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When planning for the traditional end-of-the-year prank war went awry, Soul found himself in the perfect position to get information that would allow the boys an easy victory. But true connections have a way of eating through even the strongest of masks, and Soul must decide what he’ll do once he’s given the most precious gift of all: trust.

Day: One Two Three Four Five Six Seven

Welp, here is the beginning of my Soma Week offering. The rest will likely be late, but I hope you still enjoy! There are many more shenanigans to come. >:)

The next time he saw Blaine, he’d wring his bulging neck until the only way that hair dyed monstrosity would enjoy his cool ranch doritos was through a straw.

Crammed into some girl’s closet on the very much off-limits ladies-only hall above his own, Soul had nothing better to do than relish increasingly violent thoughts about what he was going to do to his roommate for getting him into this mess.

It’d be a harmless recon mission, Blaine said. Just gather some info about the upcoming end of the year prank battle that the girls would totally leave out in the open like fucking morons, god – why didn’t he listen to his gut, say no way Brose, and just third wheel Blaine’s gooey date night? But no, he had to take one for the team, had to prove his brommitment to the cause, had to get himself trapped in the girls’ hall with no backup escape plan.

Soul was sure he’d have more time, since he knew that this girl stayed out later on Tuesdays and Thursdays for taekwondo club, but they must have let out early tonight because he’d only just begun to carefully open one of the desk drawers when there were voices on the other side of the door. He’d only had a moment to scurry as quietly as he could to the small sliding door closet before they entered, so here he was, wedged between what felt like the hilt of a wooden katana and a bag full of beanie babies.

Taekwondo girl was visible through the narrow slit in the closet door, and she was talking to someone – her roommate? – about breakfast plans or something equally banal. He waited, hoping they’d leave to brush their teeth or put on face masks or whatever it was they did before bed, until his legs began to burn from the awkward position he was holding and he fought back a fifth sneeze. Didn’t these girls dust?

Things seemed hopeful when the other girl, who had short blond hair and a small nose piercing, left the room, but then this girl shrugged out of her jacket and raised her hands to begin undoing the buttons of her blouse and no no no no, he did not sign up for this.

In a desperate attempt to look away from The Nudening in front of him, he shifted his weight onto his other foot and set in motion the first stage of the ludicrous Rube Goldberg machine that was his life. Somehow the simple act of adjusting his feet nudged a box he couldn’t see, and suddenly something fuzzy and plastic feeling hit the side of his face. Then, right in his ear, a voice: Hey boo loo loo.

There was just enough light from the crack in the door for Soul to realize, with abject horror, that a Furby had fallen onto his face. With a shriek high enough to shatter glass, he batted it away and leaped from the closet, nameless girl be damned. There were some things less holy than spying on someone changing, however unintended, and Furbies were one of them.

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OKAY THIS STARTED OUT AS DRABBLE BUT THEN I WAS LIKE, NO, I HAVE TO WRITE MORE. May I present to you, a nalu au that turned into a fairy tail au. This chapter is going to be pretty short, but I’ll be out with a longer one tomorrow. I haven’t decided on a title…*nervous laughter*

Fairy Tail AU: High School Marching Band

Rating: T 

Pairings: Nalu, Gruvia, Jerza, Gale, Chendy, Fraxus

Chapter 1: To Guard or Not To Guard


Lucy bent over in the sweltering heat, relieved to break her pose. She heard her director call for a water break, truly a blessing, since it had probably been at least 40 minutes since their last one. It was the last week of her senior band camp, and the directors were pushing them hard. As the blonde walked towards the sideline, she was suddenly blocked by her tall coach.

“Lucy~ Why aren’t you trying out for the guard solo?!” The woman’s tone switched from sweet to sour in one syllable. 

“I-I’m really sorry, Miss Mira…I just don’t think I have the practice time.” Lucy felt bad for lying to her, but especially after last year, there was no way she would go for it.

Mira let out an exasperated sigh. “Lucy. Why can’t you just believe a little more in yourself?” 

