SORRY I RAMBLED BUT yeah i had no clue at the start of the blog but planned it all out pretty early


Double Combo wishing you a Happy New Year

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What's wrong with the ending to 'Everybody loves Rad'?

The word isnt “wrong” here, i just didnt like it… i mean its fun and all, but due to the sudden (to me) realisation that this episode reminded me to the We Bare Bears episode “Grizzly The Movie” where the stereotypical issue was actually dealt with and was a hopeful ending, compared to this where it leads to him being fired, dodging a bullet of a horrible movie and then burning the memorie of the movie on a volcano… it didnt sit well to me.

I DO HAVE TO ADMIT THIS IS ME FOR ONCE TAKING A CARTOON TOO SERIOUSLLY FOR MAYBE DUMB REASONS… and im sure watching the episode by itself is perfectly fine, for example, I had a negative reaction to the ending of “We Messed Up” and i’ve seen it a bunch of times since then and it has been quite enjoyable, so this is just a reactionary moment (did you see how i gave up on the You Have to Care liveblog like half hour ago? i tend to be reactionary :P)