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L̸̯̤͍̫͎̙ͧ͌̄̅̅o͈͈̳͍̬̘͉̽́̃ͪö͍̻̱́͌́̆ḱ̗͎̱̫̩̊ͧ̎ ̺͚͈̩ͥ̂́̿ͥͅiͪ͊̉͟n̪̺͙̜̗̳̆͌͒̂ͧ͟ͅť̡̪̗̔ͫ̓͌ȏ͓͓̽͊ ͖͚̟̠̭̞͟m̸͙̙͖͇͇̹̗ȳ̥̟̓ͩͤͧ͗̚͜ ̛͚̾̆ͭͭ͋e̶̱̣̦̺͇͍̓ͭỷ̃̏̎̔̔͋͜ẹ̽̌̎s̩͎̪̫ͦͯ̑̍ͅ,̏͑͏̜̙͈̠ ̞̻͎͔̤̩ͣ̈ͦț̢̬ͥ̓ͅh̗͓̟ͪ̈͗e͎̗̲̲̹̮͕ͣ̃ͤ͛ͩ̄r̼̤̠̞̬͖̈̈́ͅḙ̷̱͔ͯ̀͋̎'̄͌̐̌͆̌ͮ͏͙̻̫̱͕̤̭s͖̎͞ ̙̱͎͎ͮ̽̄ͯ́ͅa̸̖͆̉̾͊́̆ͯ ̾̈́̕d̠̯͚̠̔ͦe̼̮̫̲̒̌̈́͆͋̚͡m̫̬̮̻̟̙̏̽̉͂o̳̐ͣǹ͓̰̞̭̈́ͦ͜ ̋̄̏i̞̲̟̭̞͋ͤͫ̎͞n̹̖͓͔̕ ͎̖̲̮͙̯̪̇ͮ̃͘d͓̪̮̫͛̔ĩ̫̝̥̫̰̝̳̔̄ͫ͊̂s̺͕͍ͨ̂ĝ́͏͕̬̫u̻͓̝͕ͤ̂ͬi̟̫͇s̬͚̗̭͍̩̳̊ͫę͚͔̱̩ 

Sometimes i forget Camp Camp is technically an adult cartoon

And honestly? That’s, oddly enough, one of the main reasons i love this show so much. This is gonna be kind of a long one, so buckle up.

Let’s be real: We’re living in the golden age of animation. When you compare the amount of hard work, love and passion that’s put into modern day cartoons, to how it was just about 20 years ago, you can clearly see a big difference in quality.

Some of the best and most popular tv shows of this era have been cartoons aimed at kids. That’s pretty amazing, and i feel like we take it for granted because we’re so used to it by now. At this point, “kids’ shows” barely have a target audience anymore. A few examples would be gigantic worldwide hits like Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, and so many more. Both of these shows are well-known among kids AND adults for their incredible writing and animation (i’m personally a big fan of both, but trust me, i’m trying to be as unbiased as possible lmao).

Adult entertainment is…different. You have a lot more options when it comes to a show aimed at an older audience, which means it’s also a lot easier to screw up completely.

For a long time, kids’ shows were quick and easy to produce, because of the idea that kids are so easily entertained that you didn’t have to put any effort into making a high-quality product. Breaking this ideology was the main goal that big animation companies like Disney strived for, which is why most of their movies are of such high quality, while still appealing to people of all ages.

But when it comes to a show that’s strictly meant to appeal to a mature audience, ESPECIALLY animated ones, a similar ideology has been tossed around for AGES. I think a lot of you know what i’m talking about: Lazy, crude humor. Writing without substance. As many adult topics as possible, to make sure it’s nothing like a kids’ show.

The idea that “mature” ONLY means “haha sex and profanity”, is really just as bad as what i talked about earlier. Sure, there are quite a few really good adult cartoons out there (Bojack Horseman, Rick & Morty, The Simpsons) who have a clear understanding of how to handle mature topics in, well, a mature way. But i think Camp Camp really stands out, and here’s why.

