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Dunno if you guys remembered my last post about that would be my last RoseGarden AU sketch comics (welp anti- rosegarden ships everywhere 😶)

Forget about that what i said yesterday,




thank you very much to those who messaged me, they really give me positive words and hope for not giving up, you guys are really awesome 😊😊😊

I will upload the latest sketch later coz i’m very sleepy at this time😁


A little Art Trade with @mrakipiler

It was really fun to draw her Anti, he’s hella cool!

So yeah, of course she finished her part before me, you know, she’s hella fast and I’m just soooo slow lol.

Why is he just holding a single raindrop with his finger and looking at it just like “OML :D”? I dunno, welp.

I also couldn’t something good enough to “repay” the beautiful art she did for this trade, ‘cuz I’m still changing my art style and oh shit, hOW TO BACKGROUNDS???? Yeah, don’t mind me, just avoiding background as always *cries*.

Anyway, guess what? At least I tried :’D

RFA+V+SAERAN: Given a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and nothing to do, what would happen?

A/N: Here guys, I wrote this MONTHS ago (like right before we made the blog. It’s kinda like a part 2 to the one I wrote about who’s a doodler or a writer) And I figured i could give y’all something to read <3 ~Admin 404


               -Pretty sure I’ve already established that this guy is a DOODLER

               -He’d doodle anything and everything

               -Stars, MC and himself, animals

               -Tries his hardest to professionally draw his LOLOL character

               -He’s the type to write out his characters stats on said piece of paper

               -  Kind of like Dungeons and Dragons

               -No inch of the paper is left blank

               -It makes no difference to him if the doodles overlap, they’re all beautiful in his eyes!!

               - Yoosung, sweetie, we can’t hang this up in a museum I’m sorry


               -Are you kidding

               -Rewriting your lines is the best way to memorize them!

               -Some of the lines are written multiple times in a row

               -Others, you can’T EVEN READ THEM


               -They’re written up, down, side-ways, diagonal (how do you read this, I’d get a headache)

               -“Babe, can you help me with this? Just read it and tell me if I’ve gotten it right!”

               -Uh, yeah, okay sure um lmao

               -You’re turning the paper around in circles to read the lines



               -Poor baby is so over worked, she’d probably be so confused over a blank piece of paper

               -“This…. is blank?? Shouldn’t there be reports printed on this so I can proofread?? What is hAPPENING”

               -Honestly just stares at the paper for a while before it finally clicks

               -“Hey, I don’t have to work on this, this is GREAT why don’t I have MORE blank pages of paper????”

               - Uses it as scratch paper to test if her pens are working

               -Doodles little angry emoticons every time she thinks about Jumin and his stupid projects

               -Really has no other use for this blank piece of paper

               -Doesn’t want to use it for work but also just….doesn’t…know…what to do

               -Yet, every time she comes across one in a folder, she brightens up a little


               -“This… is blank. This should not be blank. Who compiled this folder? Did they mean to leave a blank page at the end? Why is it-” JUMIN P L E A S E

               -No more files to look through? No more reports?

               -Welp, this blank page is now filled with more information on the project he was working on at the time

               -Hand writes notes on the paper and keeps it with the file

               - Why can’t you…I dunno… do something fun with it

               - Dammit Jumin

               -If he isn’t using the paper for notes, he’s using it to keep track of his future project ideas

               - “Cat hotels, cat wine, cat cat cat cat

               -Makes sure he finds this piece of paper is as organized and pretty as he finds Elizabeth the Third MC



               -Seriously what else is he gonna do with his spare time

               -If he’s (surprisingly) not drawing memes on said piece of paper, he’ll write on it


               -“Saeyoung you keep handing me this paper but I have no idea what it says”

               -“Figure it out :^)”

               -He likes to see how frustrated you get when you spend hours trying to figure it out on your own

               -You’d just Google it but he shut off the WiFi

               -He’s decided that he’ll write cute little messages in binary every time he finds a blank piece from now on

               -“This better not be a meme in binary, Saeyoung.” “MC! I would NEVER!”

