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Their Reactions to Finding Out You’re Disabled~

Anon asked;  Hi, if you dont want to do this request that’s fine but, I’ve been trying to find someone to write this. I am disabled and in and out of a wheelchair. I was wondering if you could write BTS finding out their S/O is disabled. Like most of the relationship was Skype dates up to that point kind of thing. I understand if you don’t want to do this request though. Love your blog btw 💙

ohmygosh. i had a couple other requests to do before i got this one, but once i saw it, I KNEW i had to do it. this is gonna make me cry omg ;w; next time you request something, could you come off anon? i’d like to be your friend ^o^ or you can message me on tumblr, i think ^.^ i don’t know what it’s like to be disabled, but i imagine it’s really hard sometimes (or all the time) i’d also like to know who your bias is so i can write a short fic with you (or the reader in general) and that member! <3 stay strong, friend <:

okay~ let’s do this request!

Kim Namjoon

Today was the day you were going to tell him. So many Skype calls, and he never noticed that you were in and out of a wheelchair. You didn’t want to tell him, but he had to know. You booted up the Skype program, anxiety clawing at you. You didn’t know what he was going to say, or how he was going to react, even. You hoped he had a positive reaction…

You typed to Namjoon, asking him if he wanted to Skype. He immediately responded with a yes. It was off to a good start. You clicked the blue call button, letting it ring. Eventually, Namjoon picked up, and you both could see each other. You smiled at him, and he smiled back.
“How are you Jagi?” he asked, and you rubbed your forearm.
“I’m okay, I guess. Look, I really have to tell you something.” you replied, and Namjoon arched a brow.
“What is it, (Y/N)? You can tell me anything!” he beamed, and you just couldn’t help but burst into tears.

“Joonie… I’ve been hiding this from you for a long time, but. I’m disabled.” your voice echoed throughout your empty apartment. The anxiety had only gotten worse the second those words left your lips. 
“Jagi. Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” you could see tears pricking at his eyes, and you felt so bad.
“I didn’t want you to… to…” you mumbled, at a complete loss for words.
“Jagi. I love you no matter what. This means I have even more of a reason to take care of you!” he squeaked, and hearing that made you smile.
“Thank you Namjoon. I love you so much.” you wiped away your tears, sniffling some. You spent the rest of the evening talking to Namjoon, and a week later, you finally got to hang out in person for what felt like the longest time.

Kim Seok-jin

You had set up another Skype date with Jin, but this time, it was an important one. You had to tell him something that you were keeping from him for a really long time. You weren’t worried of what he thought after, because you knew he’d always love you, always support you, and always care for you, no matter what. So you weren’t anxious in the slightest. Well… Maybe just a little. This was something he should have known by now, and what if he got irritated by it? Keeping something this important from him for so long? 

When he accepted the call, you were silent for a while. Words couldn’t come to your mind, and you didn’t want to tell him. But it was a little too late for that, since you had already told him you had to tell him something gravely important.
“Jagi?” that soothing tone instantly eased your worries, and you cleared your throat before you spoke up.
“Okay.. Jin. I’ve been keeping this from you for a while. But… I-I’m disabled.” you frowned, looking at the camera, waiting for his reaction. 
“(Y/N). Why did you hide this from me?” he questioned softly, and you shrugged.
“I don’t know. At first I was worried of what you would think of me after I told you.. I’ve been meaning to tell you, but… I needed time. I needed to know when it was the time to tell you. I’m sorry.” you croaked, a tear trailing down your cheek.
“Oh.. Jagiya.. Don’t cry, I still love you all the same. I’ll take care of you for the rest of my life. I love you.” his words calmed you down, lulled you to a serene state of mind. He blew you a kiss through the screen and you smiled. You loved him so much, and you knew it would never change.

Min Yoongi

The day you dreaded for so long finally came. The day you decided to tell Yoongi your little secret. You had never told him about how you were disabled, since you always feared what he would think after you told him. You had decided to meet him in person, since you felt like it would mean more to him if you told him face-to-face. You were patiently waiting for Yoongi to come over, when you heard someone ring the doorbell. You wheeled over to the door with your wheelchair, and opened the door.

“Hi Jagiya! How’s my babygirl?” Yoongi asked as he let himself inside. He didn’t even notice the wheelchair… Maybe he had already known. You closed the door and wheeled over to the couch, where Yoongi sat down. 
“So, you wanted to talk to me?” Yoongi smiled with an accepting expression painted on his face.
“Y-Yeah, Yoongi. I did.” you murmured, and he lifted your chin up with his index finger.
“What about?” he looked worried now, due to your unenthusiastic tone.
“Well… Yoongi, I’m… disabled. As you can tell by the wheelchair.” and Yoongi started laughing. 

“Jagi. I’ve known this for a long time.” he smiled sincerely, rubbing your cheek with his thumb.
“Oh. But I thought… that you didn’t know. I never told you.” you sputtered, unable to think of a reason how he would know about this. 
“Oh. Yeah, I could tell by the wheelchair and the trouble you had getting up sometimes when we Skyped.” Yoongi explained. A warm smile washed upon your lips, as Yoongi got down to your level to kiss you.
“I love you, (Y/N).”

