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It’s been a while but here are some more doodles of that Parental Bill AU where Bill ends up raising Dipper 

Eventually, Bill realizes that his intentions to restart weirdmaggedon aren’t going the way they’re supposed to

since developing feelings and caring for Dipper weren’t part of the plan- but then again, there’s something that makes Bill’s nonexistent heart warm when he hears the kid laugh 

Also at some point, Bill can’t make himself hurt Dipper no matter what. He is utterly doomed. 

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Are You Happy? photoshoot; requested by @sougoii

  • Seokjin: And now for a gay update with Jungkook.
  • Jungkook, looking at Jimin: Getting gayer.
  • Seokjin: Thank you, Jungkook.

why am i imagining mark getting possessed, but the only thing that stops him is bob and/or wade picking him up


merry christmas from the biancos (ft. @aandidas & @rosemcmerose)

i also snuck my simself in there and a pal shh

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I was really disappointed in Allura's mom's canon design but I just went on your blog and your design for her is so beautiful I love her and just want to thank you for all your awesome character designs.

//on the couch with a megaphone// we’ve could’ve had it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaalll!



bisexual female/nonbinary/genderqueer/who knows tbh (she/her)

Happy Kai Day (✿◠‿◠)

~I can go on and on for days about how much I love you but words will never do you justice baby. Happy birthday, my precious flower boy!

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Welp! Im gonna try to update on weekends since my dorm wifi ucks and on weekends i come back so i think ill be good if i can atleast answer 2 or 3 asks on weekends

Kind of thinking that Fairy/Majick is able to assume a more human form after their initial transformation but …they still look like a muppet.

They try to focus their eyes but sometimes they just do their own thing.
Tends to be a lil more chill in their more humanish form, usually the dragon form is like being on a sugar high for them.

Still not sure about their size.