“Lucy! You told me you were trying out! Why did you lie?!” Lucy let out a groan as her red-haired and slightly terrifying friend quickly walked towards them.

“Erza…” She was in Front Ensemble, or as they called it, the pit. Her specialty was the marimba, and was truly no match against any other percussionist in the band. She had agile yet powerful hands, and a personality as resonate as her instrument.

“Honestly, Lucy. You have to get the solo, I know you’ll be great,” Erza said, patting Lucy hard on the back. After choking for a few moments, Lucy smiled. 

“Fine,” she relented, “I’ll try for it. But you’re coming with me, Erza. For moral support.”

Erza’s giant grin soon turned into a face of desperation. “But, Lucy, that’s tomorrow night! I have work on Tuesdays! You have to still audition!” She pleaded, or rather, forced upon, Lucy.

Lucy tried to hide her dispirited feeling as she nodded in understanding. Looks like I’ll have to do this myself. I can do it. I can do it. If I jus-

“Break is over! Get to the last set!” 

Lucy’s thoughts were interrupted by the loudspeaker. If she were able to cry, she would have. “Damn it…” She hurried back to her spot.

After the long day of camp, Lucy carefully put her silks, rifles, and sabres away in the guard closet, taking a moment to admire the designs. This year’s show theme was Adventure, and there were four movements: Gathering, Journey, Love, and Destination. The colorguard solo was in the third movement, Love. It was the ballad of the show, but wasn’t a boring one, like some others. Although choreography for the solo had not been decided yet, they wanted to determine as soon as they could which member could perform the best.

She glanced at the time on her phone. 5:33 p.m. An hour or so until the solo tryout. She really had been practicing for it, for some odd reason. Her mind suddenly switched to the events that transpired last year. She tried to clear it from her mind, but it was as if the thought was trapped, unable to leave or escape, only able to scream into her senses.

Shaking her head rapidly, it finally went away. After a moment, she heard a loud grumble from her stomach. “Hmm. I could use a bite before auditions!” She spoke to herself, but a different voice responded.

“Mind if I join you?”

Mark: Pack Threat, 1

This story begins just a few days before Hunter’s Night ends. 
Welp, here we go! Beginning NCT’s mini-series in 3, 2, 1! — arosequartz

Two Three Four Five Six Seven Epilogue


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Chara’s presence in Undertale

Charas presence in all runs has always been incredibly obvious, Chara IS there and it’s canon, which is why I’m not labeling this as a theory. This is not touching on Narra!Chara in anyway. Although if you wish to read up on those, I would recommend SaveLoadReset & PassiveChara

Spoilers for Undertale below

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Game Concepts That Never Was

The Story Behind Lisa: The Wonderful Part 1

Alright, this may be a doozy.

Let me tell ya’ll a story of an idea I had a long, long time ago; an idea that never came to be for one reason or another.

Some yonks ago there were a couple of Lisa fan-games that were announced, and as a LISA fan they naturally caught my eyes. These fan-stuff inspired an idea in me: “Hey since I have RPG Maker laying around I’ll do me a fan-game as well. I have been working on sprite work for some bit, and I have been messing with rpg maker a little, so why not.”

Making a game was something I was always curious about doing. I wasn’t planning on making any serious games, as that would take too much time and grueling work in producing said game. A simple fan-game seemed right up my alley.

Turns out I couldn’t be bothered in the end; therefore the concept died quietly. While I would have loved for it to have been made, I just didn’t had the time nor patience. That being said, before I called it quits I did a bit of work on it that I’d thought I’ll share with you fine folks. It’s a bit of an odd idea surely, but its was fun conceptualizing it anyways.

