welp i'm crying


i’ve had this blog for quite some time now, maybe not as long as some of my friends, but to hit this milestone today i almost broke down into tears because it’s so surreal just thinking that 5000 people (give or take the spam blogs) decided to think that my blog was worth a follow. and not only that, but people who like and reblog my edits and send messages to me, it’s so damn heartwarming.

thank you from the depths of my darkened heart for being so amazing and loving and open and supportive and just the best people i’ve ever come into contact with. even if we talk every day or once in a while or never at all, just know that i really and deeply care about you and i’m forever grateful to be part of this community because i get to be in it with not only mark and jack, but with all of you guys as well. 💚❤️

My tablet (which has been barely working for the past year or so) is officially dead, so nothing new from me until the new one arrives (which will hopefully be before the week is over, but I really have no idea)! Sorry for even more delays, and have a nice week, friends! 

tl;dr: Tablet’s dead. New one soon. I’m dead, too.

Sigh… I think Lily is definitely on her way out now. And as upset as I already am about that (my mother asking me 5 times in as many minutes if I’m going to be okay didn’t help), I’m weirdly glad about it because I know she won’t be hurting anymore then. 

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Ive never seriously identified with any su character untill Smoky. We are nearly the exact same. This episode was so intense for me.

I can’t even stand it. It’s just…I already loved Amethyst and Steven. Amethyst especially has lodged herself deep in my soul. This past arc with them bringing out some of their hinted at but rarely directly addressed self-worth issues has been so important to me. Especially because of how much their friendship and love for each other has gotten them through it.

And then, THEN, when things with Amethyst come to a head, and Steven bares his soul to her only to be rewarded with one of the the most beautiful things that can come out of any relationship–a connection with someone else who is going through what you thought you had to carry alone. AND THEN. THEY HUG. AND SMOKY QUARTZ IS BORN IN A HUG EXPLOSION.

And they are thrilled, they are thrilled to be themselves. They came about because Steven and Amethyst were able to love themselves by seeing themselves through each others eyes…but it doesn’t mean either of their self worth issues went away. 

The fun Smoky has being Smoky is real, as is their self-doubt and negative self-talk. And when it comes out…it’s really clear how much Pearl and Garnet didn’t fully realize it was there. Smoky dissolving into self-hatred is both them crumbling and them crying for help, because WE SEE how uncomfortable they are with Sardonyx’s game, we see their discomfort get stronger and stronger until they just blurt out all these horrible things about themselves.

AND THE BEST PART IS THEIR CRY FOR HELP IS HEARD. Sardonyx hears them and it distresses Pearl and Garnet so much they unfuse. And then they give Steven and Amethyst so much love and support and!! AND!!! AAAASHGJASKFLK

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I like to think that Emma and Elsa have a magical way to communicate across the realms, like some magical version of Skype, because I refuse to let this beautiful friendship be limited to 4a. What do you think their convos would be like?


Admitting Emma’s family tree was fucked up was the understatement of the century. Three years ago she had nobody, except the nice lady who ran the store she visited periodically to purchase her Poptars who had insisted on learning her name and wish her a good day after she paid. Now she had parents - who were royalty, mind you, - a son who would soon be taller than her if he kept growing at this rate, a pirate boyfriend (it sounded too good not to label it like that), her son’s entire ‘other’ family (Dark One included, even though by silent agreement his name had been pretty much burnt out from the hypothetical family tree tapestry), an entire town (realm?) that constantly supported her and her own.

Oh, and a little brother.

A little brother who had spilled his food all over her sweater.

Good thing her friend was just one magical mirror away.

“What happened to you?” Elsa asked with a frown, sitting on her bed back in Arendelle and staring quizzically at her through the mirror they used to talk on. Emma gripped the hem of the sweater with a tired sigh.

“My brother. He wasn’t feeling really like mashed sweet potatoes tonight. His loss.”

The ice queen laughed. “Maybe he thought you were a nice canvas to try on his art.”

“Yeah, yeah, really funny. How do I get rid of this?”

Elsa stared at her. “You take it off and clean it?”

“Seriously? No spell for this?”

There was a frustrated sound from the other side of the mirror, and Emma fought a smile. “I appreciate the faith in my knowledge, but my magic is made of ice, Emma. I only know my own magic, not every spell of every kind of magic.”

Emma’s face fell at that. She really had hoped to get some pointers about magical dry cleaning instead of paying for someone to do it.

“Don’t pout, you’ll get wrinkles.”

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"I wish I’d never met you."

          “Wh-What?” he stuttered quietly, his gaze snapping up to him as tears sparked in his eyes from the words. Harry never thought he would hear those words come from his mouth. “O-Oh…” he said quietly, averting his gaze to the ground beneath him as he tried to keep himself from crying. “Wh-Why don’t you just l-leave then?"