Please look at this official artwork of the show:

If you were like me and you didn’t know any better, you’d definitely assume this was a show for kids. Then you’d watch it, and almost flinch the first time you hear Max say the word “fuck”. But you know what’s funny?

Even WHEN you’re watching this show, it’s not just the cutesy art style that messes with you. Because Camp Camp plays out and feels like a show for kids.

If you were to take out all the sex jokes and swearing, this would be your average kids’ cartoon. Like…..literally. I’m not even sure if it’s intentional or not, but i refuse to believe that this is just me. The way the characters interact, the way the jokes are build up, the way the stories are told. Even when one of the characters are on fire and the kids outside are screaming and throwing bombs around, it somehow manages to give off those cozy and goofy vibes of a typical Cartoon Network show.

Camp Camp is chaotic, bloody and filled with jokes that would never get past CN censors. But at the same time, it just feels…genuinely “fun”. Not even in a jokingly funny way, but it just has this very pure and innocent sense of childish fun. Like, come on. If it wasn’t for the furry orgy at the end, “Journey to Spooky Island” was pretty much just a casual Scooby Doo adventure.

I would go further in-depth about how good the writing of this show is, but that’s not really the point of this post. The main thing i’m trying to say, is that Camp Camp is one of the only adult oriented cartoons i have ever watched in my entire life, that actually feels like a modern cartoon for kids. And hey, maybe that’s why it actually has a fair amount of young fans!

Shelter - piano cover
Porter Robinson & Madeon (cover by gloomstudy)
Shelter - piano cover

july 14, 2017 - the living room sessions, 2/?

hello friends! i reached 4k+ followers last night and ahhh thank you so much everyone!! to celebrate, here’s my mini piano cover of “shelter” by porter robinson and madeon, one of my most favorite songs. enjoy! :’)

**disclaimer (same as last time, lol): i was not aiming to be exactly like the original. instead, i decided to put my own twist on it and gave it a softer vibe (at least, that’s kinda what i was going for, haha). i figured this all out on my own, so any similarities to other covers are purely coincidental.

shout-out to my supporters from my first mini cover. you guys are awesome! @lavietudier, @moonshinestudies, @kookiestudie, @ylittleghost, @dreams-and-memories, @intellectys, @solsticestudies, @akaristudies, @ellastudyblog, @minastudying, @metanoiastudies, @artemistudying, @studytune, @bionctes, @frostyzach, and more!

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p. s. for those of you who are wondering…yes, i’m still working on my “spring day” cover. hopefully i’ll finish and get a chance to record it sometime soon! thank you for your patience!


Are You Happy? photoshoot; requested by @sougoii

Unravel - original piece, work in progress
Unravel - original piece, work in progress

september 27, 2017 - the living room sessions, 4/?

hello friends! i haven’t really had the time to sit down and come up with an arrangement for a new cover since i’ve been busy with school, but i hit 9k yesterday, so i thought that i would celebrate with a new track! here’s something that i was working on over the summer. i kinda got a little more into composition, so this is a smol snippet of my original piece, “unravel.” i’m not sure when i’ll complete it, but hopefully i’ll finish sometime in the near future. hope you guys like it, and let me know what you think! ^_^

as always, shout-out to my lovely and amazing supporters: @lavietudier, @intellectys, @armcnia@jinstudies, @ellastudyblog, @metanoiastudies, @minastudying, @woozistudie, @solsticestudies@kaiistudies, @mango-studies, @artemistudying, @moonshinestudies, @akaristudies@frostyzach, @frondiestudies, @lilithstudies, @libraery, @seatudying, @noodledesk@jiyeonstudies, @ylittleghost, @studytune, @oikawanotes, @dreams-and-memories@wastedstudies, @milkyjournals, @musicalstudyblr, @aetudes, @medkip, @estudiablr@snowystudiess, @staestudy, @studylex, @violinandchill, @muzikgurl3, @babyfangirlstudies, @chanyeolstudies, @kalistudying, @svtnstudy, @hinatastudy, @piiess, and more! thank you all for your kindness and encouragement!!