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Imagine this:

Aomine Daiki, wide-eyed and gaping at seeing Hogwarts for the first time. Imagine Aomine Daiki, shifting on the wooden stool as the Sorting Hat is placed on his head. Aomine Daiki being sorted into Slytherin. Aomine Daiki standing on the Quidditch pitch for the very first time. Aomine Daiki, stealing a broom to learn to fly at night. He falls off right after he gets it into the air. Aomine Daiki making friends with a certain blue-haired Gryffindor he met on a nightly run. Aomine Daiki, bright and innocent, wondering why don’t we talk to the Gryffindors? Aomine Daiki becoming a Quidditch ace in his second year and Slytherin’s newest Seeker. Aomine Daiki, eager to learn anything he can from his senpais at school. Aomine Daiki, hanging up by a Levicorpus spell because the some malicious sixth years say he’s a half-blood and shouldn’t even own a broom, saying with any muggle blood in him, he shouldn’t be attending Hogwarts. Aomine Daiki, by way of defiance and love of the sport setting about becoming the best Seeker anyone had ever seen. Aomine Daiki’s fire for Quidditch fading away into ashes. Aomine Daiki saying the games were too easy. Aomine’s sixth years who had bullied him calling him monster. Aomine Daiki, hardening his heart even to his childhood best friend. Aomine Daiki, throwing away his friendships and drifting from Quidditch in order to nap in that room where the sunlight hit the floor just right. Aomine Daiki in his fifth year ready for more naps and finding ways to avoid Filch. But then imagine Aomine Daiki feeling a spark within him because that new Gryffindor transfer student from Ilvermorny in America with fiery red hair and intense eyes is boasting I’ll fly circles round this guy on the pitch any day. Imagine Aomine Daiki becoming happy again, dreaming of chestnut eyes and new beginnings.


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Calling Mr. Kohler

AN: I’m just gonna leave this here…

some cleverly chosen snips from the Paging Doctors Bondevik and Kohler sequel

I think,” Matthias said very slowly, as if he needed to taste each word that passed through his lips, “I am finally ready to tell you what happened while I was in Africa.” He was met with only silence, but he squeezed Lukas’ hand, the gentle, physical reminder that Lukas was right beside him. The sounds of the hospital around them seemed to drift away, like the whole building was holding its breath while he searched for where to start his story, which words he should use…

Lusaka, Zambia – several years ago

It was strange how everything still looked exactly the same despite Matthias’ world having so recently been brought to its knees. How could all of these people around him carry on with their daily lives when his best friend had just been shot right in front of him? Where were all of the people going in their cars with their smiling faces, oblivious to the monumental event that just took place only a few hours ago? How come nobody had stopped what they were doing for just one fucking moment to let the city fall silent so Matthias could think?

It hadn’t even properly hit him yet; he refused to believe it.

Any moment now he was going to blink and shake his head and she’d be sitting opposite him in the coffee shop, laughing at how easily he fell into his silly daydreams.

“Thinking about the good doctor back home?” she’d tease, lightly slapping him on the arm from across the little cafe table. “I don’t know why you left a man that was willing to put up with the likes of you!” She’d laugh lightly while Mattias rubbed the back of his head.

“I really did get lucky, didn’t I?” he’d say, the blush creeping up his neck and into his cheeks. “I really miss him…” The look in Thandiwe’s eyes would soften and the hand that had just hit him would reach out and lace their fingers together.  

“I know, munandi,” she’d whisper, squeezing his hand.

Matthias shook his head and blinked his eyes several times, readjusting to the reality around him, watching the traffic in front of his apartment. His bag was heavy on his shoulders and he let it fall to the ground while he contemplated what to do next. His passport was burning a hole in his back pocket and he considered calling a taxi and going straight to the airport – straight home to Lukas. He’d have some explaining to do, of course, for turning up early and without warning…

While he was pondering what to do and where to go and how exactly he’d explain himself to Lukas when he turned up unannounced, he failed to notice the unmarked van pull up nearby…

One moment Matthias was staring unseeing at the buildings across the street from his apartment, the next the world was cast into darkness as something was thrown over his head.

Matthias screamed from inside the dark fabric, the air around his mouth already hot and thick, before something cracked on the back of his head and he fell away from the world.


Prelims just ended and I’m back on track!!

while studying I can’t stop thinking about Fairy Bill and there’s also Stanley’s 1st meeting with Bill

Well, to me … this meeting is relevant…