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It’s been a while but here are some more doodles of that Parental Bill AU where Bill ends up raising Dipper 

Eventually, Bill realizes that his intentions to restart weirdmaggedon aren’t going the way they’re supposed to

since developing feelings and caring for Dipper weren’t part of the plan- but then again, there’s something that makes Bill’s nonexistent heart warm when he hears the kid laugh 

Also at some point, Bill can’t make himself hurt Dipper no matter what. He is utterly doomed. 

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Are You Happy? photoshoot; requested by @sougoii


bisexual female/nonbinary/genderqueer/who knows tbh (she/her)

anonymous asked:

Just wanted to check in and see how you are doing, darling. You are very much missed xoxoxo

Aw, thank you! That’s sweet of you to think of me. I’m doing ok. Just really busy like all the time. I really want to come back on more often but I often only have time for a reblog now and then.

And since I’ve gotten a few messages about my stories, I’ll just say this. I don’t have a lot of free time to write, but even so, the “mojo” or whatever you want to call is gone at the moment. Everything is quiet in my head with my characters. I hope this changes, sometimes it comes back in a flash, sometimes it takes a while. So sorry to all those who read them, but I wouldn’t want to write something that would disappoint you and if I did now, it would.

But thanks again, lovely! I will try to be more active even though I’m not writing at the moment! 

Happy Kai Day (✿◠‿◠)

~I can go on and on for days about how much I love you but words will never do you justice baby. Happy birthday, my precious flower boy!


30 Day Nitro+CHiRAL Challenge - Day 4: Favourite Protagonist

All of them - I really couldn’t pick between all the protags for my one true favourite. It all boils down to sass and tsundere in the end, how could I pick?!? 

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lmao but isn't it funny how like a week ago we were all dragging julian and calling him a Nasty and now we're back at stanning him........ we're even bigger hoes than he is i swear smh

i have no more shame left i think 

hes still Nasty but im a loyal stan just dont claim that this man is pure ever again