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Fraxus Week 2017: Day 2
∟ Reverse → I’ve wanted to draw the clothes swap for such a long time already, and this prompt was kinda fitting, so I guess it’s Close Enough™ 

Murata stream update: he started coloring the GO!ketsu slot machine + bunny Genos picture! (before he got interrupted by the doorbell)

all will not be as it was (but it will be true) - chapter one
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relationship: nyx ulric/lunafreya nox fleuret
summary: nyx cuts a deal with the lucii: his life in exchange for the fulfillment of his promise to see luna safely to altissa. two weeks on the empty road with an army closing in around them as the world falls to pieces he can manage. two weeks with lunafreya, heart open and bloody and hers, well. it’s almost more than he can take.
notes: an everybody-lives fix it fic with the roadtrip we deserved, lots of pining, and something in the shape of a happy ending. chapter one of six.

“We will grant you our light. But know it will set when the sun rises, and the price for it will be your life.”

A worthy trade, he thinks through the pain and exhaustion; to give hope to others he need keep none for himself. What’s one man compared to the future of a world?

He is ready to sign, to swear his life away; the words rest at the tip of his tongue. And then––

“No.” The voice of King Regis interrupts his easy agreement, ponderously slow and low enough to echo in his bones. “I have given this one a task.”

“He fulfills it.”

“Not yet.”

“You are young to challenge us.”

“Actually,” Nyx grunts out, reaching for the fraying rope of hope; whether to save himself or hang himself he does not know, “maybe you should listen to the new guy.”

The kings rumble their disapproval, but if he cared for their approval he wouldn’t be here cursing them for their uselessness, their apathy. The giants around him shift; he gets the sense he’s missing out on some sort of argument. He stifles a comment about wasting time. He’s said his piece; he’ll pay whatever he must to keep her safe. To give someone out there the chance for a brighter dawn.

After what feels like an eternity––it cannot be more than a handful of seconds, but time is strange in this in-between place––the Lucii speak, sound washing over him like the pounding surf.

“Very well. Our gift shall hold until daybreak. As for you life, you may keep it so long as you keep your duty.”

Nyx grins, bloody and crooked and victorious around the pain. “A bargain. Great. Where do I sign?”

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                My name is DEATH and the END is HERE

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Written and adored by Lex.