               - Okay but this dork actually writes such sweet things to you, and can’t wait until you actually figure it out


               -“??? MC? Why are you handing me a blank piece of paper?”

               -Will probably be confused as well, but will quickly think of something to do

               -If you’re sitting with him, he’ll ask you to play silly little games with him!!

               -Tic-tac-toe! Dots and boxes! Pictionary!

               -Loves to mess with you when you play

               -“MC, look out the window, do you see that bird? Isn’t it beautiful? What are you talking about? I’ve had this many boxes before you turned around”

               - Always smiles and laughs, giving himself away

               -If you aren’t around to play, he’ll probably write cute messages for you to find around the house


               -“Saeran! Here! Draw your feelings on this piece of paper!!!”

               - Saeyoung, that’s a bad idea…

               -He’ll accept the paper, but waits until his brother leaves the room

               -Doesn’t draw on it, but scribbles words onto it that he hides from you

               -He calls Saeyoung back into the room as he folds the paper into an airplane

               -Aims for his “Idiot Brother’s” face

               -Leaves the room in disgust when Saeyoung starts to pout and fake cry

               - Y'all know the paper just had a big “Fuck You” written on it

               -You can’t even deny it


It’s TH!Palette. 😆
It was a real fun to draw him.
On the right is the sketch and on the left is the final result. I colored it with my “bubblegum coloration” (I call it so) .
But I think it turned out very well

TH!Palette by starlumen
Art by me

Added: Palette belong to @angexci (crediting the mother 7w7)



REBLOGS are greatly appreciated. PLEASE DO NOT REPOST

Last night’s ONE PUUUUNNCCHHH stream doodles. And Eeeyyyyy threw in some Samurai Jack at the last minute.

Seriously, I do need to do some proper fanart for One Punch Man, cuz Saitama is one of my favorite heroes. Hell! I still have yet to touch “My Hero Academia” and that’s an anime I love just as much.

When I first saw “Speed of Sound Sonic” ninja, my first thought gravitated towards Sonic the Hedgehog haha. Man Sonic can’t get a break. It’s one fast hedgehog after another, and now there’s a ninja speedster with his name.

The crossover with Genji was my brother’s idea. Offense VS Defense. 

And the final bit with Samurai Jack? I don’t need to explain much.

Welp, that’s it. Thanx every1 who came to the stream, despite how early I ended it. Dunno what I’ll draw next week. Maybe it will be Samurai Jack, dunno. I think I might work on something for my comic “Blue Fire.” Cya next week.

im low-key upset coz i tried inking it, but i messed up too much–which sucks more b/c i wasted precious studying time, and ink.
i dunno; i might color this digitally; im really lazy tho ;v

Good Morning!!
It Me!!

I haven’t been able to queue anything really for a few days!! And I am sorry!! But I don’t really wanna move much out of bed for the moment cause aaaa I’m tired and typing is tiring if you’re that exhausted… and I may have reached that point so oh well \(^-^)/ good morning!! Loves you guys lots and lots :) hope my voice is okay even if it’s a little quiet cause I’m writing this at night and I’m normally super quiet but yeah ^-^

Alright, I dunno what’s messing up my posts… :,,,v but I took precaution and took a picture :3 Anyway, here is the original post… exactly like it was supposed to be uploaded:))

Hello, and thank you very much for your request. It’s great! I sometimes get those moments too ( where I’m feeling clingy, y'know :,v) so I guess it’s kinda relatable??? Welp, hope you enjoy guys!! <3

1 year. You had been together 1 year, and until now, you were sure everything was going great. Although it had taken time for Todoroki to get past your shy personality, you eventually became comfortable with each other and could talk about absolutely everything. That was until you heard two fellow classmates talking about your relationship. How they thought that you were a little too clingy towards Todoroki, and that you were often a burden to him during gatherings and social events.

