welp idk


Hey everyone look, it’s my first speed paint video! It’s got about an hour of work time crunched into 15 minutes. :V (finished drawing)

okay but author!Calum has his notebook with him at all times purely so he can make note of all the little details when they cross his mind; what it sounds like when you laugh, how he feels when you curl into him and whisper ‘i love you’ before you fall asleep, how the smell of vanilla makes his heart race a little faster 'cause it smells like your body wash and all he can think about is being tangled under sheets with you so when it comes to writing about his character experiencing love for the first time, he’s not too worried cause he has a whole notebook of reference points

style test, just in case i actually start that personality swap au ask blog i always wanted to do

i have a lot of variations of my art style, but this takes the least effort tbh….. at the same time it fits the ask blog feel??? i guess????