Park Jimin

Many months had passed since you first started dating Jimin. You never thought about telling him you were disabled, you figured he just knew anyways. But, he most likely didn’t know, and you had never told him. Most of your dates were Skype calls, and wouldn’t be able to tell if you had a disability or not. Today was the day though. The day that you’d tell him. You were a little anxious, but not all that worried.

The second he answered the call you told him. You didn’t hold a single thing back, and you didn’t regret anything either. The look on his face was priceless. He was totally shocked, but he wasn’t mad at all. 
“J-Jagi! Why didn’t you tell me?” he gasped, and you laughed, shaking your head.
“I don’t know… I just thought you would know by now, you know? But I guess not. The look on your face was hilarious!” and Jimin rolled his eyes.
“It wasn’t that funny. Now how are you going to walk down the aisle when we get married? This is serious, Jagi!” you blushed furiously. Marriage? He was already thinking about that? 
“Jimin, I go in and out of a wheelchair. Sometimes I can walk. I should be able to walk down the aisle, hopefully.” you giggled, and Jimin smiled brightly.

“I made you laugh~ but seriously, why were you so worried about telling me?” Jimin asked,
“Well… I don’t know, really. But I know that you accept me for who I am. I love you, Jiminie.” 
“I love you too, (Y/N).”

Jung Hoseok

You knew Hoseok would understand when you told him you were disabled, even after keeping it from him for so long. Hoseok was just cool like that. He always understood you and accepted you for who you were. You had zero worries about telling him. The second you booted up the Skype call, you had spilled the beans to him.

“Hoseok… I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a while, but. I was too scared to tell you at first. I’m… disabled.” you mumbled, and Hobi’s eyes lit up like Christmas lights.
“Really?” and you nodded. You were expecting a different reaction from him, to be honest. You thought he would have cried when you told him. 
“Jagi– I… Thank you for telling me!” he croaked, before bursting into tears. Welp. That’s what you were waiting for.
“Hobi, baby- it’s okay!” you reassured him, but the tears just kept coming.
“It means a lot to me, telling me these things… It means you trust me, a lot! Jagiya, that just makes me so happy.” he wiped his tears away, sniffling some.

“Jagiya. I want you to remember that I will always love you, no matter what happens to you, no matter who you are… God. I just love you so much. Thank you so much for telling me.” he laughs it off, which makes you smile. 
“I love you too, Hobi. I was always worried about what you were going to say, but… I guess there was nothing to be scared of!”
“Now what do we do? How am I going to take care of you while I’m away from you for so long?”
“We’ll figure something out, Hobi.”

Jeon Jeongguk

You had been stressing out for a long time. You’ve been wanting to tell Jungkook about your disability for a while, but you never had the courage to do so. But the day has finally arrived, the day that you told him. You had took him out on a date in person, so it meant more when you told him. It just felt weird doing it on Skype. So you took him out on a nice lovely date to the park, and you tried your best without your wheelchair. But eventually, you needed it.

“Jagiya?! What’s wrong?” Jungkook asked, worry painted on his face. You had collapsed, you were pushing yourself too hard today. You needed your wheelchair.
“Kookie… I think now’s a good time to tell you.. I’m disabled. I’m in and out of a wheelchair. I was pushing myself over the limit, and… I kinda need my wheelchair right now.” you panted, as you were on your hands in knees in the green grass.
“Jagiya! Why didn’t you bring your wheelchair? I don’t even care about the fact that you hid this from me for so long- I care about why you aren’t taking care of yourself…” Jungkook sighed, scooping you up in his arms and walking towards the direction of your house.

“I’m sorry Jungkook. I thought.. that I’d be okay without it, just for one day.” 
“Oh Jagiya… You don’t have to apologize. I know you wanted to act like you were a normal person around me, but… if you needed your wheelchair, you should have just brought it. You didn’t have to do this for me…” he felt guilty as all hell, and you could tell by the expression on his face.
“I’m really sorry. I…” you began, but Jungkook shut you up by pressing his lips against your’s.

Kim Taehyung

It didn’t take Taehyung long to know that you had something on your mind. You were in the middle of yet another Skype call when he had finally asked what was up. You were anxious about telling him, but it was better telling him now, then never. You had mustered up the courage to tell him after a couple of minutes of silence.

“Taehyung… I’m disabled.” you told him, and his eyes widened. He was shocked, to say the least, and didn’t know what to say at all. He was at a complete loss for words. Finally, he spoke up,
“Jagiya. I can’t believe it… How could you keep this from me for so long? I mean, of course I knew something was up eventually, but… still.” he murmured, and you sighed.
“I’m really sorry Taehyung. I did want to tell you as soon as possible, but I just couldn’t. I was scared of what you were going to think of me.” 
“Jagi. You don’t have to worry about anything, okay? I’m always going to be here for you. Always going to love you, support you… I love you more than you will ever know. I’ll always take care of you. I’ll always protect you. I would do anything for you.” Taehyung said, and tears pricked at your eyes.
“T-Thank you, Tae-Tae. Hearing that makes me so happy. I love you, Taehyung.” you whispered.

“I love you too, Jagiya. Forever and always.” he replied, smiling warmly at you through the screen. The rest of the night you guys Skyped together, making jokes and talking about what’s been happening to the both of you and such.