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Glowing siren mom and octo-son~

(ft. @ask-aph-merman-arthur and @ask-merman-oliver)


Drafts. The second one’s my wakfu huppermage <3
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are the boys ready for spOOKTOBER - brUh anon

Jin: Oh you bet we’re ready

Flower boy!Jeonghan

A/N: It’s been 84 years…. This is for the anon who requested Flower Boy!Jeonghan. I hope you’re still alive..somewhere. I’M SO SORRY BUT PLEASE ENJOY! Thank you for requesting!!! <3

Originally posted by kristian-do

  • So there’s a new café that just opened called Pledis café
  • This cafe was unlike any other café; it’s a flower boy cafe
  • People were pretty sceptical when the café came out with the concept, but Pledis proved them wrong because now, the place was almost always packed on Friday nights and/or the weekends
  • People thought it was going to be weird at first?
  • But they later found it’s just good fun! And a good eye wash
  • The café was really creative actually!!
  • The boys acted like butlers in a way
  • Super polite, gentlemanly and curtious, who wouldn’t want to go back for more, amirite?
  • Capitalism at its finest
  • The people frequenting the flower boy café would typically be teenage schoolgirls
  • Other times it was awkward (and jealous) boyfriends who got dragged to the cafe for the sake of their curious girlfriends lol
  • At first, Jeonghan never really had any intention to work in a café, let alone a flower boy café
  • But his friend Seungcheol became one and the pay didn’t seem so bad so he applied
  • And a few weeks into the job, he’s sold
  • To him, it doesn’t even feel like working?
  • Because being beautiful is his forté lmaoo
  • People who visited the café was pretty amazed by the visuals the boys serve but Jeonghan? Snatched.
  • But people aren’t sure if he does anything other than leaning on the booth and sending flirty looks at girls?
  • Or was it sleepy looks? lmao nobody knows
  • Like, yea we get it, ur pretty, Jeonghan but table fifteen needs you now, shoo
  • He’s a really great host, though
  • Like, in the café, it’s normal to have some of the boys linger at tables to talk to the customers
  • They’d explain the menu and they’ll entertain you for a bit as you wait for your order to come out
  • It’s just like one of those Japanese maid cafés, only the waitresses are guys
  • By all means, Jeonghan seemed to attract a lot of people and he ended up getting flirted to a lot
  • Jeonghan wasn’t usually the type to flirt back 
  • unlike some people *cough*Choi Seungcheol and Wen Junhui and Xu Minghao*cough* 
  • seriously though, Minghao’s been wildin’ these days
  • But it’s his job so
  • But he really does love his job and entertaining people
  • Which brings us to this point
  • You’ve heard of the hype of Pledis café
  • And while you enjoy checking out hip cafés around the city, you never had the initiative to check the cafe
  • You just don’t get the hype, okay?
  • Bc you find it so weird??? Like, a flower boy café?? Who came up with the idea???? Isn’t this considered human exploitation???
  • So you definitely weren’t very thrilled when your friends proposed to the idea of giving it a visit after school/work that day
  • Some friends you have bc they practically dragged you to the café despite your protest
  • ‘Just once,’ they say.
  • 'It’ll be fun,’ they say.
  • While your other friends are squealing over how cute the decor and boys are (especially the boys) and having the time of their lives, you looked like you’re ready to bust outta there
  • Because the amount of admittedly cute boys here is amazing
  • There’s literally so many of them here
  • Tbh you felt a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of attractive boys you see bustling around the café, serving cakes and entertaining customers
  • You’ve never seen so many cute guys concentrated in one place before lol
  • How did they find them? Cute guys are like rare Pokémons nowadays
  • But you had to admit it was a nice change of scenery (    ͡ °   ͜ ʖ    ͡ ° )
  • Especially that one guy you saw on your way in
  • And you almost got knocked off your socks because wOW IS THAT AN ANGEL?
  • No, but seriously, though, he’s wearing an halo headband
  • But you couldn’t help but feel your cheeks heating up when he flashed a smile at you
  • You thought ‘Wow okay this isn’t so bad, maybe I can get used to this.’
  • But then you saw a couple of girls came up to him to get pictures with him and he was all flirty so you’re like, lol nevermind
  • That man is a playaaa~
  • I mean, you understand that it’s his job but still, you’re not a big fan of flirts
  • Your friends waved to indicate they’re ready to order and it just so happens that your server is the angel you just thought about
  • “Hello, welcome to Seventeen Café~ I’m Jeonghan and I will be your server for today.”
  • And all your friends took turn ordering till you’re the only one left
  • “And what can I get for the lovely lady?” he asked as he sent a wink at you
