welp ;;

anyway not to be bitter but how come louis was like a little speck on the screen (literally didnt even see him, thought he was backstage) and 2 chainz and whoever that guy was had almost just as much time on screen as steve like just wondering :)


…. apparently Andrei needed confirmation that his love interest was an Evil fuck like he was BEFORE plundering the booty in the shower.

…. well alright then.  >_>;

Oh.  That little shitbag shed his tiger paint and came home.

…. and then he shed nearly all of his clothes?

what the fucking fuck is wrong with you??

Had a quick gasp about his older brother getting his belly scratched in the foyer.

Had a quick gasp about the growing number of babies just injected in random spots on the lot like Easter Eggs.

…. I am so serious when I ask what’s wrong with you.  D:


This is me just trying to do some expression practice with @therealjacksepticeye thanks for being so expressive in your videos my dude


My hands slipped. Pair that Selene with a Dirthamen @selenelavellan

(( ffffffff ))

(( For anyone who happens to follow this and my main blog hamathiel-sunsheer, the latter seems to have been terminated along with its side blogs for rewriting-stars, wandering-painter, and frozen-steps. I’m hoping this was some random incident with it being so out of the blue.

So in regards to those few who are curious or do actually keep up on my writing, it’s all in the hands of the tumblr gods now until I get some answer to what’s happened. Here’s hoping it gets sorted soon! ))

So I’ve never understood the whole, “I’m so bad, I don’t deserve love.” thing. But that’s partially because when I was little I asked my mom, “Do demons fall in love?” and (despite my religion not even having demons) she said yes, and quoted some notable examples.

So if even demons can fall in love and be loved, so can you.

I’ve decided to collect my research on the Velvet Room for more people to read. It’s rather long, so there’s a read more.

The purpose of the Velvet Room is to aid the holders of the power of the Wild Card to reach their true potential through their journey and it exists between consciousness and subconsciousness, meaning it’s located outside time and space altogether. People with high spiritual energy can see it too, but normally only those with the potential to hold multiple Personas can see the door.

The power of the Persona is granted by an entity called Philemon, inspired by the writings of Carl Jung who describes him as ‘wise spirit guide’.  Whilst he can’t directly interfere with the decisions of the guests, he provides both the manifestation of the Personas and the Velvet Room and it seems that all residents must abide by this same rule. After the events of the Persona 2 Duology he lost a great amount of power, this is why only the protagonists can wield the Wild Card but Philemon keeps watching over as a butterfly, his most common symbol.

In its first incarnations it was a completely azure room with only a coach and its residents, but starting in Persona 3 it began to manifest as ‘transitory places’, which takes the protagonists to a destination: an elevator and a limousine.  Now in Persona 5 it will be a jail, as the new protagonist is on probation.

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