You weren’t supposed to be hearing, of course, and even though it wasn’t stated directly at you, it hurt… It was not their intention to do so, but it did. It never even crossed your mind, but thinking about it… maybe you were too clingy. He ate lunch at your table, instead of at his friends’, spent the weekend with you, studied with you… wow. Thinking about it, it seemed as if you had forced him to be with you all the time.

When you were just friends it was different, it was obvious, and evidently, people had picked up on that. But, did he think the same way?

The ringing of the school bell disrupted your thoughts. Lunch time.

You decided to not give it any more thought. It was only someone’s opinion. So, as usual, you sat with your boyfriend.

“You seem quiet, is something bothering you?” He asked while inching closer. Usually, you wouldn’t react to it, the both of you had become more affectionate towards each other, and this was just normal, being close. However, you backed away. Both consciously and unconsciously.

“Uh… yeah. Everything is alright ”
You tried giving him a reassuring smile, but it didn’t convince him. He knew you, and you were clearly lying.

“I know something’s up [name]. I can see it in your face. Now spill.” There he was, asking about your issues, but you couldn’t bring yourself to speak! It was embarrassing to say the least. So you made up another lie.

“Well, now that you noticed, I am worried about the test, maybe it’s best if I study,” yeah, that should work, you were often worried about school, so it was believable. But… perhaps you could use this to give him some space. “ all week. Someone is already tutoring me. So don’t worry about that” you smiled a more believable smile this time. And he bought it.

“Alright, good luck with it” he took your hand and smiled before giving you a peck on the cheek. You were so lucky to be with him. That’s more the reason why you should give him a little space for himself, to have fun and hang with the guys. So you gave him one last reassuring squeeze and retired your plate.

After classes you headed to your room and plopped yourself on the bed. You didn’t know it could feel this relaxing, and your pillow had just the right amount of fluffiness. For some strange reason, bad thoughts came to your mind. Again.

You began thinking about your relationship with Todoroki. Both of you shared a sweet and innocent love you wouldn’t trade for anything in the universe. He was your world, hope, and light. And if you had to change a little bit about you for his sake, there was no doubt you’d do it. Without noticing, warm tears began streaming down your gentle face. Sobbing came later… were you annoying? Was your relationship as great as you thought or were you just delusional? You cried and cried, until a gentle knock was heard.

“Hey, [name]. It’s me. You left your notebook at my room. Thought you might need it” It was Todoroki, you could hear his voice clearly through the door.

You dashed to the bathroom and cleaned yourself up as quickly as you could, your eyes still notably red from the crying. Still, you had to open.

“Uh, yeah, coming.” You shouted in a singsong voice.

You open the door and encountered his tired eyes, notebook in hand.

“I don’t mean to be rude but mind if I come in?” He asked. As much as you wanted to, you couldn’t deny him the entrance. So you let him.

“Look, I didn’t want to discuss it in the hallway but clearly something IS bothering you” he put a loud emphasis on the ‘is’. “ I mean, your eyes tell me you’ve been crying!” He raised his voice, which was a very weird sight, even for you.

“Oh” you laughed a little “ it’s just some allergies, y'know, because of spring? Don’t mind them”

A pair of soft hands reached your own and pulled you towards Todoroki as he sat on the edge of your bed.

“I can see you are hurting. I don’t know why, but you are. You have me, you can talk to me. It hurts me too, and I can’t bear watching you like this. So, do me a favor and speak to me so that I can help you.” His voice was desperate, yet calm. He was genuinely concerned about you.

You sat down beside him. And spoke your mind. After that, he ran his fingers through your hair comfortingly, and embraced you tightly. You could feel his warmth and his hair lightly tickling the side of your face.

“If I thought you were clingy… do you think I’d like to spend most of my time with you? It is my decision to do so, so you can be sure I enjoy every second I spend with you. And what other people think is there problem. Alright?” He held your face gently and showed you a shy smile. “Now let me show you how much I love you” he began tickling you, making you laugh and let out all your worries while tenderly kissing every bit of your face.

You could be sure you loved him, and he loved you back.

