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Maulezra - 12, 22, 24


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12. Who initiates kisses?

Ezra, every time. He gives Maul a certain look, an expression that is not quite sorrow, not quite desire or longing. This look tells Maul that for a moment, Ezra needs him not as a Master or as a brother, but something else, something Maul has never been before and will never understand.

In that moment, Maul will lower his head enough for Ezra to press their lips together, maybe cup his face or wind both arms around his neck. He lets Ezra set the pace of it–slow, always terribly, wonderfully slow–and together they forge something delicate and beautiful, something that burns inside like a fire, like a star, brilliant in the darkness and fading away with the dawn.

22. Who cooks more/who is better at cooking?

Neither of them have any idea how to cook. They know how to feed themselves, insofar that they know how to locate food and consume it, but when it comes to anything beyond basic preparation, they would both be at a loss.

But Ezra does learn how to brew Mandalorian tea, because it’s the closest thing that Maul has to a favorite food. It occurs to Ezra how very sad that is; even he has a favorite food, or memories of them, things that his parents would cook on special nights or fruit that Hera would set aside just for him. No one ever cared for Maul in that way, ever took the time to learn what he likes, and thus Maul has no preferences, no favorite meal besides a simple, common tea.

So Ezra dedicates himself to the perfect cup; perfect temperature, perfect brewing time. He never gets it quite right, but it makes Maul smile to watch him try–which was the entire point to begin with.

24. Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?

That is a very dangerous game, and one that Maul and Ezra have little interest in playing. Sometimes, on a distant planet far from the Empire and Rebellion both, Ezra will kiss Maul on a crowded street, or they’ll take a room with one bed–but those times are hardly inappropriate. Quite the opposite, in fact.

The closest they ever got was when the Rebel Alliance received a missive from codename Shadow, heavily encrypted and secured with a passcode. My brother would know, the missive reads.

“Maul has a brother?” Sabine quips, her brows arching upwards.

“I thought he was dead,” Kanan replies, loathe to forget how two Nightbrothers shaped the Clone Wars.

“I- I think I might know,” Ezra says. Face burning, he punches a simple phrase into the console, and acts as surprised as everyone else when it works.