welp dash is dead

Welp, my dash is officially dead

So pls Reblog/ like if you post:
•Doctor Who
•Once Upon a time
•Fullmetal alchemist
•Kill la Kill
•Madoka Magica
•Jojo’s bizarre adventure
•Death note
•Dan or Phil
•Conor Franta
•Hell’s kitchen
•Kitty kat gaming
•Parks and Rec
•RPGs like Mogeko Castle or mix ore
•Game Grumps
•Fairy Tail

I’ll follow you back I promise ^__^

i’ve recently moved my blog from soraras to desupyon, and my new dash has been way too quiet and dead lately. in order to to have a more active dash, i’m looking for more blogs to follow!

if your blog consists of any of the following, please reblog and i’ll check your blog out + follow you if we have similar interests! :)

• shingeki no kyojin
• kyoukai no kanata
• free!
• diabolik lovers
• brothers conflict
• otome games of any kind (rejet/voltage/otomate/anything)
• humour
• studio ghibli

EDIT: i’ll stop after 40 notes!