Welp, it’s me xD I dunno if someone ever wondered what I look like but you know it now xD

XNTJ vs XNTP Science

XNTJ Science: Now that I’ve found the most probabilistic event that’ll occur from this experiment without actually doing it, I should have a good idea of what I’m looking for to see that if my hypothesis is correct.

XNTP Science: I had an idea late at night and set up a thing. I dunno what’ll do, but there’s a good chance that’ll cure cancer or blow up the planet. Welp. *starts test*

Her First Apartment Ch.4

Do I have a fever? *checks her head* Welp I dunno what’s wrong with me today but I’M ON A SUSHI ROLL

He craned his neck back long after her whimpering had stopped, trying to take a peek at her expression beneath her bangs.

Realizing he was ready to let go, she sniffled back one last sob and rubbed her eyes with a hand. She didn’t let go of the grip she had on the red fabric. She waited for his arms to loosen and when they didn’t Kagome peered up at him. She was upset mostly at herself for getting all weepy on him from just physical pain and mental frustration. She’d never all-out cried over things like this before. Sure she’d tear up at the pain and her voice would turn quiet between the hisses she’d make but not bawl for a full five minutes. She was supposed to be an adult! She already had a year since she’d graduated and even longer since she’d turned eighteen.

“Want me to carry you?” His voice was soft and kinder than before it made her choke back another sob as her heart melted. The jerk. How dare he get her this way after being more than a little less of a gentleman towards her?! I’ve had more than enough of abusive and unhealthy relationships and I don’t need a third!

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anonymous asked:

I'd love to read more Boom Shadow X Sonic fanfic! It's great seeing people give Boom shadow some screen time and development!

I’m honestly finding a lot of play room to develop Shadow because welp, I don’t think a lot of development went into Boom. You are so right in saying that it’s great when people give him screen time and development because Sega sure left him hanging. Screentime AND story wise. Why’s he so cranky? I dunno make it up, what’s his past? I dunno make it up, Does he know Maria? I dunno make it up, does he have a sub-species? I dunno make it up, is he still DNA enriched from Black Doom? I dunno make it up, does he still have guns? I dunno make it up, does he still even have a job? I dunno make it up. 

I had to make up EVERYTHING. 

anonymous asked:

I need an advice and it feels as if you are really good in giving one. So here, I will pour my heart out. Well, you see my situation is like this. I kind of like this girl, well not like, I'm in love with her actually. But she is a foreigner. She lives in Brazil. I am in Asia, Filipina. We met here on tumblr, and I went there and she went here. But she is going back there tomorrow and I can feel my chest burning. She is actually crying inside my room right now. I dunno what to tell her. Welp! 😭

Hallo! I’m a Filipina too! Kamusta, san ka sa Pilipinas? Anyway, back to your dilemma my friend.

First, I want you to calm yourself down. Breathe. Don’t let her see you like that.

Tell her everything will be okay. You’ve made it work, you can still make it work because I can feel the love til here.

She may be crying because of separation anxiety. Sepanx brad haha. You should assure her that you are completely and utterly in love with her and only her.

Make a complete calendar of both your schedules, fly there from time to time and make her fly here in the Philippines from time to time.

You can still make it work, while you guys are apart, talk to her everyday, there are so many ways.

Let the airport be your friend, I have a favorite quote about that, for lovers across the globe,

“The truth is that airports have seen more sincere kisses than the wedding halls, and the walls of hospitals have heard more prayers than the walls of a church.”

I wish you the best of luck! Promise me you’d try to make it work, m'kay? make her feel safe that distance won’t be an issue. 🌹

“Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below has changed.”


“Estimated arrival date: June 19, 2017 - June 23, 2017″

…Okay. It’s all right. We’ve got a while before the blacklight journal releases. We just need to lay low and think of a plan


I was up till 3am last night making covers for the 3 ‘acts’ of my webcomic, so if that’s not an indication that i might actually get the ball rolling on this thing, I dunno what is.

Edit: Honestly, they’re not even that impressive but it just feels good to lose track of time while drawing.