  • Tbh you don’t know whether to stay silent or to throw the glass of water at him
  • The latter seemed more appealing at the moment
  • You rolled your eyes and ended up ordering whatever your favorite drink was and the waiter scurried away, but not without flashing you with another God-send smile eyyy
  • The moment he was out of earshot, your friends went cRAZY
  • “Y/N, what the f*** you know him?”
  • “Did you see how he looked at you?! He was totally flirting on you!!!”
  • Hahaha yeah and if he does it one more time you’ll be sure to let him know you’re not interested
  • And you and your friends actually had a great time chatting at least when they’re not too distracted by the boys
  • But you didn’t miss the glances Jeonghan stole at you
  • Like, he usually loves teasing and joking around with his client but there’s just something about you that made him want to provoke you even more
  • Wow, what angel were we talking about, again?
  • Maybe it’s the way you roll your eyes indignantly or your blatant dislike towards the café
  • Also maybe because you’re kinda cute
  • Really cute
  • And it’s only natural that Jeonghan wants to get a reaction out of you
  • So then he brought out a cupcake and set it on your table and everyone’s like ‘We didn’t order this???’
  • And Jeonghan’s like
  • “Don’t worry, it’s on the house. For the pretty lady.”
  • First of all: how dare he?
  • Second of all: how dare he?
  • So while your friends are looking at the cupcake as if it was an engagement ring and as if Jeonghan just confessed his love to you, you were silent bc you don’t know what to do tbh?
  • Because a handsome man just tried to pick you up??
  • What a flirt.
  • You still ate the cafe, though
  • After all, a cupcake is a cupcake
  • There was a part when some of the boys had to do aegyo and oh my god
  • There was this other guy named Woozy? Woozi?? and you thought he was adorable
  • But Jeonghan was on a whole other level
  • He kept running his hand through his luscious locks, bitting his lips and pouting oh my god
  • Uhm, you kinda wanna slap him? But also it’s kinda cute? But you’re never going to admit that ofc
  • And you thought you’ve never been happier when your friends decided to call it a day and asked for the bill bc you don’t think you would survive anymore second breathing in aegyo and finger hearts
  • But Jeonghan’s kinda bummed???
  • Bc you’re actually really fun to tease
  • So he made Wonwoo the cashier give you guys free membership cars bc he wants you to come back lol
  • “Why should I do that?”
  • “Ok, deal.”
  • Capitalists, I tell you
  • It was unfortunate for you bc your friends are now completely in love with the café and they vowed to visit it every other week
  • And they made you come with them every single time bc now they got the member card, too lmao
  • You’re not really complaining bc the food there was amazing, the ambiance (despite being a little crowded), was great and everything good except for…
  • “Hello, my name is Jeonghan and I’ll be your server today.”
  • him.
  • You see, he wouldn’t leave you be from day one, and you know it amused him to see you cringe at the constant aegyo and cheesy lines thrown around
  • And another fact that made you angrier is the fact that Jeonghan looks so! darn! attractive! and so! smooth! doing it all uGH
  • You keep getting heart palpitations whenever he smiled 
  • And you don’t even have insurance for God’s sake
  • Honestly, it’s enough cardio to last you a lifetime
  • But you didn’t know what happened behind the scenes bc back in the kitchen, Jeonghan would always smile to himself and sometime giggle occasionally?
  • Chan got scared once when they were on a shift together and Jeonghan started giggling to himself
  • Chan thought he got possessed and it scared the s*** outta the kid
  • And it was always entertaining to watch you bicker back and forth as your friends sip on their drinks
  • “Don’t you have anywhere else to go to?”
  • “Well, you see, I work here.”
  • The little s***
  • At least it’s a show for other customers to watch when you guys start bickering like old married couples
  • They started to ship you guys, too
  • Bc Jeonghan seemed to be more open and relaxed around you?
  • As if the flirting is genuine it is
  • And you may act like it’s annoying but deep inside, you kinda enjoy the attention he’s giving you?
  • But also cute
  • The playfulness started to shift to something different one day
  • It was a particularly relaxed day, not many people were in the café
  • So you were sitting alone in the café, sipping on your drink and waiting for your friends when you suddenly got a text message from one of your friends
  • [“Y/N I’m so sorry! I don’t think we can make it to the café today! Something really important came up!!”]
  • And you let out a long sigh because 'Now what do I do,,,’
  • Jeonghan at the counter noticed your crestfallen face and decided to swoop in like Prince Charming
  • “wELL, hELLo.”
  • Oh no
  • “Ugh what do you want >:(”
  • 'I want to take you out’ he wanted to say but he saw the cup hot tea in front of you and he didn’t wanna risk it lmao
  • In case you decide to fling it at him
  • “You look sad. Is everything okay?” he asked
  • And honestly, the stress from work/school has been piling up and you had the strongest urge to just spill everything to Jeonghan bc he seemed genuinely concerned
  • But you held yourself back and instead gave him a tight-lipped smile
  • “It’s okay.”
  • Except it’s not okay bc the smile you flashed him didn’t quite reach your eyes
  • You packed up your things but then you realized that it’s raining :(
  • Of course you had forgotten to bring your umbrella
  • And you could feel the sudden weight of your emotions and you feel the telltales of tears that threatened to escape when a soft hand slipped into yours
  • “Here, let me walk you to the bus stop,” you hear his soft voice and and looked down to see his other hand gripping a floral umbrella
  • You almost smiled at the image of the man holding a pretty umbrella with daisies on it
  • You wanted to decline but who knows how long the rain would last?
  • So you reluctantly agreed to let him walk you
  • The walk was not like what you had expected
  • Jeonghan was more quite, more composed, his gait noticeably more sluggish than what you had accustomed to seeing in the café
  • But he let you have your peace for once and you were grateful for that
  • It wasn’t until later that he spoke up as he slipped a piece of paper with a series of numbers on it
  • “If you need anything.. Don’t hesitate to call me okay?”
  • F***ing smooth
  • You couldn’t help the small smile that made its way on your face
  • “Okay.”
  • It was then that the bus decided to come and you had to go
  • You felt a little regretful that you have to say good bye
  • Jeonghan slipped the umbrella into your hand
  • “Take it. The rain isn’t going to stop soon.”
  • You looked at him weird 
  • “But you’ll get drenched!”
  • He smiled “It’s okay, I got extra back in the cafe.”
  • And honestly, you were so touched??? You felt your heart grew a little tender for him
  • Maybe he isn’t so bad
  • “Thank you.”
  • And Jeonghan was a little taken aback because this was the first time that you actually smiled at him? 
  • He doesn’t think he’d ever get enough of it
  • The two of you went home with a little smile that day and he didn’t leave your mind until the moment you fell asleep
  • You didn’t visit the cafe for a while after that
  • It’s not that you didn’t want to
  • It’s just that life got in the way
  • You were busy and didn’t have the time to make visit and you were too shy to actually text him
  • And Jeonghan still worked everyday, hoping that it was you everytime another customer came in and got disappointed when it wasn’t
  • The others are also a little curious?? Bc did something happen??
  • Jeonghan himself felt a little hurt bc did he make the wrong move the last time he saw you? You never called him or texted him and he thought there was something there
  • ‘I guess, I’m wrong’ the thought kept playing in his head
  • He didn’t know that you were actually looking forward to meet him again
  • I mean, you got to give back his umbrella right?
  • It wasn’t until a few weeks later that you managed to find the time to come
  • And when you came in, the others were like
  • “You’re back!!! Where have you been???”
  • You explained and they told you how Jeonghan seemed a bit down lately and that he’s actually taking the day off today
  • So you just passed the umbrella to the boys along with a note and left the café a little disappointed
  • “Looking for me?”
  • You looked to the side to see
  • “Jeonghan?”
  • He had the widest smile on his face and you wondered what made him look so happy
  • And he was happy because there you were, standing in front of him under the sunlight looking all beautiful and he felt his heart grew bc he saw you exiting the cafe and he just knew that you were looking for him
  • “Where have you been??” he asked
  • “Well, I have a life aside from being constantly dragged to a flower boy cafe, you know.”
  • “Touche.”
  • There was a brief silence until he spoke up
  • “Look, I’m so sorry if I annoyed you a lot. It’s just that..I like you.” he confessed
  • What is he, a kindergartener?
  • “And I was wondering if you wanna go out. On a date.”
  • You almost sputtered bc what?
  • Wow he finally got the balls to ask you out for reals, eh
  • “A date? At the cafe?”
  • F*** no, anywhere but there.”
  • You both laughed at that
  • And you looked at him in the eyes and said
  • “Okay.”
  • And you could distinctively hear the boys’s howls and whistles from inside the cafe, all of them squished to the windows making heart gestures at you two
  • “Shalalalalalalalala~”
  • “Oh my god.”
  • You could only laugh as Jeonghan shook his head in shame
  • Yeah, he’s not bad. Not bad at all.
Spring Day - piano cover
BTS (cover by gloomstudy)
Spring Day - piano cover

august 14, 2017 - the living room sessions, 3/?

IT’S FINALLY HERE!! my long-awaited full cover of “spring day” by bts is finally complete. i had so much fun figuring out and coming up with new melodies to replace the rapping sections, and i’m really proud of how the final version turned out. i hope you guys enjoy it, too!

**disclaimer (same as last time, lol): i was not aiming to be exactly like the original. instead, i decided to put my own twist on it and gave it a softer vibe (at least, that’s kinda what i was going for, haha). i figured this all out on my own, so any similarities to other covers are purely coincidental.

shout-out to my lovely and amazing supporters: @lavietudier, @intellectys, @armcnia, @moonshinestudies, @artemistudying, @mango-studies, @solsticestudies, @woozistudie, @ylittleghost, @dreams-and-memories, @akaristudies, @ellastudyblog, @metanoiastudies, @minastudying, @studytune, @bionctes, @frostyzach, @jinstudies, @libraery, @frondiestudies, @lilithstudies, @seatudying, @noodledesk, @jiyeonstudies, @wastedstudies, @medkip, @milkyjournals, @musicalstudyblr, @aetudes, and more! thank you all so much for your kindness and encouragement!!

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Over a decade ago a team of revolutionaries called the killjoys lost their lives while saving a mysterious young girl from the tyrannical mega-corporation Better Living Industries. Today, the killjoys live on in memory, if not belief, as BLI widens its reach and freedom fades.

 - The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, written by Gerard Way and Shaun Simon  


soulmate tattoos from @bittlebunny‘s fic, Hang The Moon From My Lips; You Are Mine……… which you should go read immediately

bonus: ransom & holster’s are on the inside of their bottom lips…. so……..

“when I fail this bio test, I’m blaming your mouth”